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Turning Over A Nuzleaf (302)


Let's go to the beach, each.
More random happenings during Ash's training for his rematch with Brawly huh? I never really liked Nuzleaf, and I still don't after watching this episode. No match when they appear, they always put me off. I enjoyed the separation of the Pokemon from their trainers part of this episode, but I disliked the Nuzleaf that gave them all trouble as they tried to find their trainers again. 3/10.
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Man of Mystery
I didn't really like this one much, although I like Nuzleaf, this episode was flat out boring. But the part where the pokemon were getting kidnapped by the Nuzleaf was funny.


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This episode was ok... It was cool seeing Nuzleaf for the 1st time. Nuzleaf's Grasswhistle was really cool. Corphish was very funny the whole episode. It was cool to see an episode mostly centering around the Pokemon.



This episode was not that delightful. Except for the Pokemon being kept in captive, there wasn't really any other point for this episode, and Nuzleaf is not cute.

Ugh Corphish and Treecko bickering was so annoying just get along! But I love these fillers that don't involve Ash and the gang that much (especially when Max isn't there the kid is annoying) I'll rate it 5/10 since I didn't hear Max annoying voice.


Nuzleaf: the most hideous Pokemon in existence. This episode was okay solely because of Treeko's and Corphish's interactions. Lotad was unintentionally hilarious in this episode for some reason.
I'm not a big fan of Nuzleaf, and also dislike the title of this episode. One of my favourite episodes, a Jotho episode centered around my dear Bayleef is called "Turning over a new Bayleef", this episode's title is just too similar. However, Lotad was fun to watch. And I liked how Corpish hurled Ash at Team Rocket's balloon. It's an average AG filler, nothing more or less. 5/10.


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What I liked about this episode was the whole concentration on the Pokémons, even though the synopsis itself was kinda mediocre because we have seen similar stuff before (Remember the one with the Beach ball in Johto) The Nuzleaf's were alright introduced too and this episode made them show mischievous they are.
It's weird how this episodes title is similar to "Turning Over a new Bayleef" (I see I'm not the only one who realized this).

Episodes where the Pokemon get separated from their trainers from an extreme length of time are always entertaining to watch. :)
It makes me wish, though, that for those times the writers would have subtitles fro the Pokemon so you know what they're saying.


Let's go to the beach, each.
I was amused by Corphish here; seeing him wake up the sleeping Loudred and basically cause the separation scenario made me laugh, as well as his anger with Treecko. I also felt bad for Pikachu and the others having to carry May's Silcoon around and I roared with vengeance when the Nuzleaf trapped the Pokemon only for TR to trap them in return.

Mrs. Oreo

It was funny seeing the same Loudred from before chase everyone and I liked seeing the cast's pokemon on their own and how Corphish and Treecko almost fought hee hee. Nuzleaf was just kind of 'there'. ^^;


Corphish was awesome as usual even when he awoke Loudred. I just wish that Nuzleaf hadn't been such an annoying Pokemon. 7/10
Episodes where the gang's Pokemon get lost are always good, so this one was no exception. I liked seeing the recurring Loudred again too. :)


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Those Nuzleaf were really sadistic, particularly when they wanted to BURN the other Pokemon. Also it wasn't horrible when the original Nuzleaf confused the rest of the gang.

Luckily the Nuzleaf turned good by the end of the episode.

It was funny but when Jessie told Meowth he would be her hero if he wasn't short, fat and ugly.


Meowth fanatic
Ash's Corphish seems to have a bit of a curious streak to it, unfortunately that curious streak is what gets it into trouble a lot of time. Nice having a mostly Pokemon only episode it was nice seeing the gangs Pokemon travel together looking for their trainers.