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Turtlestarf's Drawing Contest Info

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Hey people,

I decided to have drawing contest! Just do your best drawing, and PM it to me before August 12. I will pick the best 3 to be in the Main thread where the people of serebii will pick the best, if there is a tiebreaker, the winner will be the one I like the best.

So here's the info/rules:
-PM your Drawing to me, Turtlestarf.
-Your Drawing could be Drawn on a computer drawing program or hand-drawn.
-Do not send in a drawing on or after August 12.
-Do not complain if you do not win.
-I will pick the 3 best to go in the main Thread for the people of serebii to vote.
-The main thread where the people vote will go on until August 20th.
-You may not vote for yourself.
-It doesn't have to be colored.

Here are the Prizes!:

1st- Victini: lv. 50 Flame Charge/Reversal/Flame Burst/Zen Headbutt
2nd- Hydreigon: lv. 70 Dragon Rush/Body Slam/Scary Face/Hyper Voice
3rd- Scolipede: lv. 50 Agility/Steamroller/Toxic/Rock Climb

Victini is only lv. 50 because it's a legendary.
These are the moves they had when I first caught them (they're hacked with AR).

1st place can choose any.
2nd place can choose Hydreigon or Scolipede.
3rd place can get Scolipede only, sorry.

Once again, Yes, the Pokémon are hacked so DON'T enter if you don't want a hacked Pokémon!

Ready, Set, DRAW!


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Please post a comment and tell me if your going to participate.


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The hacked mon's movesets are terrible.

If they're hacks, at least give Hydreigon Dark Pulse.
I can't because I don't have that TM and I couldn't get it anyways because I can't put on anymore AR codes at the moment because my AR Computer is getting viruses so I can't even turn it on. All I can use is this laptop.
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Wait a minute... you're opening up a contest without permission and yet you're giving out hacked Pokémon as a prize?!

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Consider this closed!
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