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Turkey Withdrawll Deck


I like cheerios.
Went to Turkey Withdrawll in Tecumseh today, with below deck. It was 2-2 and I'd like to make it better by January 14 for Jackson City Champs. Got any ideas?
Here's My deck, a finished project

Pokemon 23
2 Sentret (TRR)
1 Furret (TRR)
2 Houndour (UFO)
1 Dark Houndoom (TRR)
1 Hitmonchan (UFO)
1 Groudon (EM)
1 Magmar (TRR)
4 Larvitar ( 2 TRR, 2 POP1)
2 Dark Pupitar (TRR)
1 Dark Tyranitar (TRR Sand Damage)
2 Slugma (UFO)
1 Magcargo (Deoxys)
3 Cubone (TRR)
2 Dark Marowak (TRR)

Trainers 19
2 Prof Elms
3 Potion
2 Pokemon Retriver
2 Energy Search
2 Lady Outing
2 Ancient Tomb
2 Rocket's Mission
1 Scott
1 Energy Switch
1 Life Herb
1 Solid Rage

Energys 18

8 Fighting
7 Fire
3 Darkness

Strategy: Build up Solid Rage and Darkness Energy on a Dark Pokemon with Magcargo building the potential for 100 damage.
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If you want to make it better, you might only want to have 2 or 3 evolution lines cause 5 is way too many. Also, I wouldn't suggest putting Fire pokemon in it either. I'd have 4 Larvitars, 3 Dark Pupitars[the one with double tackle] and 3x Dark Tyranny. Also 4x Sandshrew and 3x Dark Sandslash. Also, Rocket's Hitmonchan Ex, 2 Sentrets and 1 Furret. This way, the Dark Energies are powerful, but you don't have to depend on them like Magcargo did.

If you don't like that, then try to keep it even: 20 pokemon, 20 trainers and 20 energy.


I like cheerios.
Trying the even thing because i like the fire in and it works for me. Putting in another Ttar but, which ont, grind or sand damage?