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Two Girls, One Very Confused Man. [pokeshipping]

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by ashlyrose, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. ashlyrose

    ashlyrose lovebug<3

    A/N: I would rate this fic R...it does have adult situations but not a lot of detail. If you disagree with my rating let me know!

    I would say that this fic is semi-multishipping...I'm Team Misty so there's a lot of Pokeshipping, but also some Advanceshipping...Brock is also dating someone...which would include Brockshipping(I think)....but I digress, you'll just have to read it and figure out if a couple you support is in it.

    Chapter 1

    "How much longer before we reach Cerulean City?" May Young asked as she pulled her long brown hair back into a ponytail to keep it from blowing in the wind as she rode in her boyfriend's convertable.

    Ash looked at the clock, "I'd say another 5 minutes...10 at most it's not very far." He looked at her out of the corner of his eye. When he told her that he was going to run over the the Cerulean Gym to personally invite Misty and her sisters to the banquet Prof. Oak and the rest of the Pokemon League Committee was throwing in his honor, she had insisted on going with him. Her story was that she wanted to see Misty but he wasn't so sure. They hardly knew eachother and he couldn't imagine that they had gotten closer when he wasn't around. Of course it could always be jealousy, he had known Misty for most of his life and they used to be best friends. When he first met May, Misty was the subject of most of their conversations for awhile. He thought he may have had feelings for her, every now and then he would look at her and see the person she was blossoming into, instead of his tomboyish best friend. These thoughts freaked him out, at 13 he wasn't ready for love or anything resembling it, and yet when he wasn't expecting it there it was. He had tried to tell her once, when she was leaving to take care of the gym, but when he looked up at her face and saw all the hope behind her eyes he couldn't go through with it. He couldn't risk a friendship as deep as the one he had with Misty over something that he wasn't even sure of. That was something he had never told anyone, what he had really meant to say, instead of commenting on her bike and the fact that she was in a hurry.

    When they pulled up to the gym Ash felt a strange sensation come over him. Almost the same as when he came home after being away for long, a mixture of excitement and calm. It was weird, he had never thought of Cerulean City as home...maybe it was just Misty, she was his first friend on his journey and the one that stayed with him the longest.

    May jumped out of the car after him and up to the door, "I'm really excited about seeing Misty again!" she exclaimed.

    "Me too." he admited, "I haven't been a very good friend lately...I almost never call her as often as I used to, we've only been writing letters...and even that isn't very regularly."

    She smiled at him, then rang the doorbell. One of Misty's sisters answered...Lily, he thought...

    "Oh my god! Ash is that you?" she asked twirling her hair, "You're so grown up!" She batted her eyes a couple times, leaving him shocked. Daisy, Lily, and Violet had never not liked Ash, they were just vaguely indifferent because he was Misty's friend. He had forgotten how long it had been since he had seen the Sensational Sisters, but he knew he had to look significantly better than the last time. He was taller, tanner, and more muscular, travelling and training had done wonders for him. It would seem as if he was finally in the league of causing beauties like Misty's sisters to blush. It made him smile.

    "He's totally not someone I'd choose for a boyfriend, but you're no prize yourself" he remembered Daisy saying to Misty when he first found out about her older sisters. Lily wanted him now...

    "Ash!" May snapped her fingers in front of his face, snapping him out of his daydream.

    "Oh yeah..."he blushed a little, "I came to invite you all to my Master Banquet." he presented her with the invitation, "Um...is Misty here? I was hoping to see her..."

    Lily shook her head, "she left a couple days ago to run an errand for the gym, she should be back by next week, but I don't know what day...I could have her call you!"

    "No, that's fine...I'll call her." he put a smile on even though he was upset on the inside. "I should probably head back home, but tell Misty...that I hope she'll come...I hope all of you come!" he waved as he and May got back into his car and headed towards Pallet town.

    "Are you sad that Misty wasn't home?" May asked once they were on the road

    "A little. I was hoping to see her and say hi, but hopefully she'll come to the banquet and we can catch up there!" he smiled then turned on the radio hoping to end all the conversation in Misty's direction.

