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True Blue Swablu! (340)


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I think - that even for a filler - this had some major character development for May. She really shown she can be a great trainer and coordinator. I think the whole thing surrounding here and the Swablu was great and I also enjoyed the humorous part with Torchic trying to wake May and the rest up.
So apparently Sing has the exact same rhythm now?
Really hoped May was going to keep that Swablu, she bonded really well with it. :)


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I thought that Swablu covered in bandages was adorable and I thought Meowth's boss fantasy was great if only because Butch and Cassidy appeared in it. Anyway, seeing May bond with Swablu and act all motherly made me smile and thought that Ash trying to help Swablu fly was really cute as well. Seeing Altaria return for her child was heartwarming.

Mega Altaria

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Saw that episode a long time ago and I horribly remember the opening scene that during a thunderstorm (and probably raining heavily), wild Swablu and Altaria cuddle each other in a tree, gets struck by lightning and all the Swablus and Altarias fly away, leaving behind one lone Swablu that fears flying and that Swablu injures its wing in the process. I was feeling sad seeing this but my favourite part is when Max uses 'magic flying powder' to trick the Swablu into flying. I was sort of relieved that the Swablu returned to the other Swablus and Altarias but also disappointed that May didn't catch it because she had developed some deep bond with it during the ep.
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Call of Fate
Too bad May didn't catch that Swablu.Swablu learning how to fly was cute,and I liked the scene where it was wrapped like a mummy.

Mrs. Oreo

Aww May not catching Swablu was a surprise cuz they had bonded so well here and it seemed like a fitting end, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. Swablu looked so cute in this episode at least not ugly like how Altarias are in my opinion. ^^


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After seeing the way Swablu and May interacted,I had expected her to catch the Swablu.Really surprising to see that she didn't catch it.Overall the episode was good. 8/10.


Swablu should've just joined May's team since Altaria would've been perfect for Contests eventually. What a wasted opportunity for progress.


For a while I thought May was going to keep Swablu since the hints were huge. Sigh I'm disappointed that it didn't happen. 5/10
Swablu seemed perfect for May, so I felt devastated that she didn't keep it. My favorite scene was the farewell moment since it was sad.


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Too bad May didn't catch that Swablu.Swablu learning how to fly was cute,and I liked the scene where it was wrapped like a mummy.

May was insane not to catch that cutie Swablu. If I had been her, I would've snatched it up quick. She needed a good Flying Pokemon anyway.


This was definitely one of the more sentimental episodes since Misty's return, in my opinion. I loved the different scenes with May was taking care of Swablu and I was thoroughly expecting her to capture it. The goodbye that was shared between them was sweet, sentimental, and made you feel May's emotion during that scene.


I was glad that it was Haruka who bonded with the injured Tyltto, and seeing it bandaged up like a mummy was amusing. The Tyltalis shown on Satoshi's Zukan looked hideous for some reason, and Satoshi and Subame helping Tyltto to fly again was a nice bonus. It's such a shame that in the end the Tyltto flew away.


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That was very emotional at the end, it reminded me of when Ash said good bye to Butterfree. It was a really interesting episode, i really cared for Swablu despite just meeting it in the episode.


That was very emotional at the end, it reminded me of when Ash said good bye to Butterfree.

I got Butterfree's farewell vibes here as well, although I doubt that the parallels were created on purpose. Haruka and the Tyltto bonded of course, but they only spent a few days together. So it's hard to believe that Haruka's connection with it was as strong as Satoshi's with Butterfree.