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True Blue Swablu! (340)


does anyone know what gender swablu is? cause i don't :confused:

Tyltto's gender wasn't revealed in this episode, at least not as far as the Japanese version of the episode is concerned. I don't know if 4Kids changed that.


Well-Known Member
This was like the exact formula of the Shuppet episode but instead with May and Swablu bonding and then both of them going their own ways.

I really thought May was going to get Swablu.
Aww Swablu is so cute! Altaria would have been a great fit for May's team!


Water Master
I didn't really like this episode at all, it was a basic standard generic filler where nothing of importance happens. I would have preferred seeing Brock taking care of Swablu than May, because of his aspiring goal to be a Pokemon breeder. Seriously, May spent the whole episode developing a bond and have to say goodbye in the end?? Ridiculous.


Long gone are the days
Ugh, why they had to pull the friendship BS on this episode. Not the time. Would’ve been a perfect catch! The sad music when saying goodbye to swablu made me want to cry. Heroes of hoenn when swablu started flying again was great, as always! <3