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True Love Will Always Go First

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Nobody is safe from Yandere Nami, not even Mr. X.
Note: Short and bitter-sweet (for Misty), but also an eye-opener for her. Spread the love for the sane and mature Misty that we all know and love!

True Love Will Always Go First

When Misty saw a 16 year old Ash and Serena walk through the woods holding hands, talking to each other and having fun, she smiled and turned back to her boyfriend Tracey. "Tracey, let's leave them alone and go back inside." She said to him as they quietly went back inside knowing full well that Serena was the right girl for Ash and that she would never be able to be with one of her very first traveling companions for life.


I'm not sure if this is the entire fic or if you've only posted the first paragraphby mistake. If this is the whole fic, then it would be better off in the drabble thread.

As it's only one paragraph, I can't say a lot about it.

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Hi there, I'm afraid your story is far too short to be in its own thread. ALL Fics MUST be at least a page long and include a rating and the name of the featured shipping(s). As a result, I must close this thread.

If you wish to share this story, then feel free to post it in the Drabble Thread, but please remember to read the first post and follow the correct format when doing so.

For futher guidelines on how to post within this section, please take the time to carefully read Shipping Fic Rules. Thank you.
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