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Try for the Family Stone! (616)

Lance The Champ

The Aura Guardian
They sure were desperate for the dusk stone...


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This episode was ok... It was cool to see an episode centered around Misdreavus, Murkrow and the Dusk stone. It was really disappointing that neither Pokemon even evolved in this episode after all of that effort for the plot. It was cool to see a Giratina for the 1st time, even though it was really random and a very short appearance. The boy was very cruel, throwing stones at Murkrow and having it hit them back with its wings and never stopping when it was failing. The Boss fantasy was really bizarre.



Team Awesome
I never really liked this episode. The kid is unintentionally committing pokemon abuse to train his pokemon, and it's amazing that it takes so long for him to get a clue that it's why his murkrow doesn't like him. And the sister's equally clueless about why her brother's so upset with her. At least things work out okay in the end, but it's one of those kinds of episodes that make you frustrated about when a lunkhead or two will get a clue.



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This really is the epitome of boring fillers, coupled with the terrible animation and the boring filler characters



I'm guessing that the plot was meant to promote HGSS but it felt too boring to make an impact since the kids who owned Misdreavus & Murkrow had 0 noteworthy traits. 4/10

Mrs. Oreo

I was happy to see Giratina even if it was an illusion, plus Mitchell and Ryhanna's quest to find a Dusk Stone was interesting. Mostly this episode seemed dedicated to Johto pokemon promotion ha ha. ^^
The search for Dusk Stones to help Misdreavus and Murkrow evolve could've been better, but it was weird how a Ghost type like Misdreavus defeated Murkrow.
Yawn. I found this episode really boring and it's a shame too since Brock had more spotlight than usual in this episode. I liked Rhyanna's design, but that was probably the most it exciting part of this episode for me. :/


I remember the last Murkrow and Misdreavus episodes were pretty lame, so a combination of the two didn't inspire much hope here, but it was pretty entertaining and even a little bit mysterious at the beginning with that creepy BGM and the illusions of Giratina.


I hate filler episodes. This one was alright I guess, but the thing that bugged me is how they pronounced Misdreavus.


Ruchiru and Michiru owning a Muuma and Yamikarasu was quite blatantly meant to serve as more Jouto pandering, although the Darkness Stone subplot helped make this marketing attempt feel less forced and more exciting.


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Boring plot, but amusing Team Rocket scenes as usual. James used his old divining rod/Itemfinder again which was cool. Too bad that Giratina was only an illusion caused by Murkrow's Confuse Ray.


In retrospect, the Giratina illusion should've been the real deal since at this point Satoshi and his friends could've been near Sendoff Spring/Returning Cave.