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True Blue Swablu! (340)


does anyone know what gender swablu is? cause i don't :confused:

Tyltto's gender wasn't revealed in this episode, at least not as far as the Japanese version of the episode is concerned. I don't know if 4Kids changed that.


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This was like the exact formula of the Shuppet episode but instead with May and Swablu bonding and then both of them going their own ways.

I really thought May was going to get Swablu.


Tracey #1 Fan
May deserved Swamblu, But she already had a chicken so I guess that's why she didn't get Swamblu
Aww Swablu is so cute! Altaria would have been a great fit for May's team!


Water Master
I didn't really like this episode at all, it was a basic standard generic filler where nothing of importance happens. I would have preferred seeing Brock taking care of Swablu than May, because of his aspiring goal to be a Pokemon breeder. Seriously, May spent the whole episode developing a bond and have to say goodbye in the end?? Ridiculous.