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Turbo Pack TRES


Come along, dear

Woooow best holos evar. : D
konami is maybe foreshadowing DSF to one? hurr

Celfon is awesome because I can see that guy actually being holo. Android is cool as well, though Kycoo is odd at being what I Will assume will be a rare. It's been reprinted a good few times, and has been a rare (and, if it's not that) a common before too. Heck I think it's been every rarity.
Common Android maybe to match the OCG one?

Good Turbo Pack so far after the overall trash that was TU02. I heard around that there'll be some X-Saber reprints in here.


Come along, dear
I can Saber stuff happening. Super Ragigura, Pashuul, GEC Fulhelmknight (orgasmic) or maybe rare Emmersblade, lol. Then again, its a ways off, and that's how the formula is. Rare stuff turns rare, commons become super, ultra is something crazy, and the ultimate is something that was ulti in japan.


Come along, dear
It's up in the air. FREE FOR ALL. First the ultra and now this. Now one just has to wonder if the ulti will be something new to the states or just a reprint. Since they're not doing the ulti-to-ulti thing anymore, it makes sense that it be something else based off the OCG.


Better then you
I want three Ulti Caius, as well as three ultra Dark Grepher, as well as a super Rescue Cat for my Sabers.