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Turning Over A New Bayleef! (202)

This episode sure had a lot of Grass Pokemon around like Bulbasaur, Bayleef, Bellossom and Skiploom. Not that I mind it's just something I noticed. Bayleef having problems after it evolved reminded me of how Charizard became disobedient to Ash's commands, but in this case Bayleef was just too big so she was causing different issues by being so massive and tackling Ash in a painful manner.


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Well, different pokemon can have various different kinds of issues after evolving. I mean take Grotle for example. It couldn't battle the same way after it evolved from Turtwig. On the other hand with Sceptile, it couldn't use any attacks at all because it got its heart broken. With Bayleaf, it is thinking the way when it was a Chikorita and ends up body slamming Ash.


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Poor Bayleef... Ash was acting like a jerk to her.