    Misty raised an eyebrow as she watched a flashy blue convertable pull out of the gym's parking lot and roar down the street. We had a challenger? Please God let Daisy have been there! Her sisters had come a long way from the teenagers that they had been...but she still only trusted the eldest sister to run the gym while she was gone.

    "I'm home!" she called opening the door, "Violet? Daisy? Lily? Where are you guys?"

    "Misty!" Lily walked in the kitchen when her sister was setting her bags on the table, "Did you get the badges?"

    "Yeah." she handed her a box of small blue teardrop shaped pins, "Did we just have a challenger? I saw a car pull out as I was on my way in..."

    "Oh! No, that was Ash...and some girl..." Lily trailed off.

    "Ash? My Ash?" Misty asked.

    "Your Ash?" Lily teased.

    "My friend Ash...you know what I meant..." she growled flushing slightly.

    "Yes, it was your friend Ash, he wanted me to give you this" she handed Misty the unopened envelope.

    "What is it?" she looked at Lily questioningly.

    "Open it and find out, duh! He said it's for all of us, I just figured you'd want it."

    Misty carefully opened it and pulled out a gold and silver embossed card inviting the Sensational Sisters of Cerulean City to a party celebrating Ash Ketchum's induction in the Pokemon League Masters Society.

    "Oh my God." she couldn't help the smile that found itself on her face, "He finally did it."

    "So are you going to go?" Lily asked, "I still have to talk to Daisy and Violet...but they don't need all four of us."

    "I don't know, I'll have to think about it..."

    "Why? He's your friend and he did specifically say that he wanted you there, and he's gotten really cute! Don't tell me it's because of that girl."

    "It's not...not really....I haven't spoken to the guy in 4 years. I mean, we've had the odd phone conversation and letters back and forth...but we're not as close as we used to be..."

    "So go and catch up, get close again!"

    "It's not that easy..." Misty sighed.

    "You know...you never really told us what happened when you went out to Hoenn..." Lily said softly.

    "What do you mean?"

    "You left the gym all ready to travel with your friends again then came back a few days later. We could tell you were upset but we didn't want to ask you what had happened until you were ready to tell us."

    "I wasn't upset, I missed the gym so I came home." she shook her head, "Anyway, I don't know if I'll go to this or not. But I would like to keep it...if that's okay with you guys..."

    "Sure, what would we want it for anyway?" Lily opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water.

    "Where are Daisy and Violet anyway?" Misty asked.

    "Daisy conned Tracey into taking her to a movie and Violet had a hair appointment, they should both be back by dinner...Speaking of which, what are you making?"

    Misty's jaw dropped, "I just got home and you already want me to make you dinner? What were you planning on having if I hadn't come home?"

    "I dunno," Lily shrugged, "Probably nothing."

    She sighed, "Well, I don't feel like cooking...how about we order a pizza?"

    "Sounds good, order 2 larges, Tracey will probably stay for dinner, he's been doing that a lot lately." Lily winked as Misty laughed.

    "Has he asked her out yet?"

    "No, they're both still pretending that there's nothing going on between them." Lily rolled her eyes still baffled by her older sister's sudden personality shift when it came to Tracey. Daisy had always been so outgoing around boys and she never seemed to dwell on one for too long, but this latest romance has been going on for a couple years. Although neither one of them ever admitted to being more than friends, it was clear to everyone around them.

    "I think it's sweet." Misty sighed dreamily, "I never would have thought that Daisy would fall for someone as down-to-earth as Tracey. He's good for her."

    "Whatever, all I know is that I'm losing my manicure partner." Lily groaned.

    Well there you have it, chapter 1. I know it's not anything too exciting, I was really just trying to set up the situation between Ash and Misty. The next chapter will get a little more exciting. Will Misty go to the banquet? and all that sort of stuff.

