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Try for the Family Stone! (616)


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Such a waste of complete time...Not even Giratina at the start was real. And those COTDs were really boring.

Yeah I'm surprised they even mentioned Giratina in the summary it only had like 5 seconds of screentime.

This episode actually looked ok until the end. No Honchkrow or Mismagius! Well, at least a real one. Anyway, can someone explain the middle of the episode to me. The whole part about the boy confused me. One minute he's holding Murkrow, then throwing stuff at it. I'm guessing flashback...but still.

Caution: This might be complete BS but this is what I gathered from that kid:

He was like a wimpy version of Paul. He lost a battle to that girl and her Misdreavus so he was training Murkrow by toss stones at it and having it try to smack them away with it's wing. Murkrow failed at life, had a fit, and flew away.

I never noticed how weak most character of the days were. No wonder gym leaders are held on such a high pedestal in the anime. It makes Ash and Dawn look like elite trainers in comparison. Pikachu one hit KOed that Murkrow, I know it had a type advantage but that doesn't usually lead to a one hit KO in the anime. Misdreavus fainted after a little shock from TR's machine


And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared...
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Pics are up on the site


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I just saw the pics, and I gotta say, WTF?! Why is Ash's Pokedex blue?
Its almost as if the writers purposely made a crappy episode right before the big Galactic stuff.

Most of the other eps between the Snowpoint Gym eps till now have been good, even if some were average like in the Twinleaf Town arc, but this was the first "bad" filler in a while.

I guess this goes to show you that no matter how much the show improves, the writers will still make crappy episodes every so often.


It was quite disappointing that Murkrow and Misdreavus didn't evolve.

It was even more disappointing that the Giratina wasn't real...


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how random is it that a giratina flies past them????


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Well the 2 CODS were siblings apparently and I believe there names where michuru and richuru anyhow this episode
was pretty bland.


-Ash and his friends start off the ep walking in a Forest of Woe...haven't seen that in a while!
-Brock's using the Pokegear. Taking bets on how long the writers bother using him to advertise this feature from HGSS!
-A Murkrow! And it LOOKED at time! OH NOOOOOOOO
-I'll admit that I saw a translation of the ep's dialogue over on Bulbagarden, so if it seems like I actually know what the hell's going on in a random filler episode, well, that's why! Right now they're talking about how seeing a Murkrow at night is an omen of some sort.
-Funky music cue, and...GIRATINA! Everyone freaks out, Ash goes for his Pokedex, Giratina prepares to stomp on them, and they run away before Ash can scan it.
-They got away, but...FLOOOOOOOOOD!
-They get swept away by that, fade to black, and...they're all having seizures!
-Haha, oh that Confuse Ray! Pokemon always use it on random people for no good reason!
-Brock? Do you not SEE what that COTD is wearing? I know you're desperate, but can you TRY hitting on someone who dresses like an actual human being?
-I know what the upcoming Pikachu and Piplup R IN LUV!!! ep needs:Croagunk stabbing them to snap it out of it! Hey, it's funny enough when it does it to BROCK of all people...
-Flashback. Yawn.
-Wandering around the forest. Yawn.
-Murkrow getting fried by Pikachu for some reason! Yay!
-I love how people get angry when people try to catch/otherwise attack the Pokemon they let out of their sight without any clear indications(collars, ribbons, etc) that they're owned by someone already. A simple "hey that Murkrow's mine, I just let it get ahead of me for a minute" would do, but noooo, he has to get ANGRY.
-In today's Meowth Psychotic Delusion, Giovanni seems to have had a bit too much to drink and has stumbled into the Blue Dot Room to recover. Luckily, Mismagius is there to sober him up! A quick green glow, and his blood alcohol level is .00 and he doesn't even have to deal with a hangover the next morning! Giovanni is obviously grateful to Meowth(and friends) for getting him this WONDERFUL Pokemon.
-You threw rocks at Murkrow to train it, not stopping even after it was clearly having trouble doing whatever you were trying to get it to do, and you were surprised it flew off? Goddamn, you're an idiot.
-A dusk stone! Gee golly jeepers, that must mean that one of these two Pokemon that evolves into a new Gen 4 Pokemlon using the dusk stone is going to evolve! Right? RIGHT?
-Mecha Pidgey used Gust! Sudowoodo was stopped in its tracks! ...wait, Brock's DOING something?
-Mecha Pidgey used Sweep!...er, I mean, Sand Attack! And then Wing Attack! Sudowoodo really sucks!
-This Pidgey's giving me some serious "PS1 platforming game boss" vibes. "While the Mecha Pidgey's wing is flying towards you, quickly run behind the mecha to make the wing slam into it! You have to do this 5 times to defeat it!"
-Brock is frustrated that he's completely useless. In battle, I mean. Although he's useless in other areas, so to speak.
-Pikachu's first plan is to zap the bot while GirlCOTD is dangling from it. I approve of this plan, but Ash doesn't. Come on, who cares about things like "electricuting a human being?" She's an anime character, she'll be fine.
-Murkrow has to think about it for a minute, but decides to help save GirlCOTD so that BoyCOTD will stop talking to it.
-That must be some weak metal if a couple of Murkrow pecks broke it.
-What the hell, did that Murkrow invent Super Peck?
-All the good guys are out of the mecha, so Pikachu is free to blast it with thousands of volts of electricity!
-And nobody evolved. AWESOME. I mean, I know they're just COTD Pokemon we'll never see again, but come on here.

