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Who here has a tumblr and likes to browse it regularly? If you do post a link to your profile in this thread and we can all decide to follow each other or not. You might find someone with similar interest to you, also what is it you find appealing about the site if you are signed up for it?

My account is right here.

The thing I like about the site is pretty much the fanart, gif. and multi-fandom approach of the site. It makes it very fun to be on check regularly.


tumblr became too mainstream when yahoo bought it out. it lost its cool since then. kinda late for that already.

on the other hand, i do have one. =P it's still cool.

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
I have one because a classmate pretty much asked me to, but I don't really use it a lot. I'll log on here and there just to reblog CLANNAD and Mewtwo stuff (or whatever else I want to reblog), maybe check up on said-classmate, then leave for another week or so. I like some of the posts there, other times I just go ">_> Yeah, no. Where's the delete button? Why the hell isn't there a delete button?"

So yeah... not really going to post a link to mine because I just don't care.

The Admiral

solid state survivor
Wouldn't this be better posted elsewhere?

That aside, if you really want to see mine, 1. What are you on? 2. Where can I get some? 3. There's a link in my signature.


Still Dirrty
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