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TV Schedule: September-October (Kids' WB!, TV-Tokyo, CN)

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Frustrated Elf
October 2005

CN=Cartoon Network
WB=Kids' WB!

All times, except for TV-Tokyo airings, are ET.
Premieres appear in bold
When the dubbed title is unknown, the translation of the Japanese title is listed in italics.

All times are tentative and subject to change without notice.


Tuesday, October 4th -

WB: 3:00pm - "Sky High Gym Battle"

Wednesday, October 5th -

WB: 3:00pm - "Lights, Camerupt, Action!"

Thursday, October 6th -

WB: 3:00pm - "Crazy as a Lunatone"

TT: 7:00pm - [SPOIL]"Psychic vs. Ghost! The Midnight Duel!?"[/SPOIL]

Friday, October 7th -

WB: 3:00pm - "The Evolutionary War"

Saturday, October 8th -

WB: 10:00am - "Training Wrecks"
CN: 5:00pm - "Future Shock!"
CN: 5:30pm - "Talkin' Bout an Evolution!"

Sunday, October 9th -

TT: 8:00am - "The Forest of Kimori! Protect the Colossal Tree!!" (ENCORE)

CN: 5:00pm - "Rage of Innocence"
CN: 5:30pm - "As Cold as Pryce"


Monday, October 10th -

WB: 3:00pm - "The Garden of Eatin' "

Tuesday, October 11th -

WB: 3:00pm - "A Scare to Remember"

Wednesday, October 12th -

WB: 3:00pm - "Pokeblock, Stock, and Berry"

Thursday, October 13th -

WB: 3:00pm - "Lessons in Lilycove"

TT: 7:00pm - [SPOIL]"Manene Enters! The Relaxation Guesthouse!"[/SPOIL]

Friday, October 14th -

WB: 3:00pm - "Training Wrecks"

Saturday, October 15th -

WB: 10:00am - "Gaining Groudon"
CN: 5:00pm - "Nice Pryce Baby" (unconfirmed)
CN: 5:30pm - "Whichever Way the Wind Blows" (unconfirmed)

Sunday, October 16th -

TT: 8:00am - "Pokemon Research #25!" - What makes popcorn pop?

CN: 5:00pm - "Some Like it Hot!" (unconfirmed)
CN: 5:30pm - "Hocus Pokemon!" (unconfirmed)


Monday, October 17th -

WB: 3:00pm - "Judgement Day" (unconfirmed)

Tuesday, October 18th -

WB: 3:00pm - "Clamperl of Wisdom" (unconfirmed)

Wednesday, October 19th -

WB: 3:00pm - "The Relicanth Really Can" (unconfirmed)

Thursday, October 20th -

WB: 3:00pm - "The Evolutionary War" (unconfirmed)

TT: 7:00pm - [SPOIL]"Mizugorou and Mokoko! The Wonder Drug of Love!?"[/SPOIL]

Friday, October 21st -

WB: 3:00pm - "Graining Groudon" (unconfirmed)

Saturday, October 22nd -

WB: 10:00am - "Groudon vs. Kyogre! (Part Two)"
CN: 5:00pm - "As Clear as Crystal" (unconfirmed)
CN: 5:30pm - "Same Old Song and Dance" (unconfirmed)

Sunday, October 23rd -

TT: 8:00am - TBA

CN: 5:00pm - "Enlighten Up!" (unconfirmed)
CN: 5:30pm - "Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up?" (unconfirmed)


Monday, October 24th -

WB: 3:00pm - TBA

Tuesday, October 25th -

WB: 3:00pm - TBA

Wednesday, October 26th -

WB: 3:00pm - TBA

Thursday, October 27th -

WB: 3:00pm - TBA

TT: 7:00pm - [SPOIL]"The Battle Arena! The Hand-to-Hand Fighting Showdown!!"[/SPOIL]

Friday, October 28th -

WB: 3:00pm - "Groudon vs. Kyogre! (Part Two)" (unconfirmed)

Saturday, October 29th -

WB: 10:00am - "Fuu and Ran! The Battle of the Space Center!"
CN: 5:00pm - "Wish Upon a Star Shape" (unconfirmed)
CN: 5:30pm - "Outrageous Fortunes" (unconfirmed)

Sunday, October 30th -

TT: 8:00am - TBA

CN: 5:00pm - "One Trick Phony!" (unconfirmed)
CN: 5:30pm - "I Politoed Ya So!" (unconfirmed)


Monday, October 31st -

WB: 3:00pm - TBA

Rex Kamex

Well-Known Member
Whenever that is, the Master Quest episodes will have to end first.


Sandslash+Lugia fan
When is Kids Wb gonna realize that people can't watch Pokemon at 3PM beacause most of then are still at school?!

Haunter Hunter Sohrab

Johto Champion
I've given up on watching Pokemon on the weekdays. It just ain't worth rushing back home just to catch the last 3 minutes.


Veteran member
New Zealand

In New Zealand, when will you be able to see the 2-part ;382; vs ;383; episode.Also,when will the;385;,;386; and ;151; ;rukario; movies be available in Papakura?


Veteran member
Sorry to double-post but this forum hasn't had one reply in months{until now}.I'm not a SPPF staff member,but I think this forum is no more


Old Coot

Don't double post, either. ~~;
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