    Comments=Love and really make me want to continue and write faster!
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2008
  2. ashlyrose

    ashlyrose lovebug<3

    Chapter 2

    Misty sat at the vanity table in her room studying her makeup. Dramatic or subtle? According to her sisters, either way looked great on her, it was the fact that she was wearing makeup that made the difference. She knew that she had to look perfect tonight, she had already decided that she was going to confess everything to Ash. They were both adults now, she didn't have to be afraid of his reaction anymore. The truth was that she loved him, with her entire heart and soul. When Misty met Ash she thought he was stupid, reckless, and would never make it as a pokemon master. She watched him grow and train and soon called him her friend, her best friend. Then, one day, she saw him as more. She remembered it vividly, they were on Trovita Island in the Orange Archipelago. She had saved Mahri, a little girl who had been caught in a whirlpool just off of the island, only to find out that she was the gym leader's little sister. Rudy had been grateful to Misty showering her with flowers and compliments. She was stunned at first, being the youngest of 4 beautiful sisters, she wasn't used to the adoration. Once she got used to it, she realized that she really did like Rudy, he was sweet and kind, and he even asked her to stay with him on the island. It was tempting, she considered it and wanted to say yes, being around a gym leader that wasn't one of her sisters would help her become a stronger trainer.

    Then while she watched Rudy and Ash have their gym battle from the hot air balloon above the field, Rudy called out "I dedicate this victory to the girl who saved my sister and stole my heart!" she was shocked, she hadn't realized that Rudy wasn't just being nice to her, he liked her!

    She looked down at Ash, he glared up at the balloon, "That's real nice, but the victory's going to be mine" it seemed as if the comment was aimed at her. She didn't know what to do, Ash was one of her best friends, but to have someone like Rudy love her...Rudy and Ash were tied with one battle left, Starmie vs Squirtle. It didn't look like it was going in Ash's favor when Rudy's Starmie used a thunderbolt attack.

    She couldn't help what happened next, it burst out of her before she had a chance to control it, "Ash! What are you going to do? Just stand there and let him beat ya?!" Everyone had turned their attention to her shocked, she was shocked too, maybe she could take it back but then she saw Ash looking up at her in confusion so she continued, "Come on! You're the only one who can bring out Squirtle's real power!"

    He was quick to retaliate, "I know that! I'm not stupid!"

    "Then don't just stand there! Do something! You already beat Rudy once, you can beat him again!" She tried to avoid looking at Rudy but curiosity got the best of her, she saw his eyes tear up and he mumbled something to himself. The damage had already been done.

    After some quick thinking, Ash, of course, won the battle. As they got ready to leave that evening, Rudy made sure that he and Mahri were there to see them off and give Ash his badge, but he also gave Misty a bouquet of flowers.

    She was about to deny them when he said, "I know you've already made your decision, but these are for you."

    "I-" want to stay but isn't it obvious that Ash won't get anywhere without me around? she intended to say. Then realized that wasn't the reason, and Rudy knew that, it wasn't Ash that needed Misty, it was her that needed Ash. She closed her eyes feeling a warm blush creep across her face, "Thanks Rudy."

    From then on, she knew that she was in love. Head over heels in love, with Ash Ketchum, the dim-witted, spoiled, egotistical kid she had fished from a river. After awhile she got used to the fact that he didn't feel the same way, at least, he wasn't ready to.

    But tonight, tonight he could be and she wasn't going to let her fear of rejection stand in the way of her happiness. He wanted her at the banquet, isn't that what Lily had said?

    "Misty?" Her eldest sister's voice came through the door breaking her out of her daydreams.

    "Come in." she called back.

    "I just wanted to check up on you, see if you needed any help getting ready..." Daisy's eyes gleamed as she noticed that not only was her sister not dressed but her hair hung limp on her shoulders and her face was bare.

    "Actually...I wouldn't mind help with my hair and makeup...."

    "Great! Where's your dress?"

    Misty smiled and went over to her closet. She opened the door and pulled down a ocean blue cocktail dress. Daisy's whole face lit up. That was the reaction Misty had been hoping for when she found this dress. It had a halter top and was tight through the torso but flared out slightly as it reached the bottom. It resembled a mermaid tail in how it was shaped, but it was the color that stood out. It was the same color as her eyes and made her hair seem darker and her skin glow. When she wore this dress she felt like a movie star.

    "Misty..." Daisy breathed once she put it on, "That is absolutely gorgeous! Promise me you won't go home alone tonight!"

    "Daisy!" she playfully punched her sister in the arm.

