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Tucker Fan Club

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Arena Tycoon Slaking

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This is The Fan Club For The Brilliant Dome Ace Tucker. This is a place where you can post Pictures or just talk about Tucker I will wait for some Members to join and have 3 Co-Owners before we can start making some Topics

1. No Spamming or Flaming.
2. Keep on Topic.
3. Don't join If you dislike Tucker.
4. Always have Fun!

Banning Process:
Breaking the rules once=Warning
Breaking The rules Twice=1 Week Ban
Breaking the rules Thrice=2 Week ban and
Breaking the rules four Times=Permanent ban

Owner: Arena Tycoon Slaking
Co-Owner: squirtleking
Co-Owner: Tabby Catty

If you want to join just post why you like Tucker and you'll be in

Have fun Everybody :D
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Defender of Justice
Can I join please, Tucker's one of my favourite Brains, he's certainly the best dressed!
Can I be co-owner if I'm accepted, please?
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