In some ways I love bad fillers(they're easy to make fun of!), but they're still BORING(so I end up skipping most of them because screw that noise). Oh well, I'm considering this a dump ep for all the bad writers/what have you before we get to the important episodes.


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how random is it that a giratina flies past them????
Well, the Giratina was an illusion created by Murkrow to possibly scare Ash, Dawn and Brock away.


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This episode was just a pointless filler in my eyes!!!

A few good bits though -
Brock gets a hug off the girl!! woo go brock
Sudowwodo makes an appearance and battles always good to see him
Tear Rocket were wuite cheery in this episode

I cannot believe they didn't even evolve one of them like wtf!!! is the point of the episode then!!

I could've wrote a better ending to the episode:
When Staraptor and Murkrow were rescuing the girl character of the day Murkrow should have tried to then rescue misdreavous and realised it wasn't powerful enough then seeing this the girl cotd throws da dusk stone to murkrow where by it shall evolve into an awsome HONCHKROW free misdreavous and sen TR blasting off instead of another stupid PIKACHUI BLAST OFF!!! ;@


Yey! One of the best fillers in Sinnoh!
Seriously, the only bad thing was the animation and some other stuff.
But seriously, this was good.
I liked it, I don't get why you didn't like it?

Murkrow is awesome and I'm sick of seeing Mismagius and Honchrow will be used more.
So good job writers! Too bad for animation.

You have got to be kidding me. Everything about that episode was just terrible. The animation, the plot, the lack of Giratina, the COTDs. Everything!


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Well, the Giratina was an illusion created by Murkrow to possibly scare Ash, Dawn and Brock away.
I said I wasn't going to watch it, but seeing a pic that Brock got hugged made me want to watch it, but as soon as it played I just exited it out. This is a really bad filler episode I'm sorry.


Boring filler.

Murkrow was pretty weak, i was surprised...



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Not such a bad episode, but not one of my favorites however. Although, I did laugh quite a few times, mainly thanks to Brock. xD

But first off, the whole Murkrow causing bad luck, taken literaly, was epic. xD The first moment was ZOMG GIRATINA. O_O I was like, wow.... I'd run away. And then the river one made me laugh "Help! Im drowning!" xP And much more funny, Brock's words to Rhyanna "You must be an illusion of Murkrow", or something. xD Still, that was classic.

The whole thing between Rhyanna and Mitchell was interesting. Sad to see Mitchell have to train to hard with his Murkrow to get stronger. It was hurtful to see him throw those balls at Murkrow continuously. :( But it was nice to know that Rhyanna is looking for a Dusk Stone for her brother.

When Brock, Rhyanna and her Misdreavus found a Dusk Stone, and when Rhyanna hugged Brock, making his face Red, I could not stop laughing! XDD That was epic.

In the end, after all the Team Rocket business, and saving Misdreavus, it was a shame that we didnt see either Murkrow or Misdreavus evolve. Ah well, it wouldn't be nice if 1 or the other couldn't evolve, so meeting in between is cool.

But seriously, battles out of 10? Oh dear me. xp It's just a stone, they could look for another one.

Again, good episode. Super excited for the Love episode next week. x3


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This episode was a lot better than I thought it was going to be! I laughed for most of it! My favorite line is when Jessie says "A twerpette with a tude!"

Also, the pidgey mecha was freakin' sweet!


I didn't really like it that much. The animation was kinda crappy like alot of the eps. in the Diamond & Pearl series, wasn't much action and TR just gets on my nerves everytime I see them. They're way to annoying right now! Their voices are like that horrible noise when you claw on glass! Their dialogue makes me wanna plug my ears everytime they're on.

4/10 for me.


I thought this episode was going to be all about Giratina, I was wrong. I really hate misunderstandings as they cause people to go over the wrong side. I never get how those things James was using to find dusk stones work.


I found this episode really boring and it's a shame too since Brock had more spotlight than usual in this episode. I liked Rhyanna's design but that was probably the most it exciting part of this episode for me.
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