    "Okay, okay...I'm thinking....we'll keep your hair down...curl it slightly so that it's wavy...and really play up your eyes so they pop." she pushed Misty back to the vanity and started brushing her hair.

    Pallet Town

    Ash sheepishly scratched the back of his head, "I'm really not all that great at speeches." he chuckled, "But I really want to thank Prof Oak for giving me my first pokemon, Pikachu, and for always being there for me and treating me like a son. My friends who were there for me so I never had to travel alone. And my mom, for always believing in me and knowing that I could achieve any dream I set my mind to." he held up his champagne glass and everyone raised theirs around the room. But now his attention was on the door which had opened as someone tried to sneak in quietly. He knew who it was right away, even though she was grown up now. Her red hair fell in waves down to the midde of her back and her dress was the color he knew matched her eyes. He was drawn to her, he excused himself and went towards the door.

    "Misty!" he exclaimed as he reached her, "You came! I'm so glad to see you!" he pulled her into a hug.

    "I wanted to surprise you. Did I?" she asked laughing a little.

    "Definitely. How have you been?" he asked.

    "Really good. Running the gym has been a lot of fun. And you, you've finally become a pokemon master...and the youngest one ever too. That's quite an achievement."

    "Yeah, well, I've always been pretty great." they both laughed and settled into easy comfort.

    "Everyone seems to be here, Brock, Max, Dawn...hey! Where's May?" she asked.

    "She flew back to Petalburg a couple nights ago, her mom hasn't been feeling too well lately and May wanted to take care of her. It sucks that she couldn't be here tonight, but I know that her mom needs her more than I do." Ash smiled softly.

    "It's not...serious...is it?" Misty looked concerned.

    Ash shook his head, "No, but May's still a little worried."

    They talked a little longer about nothing in particular until he took her champagne glass and set them both on a passing waiter's tray. "Do you want to dance?"' he asked.

    "Sure!" they moved to the dance floor and he placed his hand on her waist, the second they touched both felt a shot of electricity go through them and they stared at eachother for a long time before smiling and moving to the music.

    It wasn't long before they were the only people left on the dance floor. He finally became self-conscious enough that they stopped dancing. "Where are you staying tonight? Are you driving home?" he asked.

    "No, I got a room here at the hotel. Why?" she inquired.

    "I was thinking that I should do the same...I'm starting to feel a little light-headed, I don't think I'd make it home even if I walked." he laughed, "I'll walk you up to your room." they went over to where Prof Oak was saying goodbye to the guests as they left. "Professor! Thanks for throwing this party. It was a lot of fun." he said hugging his mom who was standing by the door.

    "I can't think of anyone who deserves it more than you Ash. You should be very proud of all that you've accomplished." Prof Oak nodded smiling at Misty.

    "And everything that you will still accomplish!" Delia chimed in.

    Ash nodded, said goodbye to them both then went up to the reception desk relieved to find out that they still had rooms left.

    "What floor are you on?" he asked Misty.

    She pulled her key card out of the small clutch she was holding. "13. Room L. What about you?"

    "Same floor, but room BB"

    "Then it's not out of your way to drop me off." she smiled. Then they both went silent not sure what to say anymore.

    They stepped out of the elevator together and walked the short way to Misty's room. As they stopped at her door it was clear that neither of them wanted their reunion to end, but they didn't know where to go from here.

    "Ash, I-" She interrupted herself deciding to take another route. She grabbed Ash's chin and pulled him towards her, kissing him.

    It wasn't a peck on the lips as she had originally planned, it was the sort of kiss that made them both glad that the wall was there otherwise they would have nothing holding them up. He was the one who made the next move though as he pulled away from her, took her cardkey and slid it through the scanner. Twisting the handle she backed slightly into the room. "Do you want to come in?" she asked knowing the answer as he had already started to follow her.

    He shut the door behind him and they resumed their kiss. She pushed his jacket off his shoulders and it crumpled to the floor as she led him towards the bed, which they both were starting to figure would be much more comfortable then standing in the middle of the room. She moaned softly as his lips strayed from hers, kissing her neck and shoulders. Her next task was getting his shirt and pants unbuttoned while he worked on unzipping the back of her dress.

