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Trust and Understanding (Jetshipping) PG

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by JetshipperKekkaishi, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. JetshipperKekkaishi

    JetshipperKekkaishi New Chapter

    Title:Trust and Understanding
    Summary:Skyla spots Touya surrounded by Fangirls and hanging out with Bianca and Touko thinking that he will leave her for one of them.
    Pairing:Jetshipping(Main),Onesided Chessshipping and Rebelshipping.

    It was a nice spring day to enjoy riding the Ferris Wheel with her one and only love Touya, a red haired girl with a blue flower in her hair stared at the big round wheel in Nimbasa City. She blushed about the thought of holding hands with him and maybe share her first kiss with him. When the red haired gym leader got to the park she spots Touya in the crowd. Seems like he was looking around the amazement park. Skyla wanted to congrat him on his new Championship title,but when she tried to get up to him,Touya seemed to be surrounded by tons of fangirls. She was kind of sad that she didn't get to him first.
    "Touya I'm your biggest fan,Can you sign my shirt?" One of the girls said. Other girls start to shove each other to get to Touya.
    "Touya Be my Boyfriend."
    "Married me Touya. I love you!!" This make Touya blush nervously but to Skyla,he seem to enjoy the attention. A few minutes later,Touya was tired from dealing with the fangirls. But he spots Bianca in the crowd walking just about when Skyla was about to get up to walking distance with Touya. Bianca was blushing towards Touya,making him wondering why she was here in the first place.
    "Hey Bianca How are you?" Touya said with a smile on his face. Skyla saw that he smiled so brightly towards Bianca which makes her wonder if he might love Bianca.
    "Well Touya,we have been best friends for 13 years now.And I want to tell you that I..." She couldn't finish because a girl with a white shirt with a black vest,Black boots and short blue shorts. She was smiling at Touya and she ran up to him and hugged him. Which made Bianca really mad and Made Skyla upset that Touya might not have feelings for her. She started to have tears in her eyes. And Skyla ran off.Touya saw Skyla running off,He had the same feelings for Skyla but was scared that she will never like him. Skyla was the most beautiful woman to him,in his eyes He was in love with her. After everyday today Skyla may hate him for good. He ran after her.
    "Skyla wait, It's not what you think?" Touya was panicking while saying this. Skyla had tears steaming down her face. Touya was shocked to see her crying so hard. He was worried on why she was crying about.
    "Why worry about me? Why don't you go out with Bianca or Touko or those arrogant fangirls of yours? I trusted you. I care so much about you, I LOVE YOU,Touya but you want to date more girls. You never cared about me." Skyla said in rage. Touya frowned at her statement. He never had feelings for Touko or Bianca. He was in love with Skyla. Now she hated him. She mistrusted him. Touya bowed his head and walked up to Skyla and kissed her lips. Skyla was shocked by this move. She didn't care,she kissed back for a few seconds. Then they broke apart. "I thought that...." Touya put his finger on her lips.
    "No I never liked neither Bianca or Touko. Or those fangirls. I LOVE YOU SKYLA!!! Please be my one and only girl." Touya reached out his hand. Skyla was crying but she was crying happiness, Touya loved her and she had no reason to mistrust. Maybe all she need was a little bit of Trust and understanding as She and Touya were holding hands walking towards the Ferris Wheel sharing a passionate kiss every now and again.

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