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True Self (PG-13)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Liltwick, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    True Self (PG-13 AkihisaxHideyoshi) One-Shot

    Fandom: Baka and Test

    Pairing: Akihisa Yoshii and Hideyoshi Kinoshita

    Genre: Friendship/Romance

    Quote: “I’ve always been tired of people thinking I’m a girl... Though maybe, I agree to be with you.”

    Hideyoshi has always been tired of people thinking of him as a girl, after all, it was genetically proven he was a guy. Though, people always wanted to see him in girlish clothing and make him do girlish things,it made him sick. He never really like to do it, but he only did it because of it made him accepted.

    He wasn’t as smart as his sister Yuuko, but he was at least nice to the other people around him. His light brunette hair that seemed to be cut at girl-short really attracted attention, from the wrong gender. He guessed that’s why people called him a Trap at times if they accidentally walk in on him when showering or changing.

    He just sighed, and looked up at the sky. Its blue hue never left it, but only traded away for gradients of orange, pink, and violet to dance across the sky. He always could find solace in the sunset. It was his time alone, away from everything the world brought down onto him.

    /) (\

    He got up to leave the classroom, but to be stopped by one of his classmates, Akihisa Yoshii. They two were together for a long time, through enough hardships to make an enduring friendship. He wasn’t his best friend Yuuji, or the two girls that couldn’t get him out of their sight, but he was there when Akihisa needed him the most.

    “Hey! Hideyoshi-Kun, wait up!” Akihisa yelled after him, only to hit the wall instead of walking out of the door. He was an idiot at times, but Hideyoshi had gained certain… fondness for his friend. He waited for his friend to recover, and then asked him with his regular voice, the color racing towards his cheeks.

    “What is it Yoshii-Kun?” Hideyoshi asked as the sparkle kicked in. Something that apparently he only had when he talked. Just like when he had a transformation sequence whenever he summoned his avatar.

    “C-can I go with you tonight. I mean, you know… Watch the sunset?” Akihisa fumbled, something that was kind of rare for the normally confident and oblivious boy. Well, he was still an idiot, everyone knew that. It wasn’t blinking on a sign, but how he acted really showed how much he was of one.

    “Sure, I guess not. There isn’t any harm in it, so I don’t see why you can’t come.” Hideyoshi responded to his friend as Akihisa ominously leaned against Hideyoshi as they walked. He knew Akihisa loved him, but only because he thought he was a girl, but still… Hideyoshi didn’t know why he was blushing instead of normally being irritated.

    /) (\

    “Well, this is the place. You can sit down, if you want.” Hideyoshi told Akihisa as he set his bag down, and sat on the cherry blossom tree there. He put his hand out enough so he got enough space, and for something… Else that he wanted. His teal eyes seeming to sparkle from the sunlight.

    “Alright then!” Akihisa happily exclaimed, before tripping and almost falling down the hill. Hideyoshi was quick enough to grab his friend’s hand before he could severely harm himself. Though the position those two were in was an awkward one.

    “Damn it! T-thanks… Hideyoshi.” Akihisa told him softly after collecting himself from rage, his face getting red. He went to get up, and Hideyoshi let him. It was awkward, but why did he want it too? Also, Akihisa didn’t use any honorifics, something has to be up.

    “It’s nothing Yoshii-Kun. We all know how big of any idiot you are, which means you get so focused on something that you can’t really do anything else. It’s not bad or anything, but you know…” Hideyoshi trailed off as the sun started to set. It filled his eyes with color and awe, as it has always done. Akihisa didn’t seem to share the same passion, and just looked around board, but he could be lost in thought. It was sometimes hard to read Akihisa's mid.

    So he is…

    Though, without much warning, Akihisa laid his head on Hideyoshi’s lap, and fell asleep. Hideyoshi leaned his head against the tree, slowly blushing Akihisa’s head while slowly gaining color in his cheeks. He suddenly, even shocking himself, leaned down and kissed Akihisa’s forehead. He felt his friend shift under him, and Hideyoshi once more, to see dreamy eyes gazing at the sun.

    “Y-Yoshii… have a good nap?” Hideyoshi asked his friend, but never got a response back. He watched the sun set. Its colors more pink hued today than it was normally, and the air smelled a little bit sweeter. It was a sign that spring was on its way, and the Cherry Blossom’s would soon be in full bloom.

    Hideyoshi felt Akihisa shift on him, and looked up at Hideyoshi with hazy eyes. It was clear that he was tired, so he decided to help Akihisa home. Akihisa didn’t object, and just drowsily held Hideyoshi’s hand. To Hideyoshi, his hand felt a little rough, but with an underneath softness.

    /) (\
    They walked together like that to Akihisa’s house, at a slow pace, not wanting to lose the other’s grasp. They gazed at each other for a while when they had to stop, and a sound snapped them back to reality, normally people yelling at them or the walking light’s noise. They soon arrived at Akihisa’s house.

    “Thanks for having me come today!” Akihisa said with a smile, and Hideyoshi slightly blushed.

    “No problem at all…” Hideyoshi trailed off

    “Do you mind if I come tomorrow? It’s a good way to forget the stress of the day.” Akihisa asked him, looking at a window. Hideyoshi looked at it to, to see Akihisa’s sister watching.

    “Sure. See you tomorrow.” Hideyoshi replied to him before his hand was caught, and in the blink of an eye Akihisa’s lips were connected to his. It felt weird, a little dry and chapped, but the taste of cherries blossom was laced on them. It was broken of quickly, making Hideyoshi’s dizzy, and left him confused.

    “Yea, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Akihisa said with a cheery voice and bright eyes, almost oblivious of the act that he just did. Hideyoshi turned around and walked away.

    And… I guess… I’ll see you too. My lovable idiot… Hideyoshi mouthed as he walked home, having a sense of relief sweeping over him. He was happy that he knew Akihisa felt the same way, well, was idiotic enough to do in in front of his sister.

    “I’ve always been tired of people thinking I’m a girl... Though maybe, I agree to be one so I can be with you.” Hideyoshi turned around one last time, as his words drifted along the wind, leaving a hopeful note in the air.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2012
  2. VS

    VS ♡.♡

    Aww it's so cute, I love this pairing...

    Is this a one shot or are you planning to make it more than one chapter?

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