    Then he stopped. He wasn't sure what had come over him, it was as if he wasn't in control of his own body. This was something that had never happened to him before. Sure, he had dated, even before May, and it wasn't as if he had never had sex. Brock made sure that he went through that rite of passage around his 16th birthday. Once Misty walked through that door his conscience seemed to go on vacation. He looked down at her, stripped down to her underwear, a state he had never seen her in before this. She was so skinny, but she always had been, the clothes just must have masked it better. She smiled up at him and kissed his chest.

    I have to stop this

    No, you don't.

    But what about May? My fiance?

    This is Misty. You can't pretend that you don't want this.

    I do, but...May...

    The two sides of him argued, it was the preverbial angel and devil on his shoulders. He agreed with both sides. Couldn't there be two of him? One that walked out of the room and went home to wait for his fiance. And one that stayed here with Misty? He knew that whatever was going to happen was in Misty's hands. He couldn't trust himself to make the right decision in this. He needed her to stop him.

    "Misty." he said in a hoarse voice, "Tell me you want me to stop." he was pleading with her, but even he could tell that his tone didn't convey that. She wouldn't get the hidden meaning behind his words.

    "Don't stop" she whispered kissing him again.


    He awoke the next morning and looked down to see Misty tucked against his chest. Oh God...maybe I can leave before she wakes up and we can both just pretend this never happened. No...that's not fair to Misty...she didn't do anything wrong. He lay there contemplating what to do when he felt her stir and yawn.

    "Good morning." she smiled looking up at him.

    "Morning." He took the time to stretch but stopped when she turned and kissed him. He sighed and pulled her closer to him wanting to feel her skin against his. She stopped kissing him and smiled her face just inches from his.

    "I think I'm going to go take a shower...but...."she grinned devilishly, "I expect you to join me..."

    He laughed as she stood and walked to the bathroom. He sat back, wondering how to tell her that last night had been a mistake. He could blame it on the alcohol...but he hadn't really had all that much to drink. He still wasn't sure what it was that had made him act the way he did. His thoughts were interrupted when he heard a beep coming from the pile of clothes on the floor. He reached over and found his cell phone and that he had a missed call. He called his voicemail and heard May's voice.

    "Hey! I was just calling to see how the party was! They showed part of it on the news. Great speech." she laughed at her own joke, "you're probably still sleeping, it seemed like it was a late night. Call me when you get up! I love you!"

    He had suddenly hit a new low. He had one girl calling him from her home in Petalburg and another taking a shower in the bathroom next to him waiting for round two. What had he done?


    He looked up and saw Misty standing in the doorway her hair damp on her shoulders her body wrapped in a towel.

    "I thought you were going to come with me?" she smiled.

    "Yeah I was but..." he trailed off.

    She looked down at the phone in his hand, "Who called? Was it important?"

    "Yeah... a little... it was May."

    "May? What did she want?"

    "Misty...can you sit down? I have something I need to tell you..."

    She did as he asked concerned by his sudden mood change.

    "What happened last night...it shouldn't have happened...I'm not sure what came over me."

    "Wait...what does this have to do with May? It's not like you two are married or anything!" she picked up his hand, "no ring"

    "I don't have one....but she does..."

    It only took a few seconds for this to sink in, when it did Misty stood up and rushed as far away from him as she could. "You mean you're engaged? And you came to me...you kissed me...you made l-" she couldn't say it, "You ****ed me...and the whole time...you belonged to someone else...." she couldn't help the tears that began to fall down her cheeks.

    "Misty, you have to know, I never meant for this to happen. I never meant to hurt you." He walked over to her.

    "Get out."

    "Mist, please."

    "Get out!" she shrieked running back into the bathroom and slamming the door. She heard him move around the room gathering his things then leaving the room altogether. Once she was sure that he was gone she leaned against the bathroom door and started to sob as she sank to the floor.
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  3. ashlyrose

    ashlyrose lovebug<3

    Chapter 3

    Misty cried until she ran out of tears, she was ashamed of herself. She had never done anything like this before in her life. Whether or not it had been planned, it had happened and she had been blissfully happy. She awoke in his arms, a feeling she had never known before, and hoped that it would continue. But it didn’t, it couldn’t, almost as quickly as it had started, it was over. Ash was engaged. He had never been hers and now he never could be.

