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twilight princess temples vs. ocarina of time temples

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Yes really not to be rude. Great so I guess you hate me as well go ahead lay it on me.

blaze boy

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He was saying NhocCuteGirlz is a spambot bro.

Remember this is a guy who made two threads about the same franchise in the span of about an hour but yet still thinks that that both threads are different. Still made me laugh when he responded.
Oh sorry I thought He was refering to me
because all of a sudden when I created this thread everyone seemed to hate me.
I only created another Zelda thread to discuss Zelda period because someone said they liked Wind Waker better sorry.:(


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Did it really have to be funny.
Hmmmm. What ever I do not care what you cruel people have to say.
Then why are you he... Oh never mind it's too easy of a set-up. Also you did double post.

Arbiter's Grounds was better than the Spirit Temple IMO, simply due to the Spinner. (even though some theorize that they are the same)

woot21 out dawgs

Chaos Rush

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The only Zelda games I've tried is Twilight Princess and Link to the Past. IMO, in Twilight Princess, the dungeons are really boring. I'm currently on Arbiters Grounds, and I've had the game since 2007, and I have no intention of ever finishing that (partially) boring game.

I know this topic isn't about Link to the Past, but I downloaded it on VC and I liked it a lot. Unlike TP, I actually finished Link to the Past. And I've only had it since 2010.

My bro bought Ocarina off of VC, and I have yet to try it. I'm a bit skeptical of it because of how boring Twilight Princess is.

Chaos Rush

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I think the temples are boring because they're really long and involves going back to the same places over and over again. Often times I have no idea what the hell I'm supposed to be doing, and so I look at a guide and usually turns out I have to find and pull some really tiny switch that I didn't know was there/find an entrance that I had no idea it even existed because of how dark and muddy everyhing looks. A game is supposed to be fun. Walking around in circles trying to find things you can't see is not fun.

And I didn't mean TP is boring as a whole, in my earlier post I specifically mentioned dungeons, hence why I said, "(partially) boring". I enjoy the parts when you're not in a temple because I actually know what the hell I'm supposed to be doing. I enjoyed traversing trough the Sacred Grove as it didn't involve me looking for something that I had no idea it existed.

You could argue that I might encounter similar problems with Link to the Past, but I never did. The only times I ever got stuck was because a boss was too hard, not like in Twilight Princess where I look at a guide to find out I have to pull a switch that I couldn't even see beforehand. The only time I ever looked at a guide while playing Link to the Past was after losing to a boss a few times to see tips on how to beat it. I never got "stuck" in a temple.


So, it's not boring, per se, you just suck at Zelda games since you've never really played them.

I mean, TP sucks, but not 'cause it's a boring game.
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