    But more than that, she had done a terrible thing to May. That poor girl, who had never done anything to her but be her friend, she couldn’t bear to think about it anymore. She stood and stared at her reflection in the mirror, her hair was matted in the back from being up against the door. Her eyes were puffy and her skin was blotchy. She looked as bad as she felt, raw. Her heart was breaking all over again as she relived last night. She breathed deeply and walked out of the bathroom relieved to see that he hadn’t come back to try to talk to her.

    She dressed quickly and checked out of the hotel well before noon. She just needed to get home, she needed to be in a place that was hers. Pallet Town was Ash’s and she didn’t think she’d ever feel the same about it again. The drive seemed to pass by in a second, soon she was pulling into the driveway outside her childhood home.

    “Misty!” Violet exclaimed once she walked through the door, “How was the party? Did you get a chance to catch up with your friends?”

    Misty hesitated, “I didn’t really talk to anyone but Ash, I ended up getting there kinda late…” she silently pleaded with her older sister not to ask anymore.

    “How was Ash? Was he excited to see you?”

    “Y-Yeah…I’d say so…” she looked away, “I’m really tired though, I think I’ll go upstairs” she started to sprint up to her room, but she knew that Violet had still seen the tears rolling down her cheeks.

    “Misty?” Violet stood and started to go after her sister, “Misty? What’s wrong?”

    “Nothing! Please just leave me alone!” Misty exclaimed slamming her bedroom door.

    “Misty….I just want to help! Did I say something wrong?” she pounded on the door.

    Lily, who had been in her own bedroom across the hall opened her door, “What’s going on?”

    “I don’t know…Misty just got home and I asked her how last night was and I asked about Ash and she started to cry and ran up here.” Violet shrugged.

    Lily knocked on the door, “Misty please open up!” she said sweetly.

    “Go away….” was the muffled response.

    The two middle sisters looked at each other, they knew that Misty wouldn’t let them in, but they also knew who they could get that she would.

    Daisy knocked softly on her baby sister’s door, “Misty, it’s me, can I come in?”

    “I’d rather you didn’t…”

    “Well…you do know that if you don’t let me in, I’ll just get the skeleton key and let myself in. It’s your choice…”

    The three sisters waited listening for any sound. “I don’t think she heard you.” Lily commented.

    Daisy began to go towards her own room to get the key when she heard Misty’s lock turn. “You can come in…” she sighed. They all walked to her door but Misty put her hand up, “Daisy can come in.” and the door was shut and locked behind her.

    “Okay, why have you locked yourself in your room?” Daisy asked sitting down on the bed.

    “I don’t really want to talk about it…” Misty said.

    “Well I didn’t ask if you wanted to talk about it. I asked you what happened.”

    “You can’t make me tell you anything that I don’t want to.”

    “You want to bet? I can get you to say enough to give me the gist of the problem. But wouldn’t it be easier if you just told me?”

    Misty stared at her for a long time before laying face down on her bed. “Ash” she mumbled.

    “What about Ash?”

    “I did something really bad.”

    “With Ash?” Misty nodded, “What did you do?”

    “I had sex with Ash”

    “What’s so bad about that? You two are adults and it’s not like that’s anything we ever thought wouldn’t happen.”

    “It’s bad because it shouldn’t have happened.”

    “Well, as your first stupid one night stand, I’d have to say Ash isn’t such a bad choice. He’s one of your friends, he’s not bad looking…you could have done worse.” Daisy was having trouble seeing the problem, Misty had always been the goody-two-shoes sister, she was trying to understand why sleeping with Ash was such a big deal, but considering some of the guys that she and their other two sisters had messed around with, she just couldn’t see what was so bad about Ash..

    “Ash is engaged.”

    Daisy’s face lit up “Misty! I can’t believe you would be so…” she struggled to find the words”…naughty!’ suddenly she realized that she had said the wrong thing because Misty’s entire body began to shake with sobs. “Oh…oh I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean it…I just…that’s something that Lily would do…or me….or even Violet….but not you…”

    “I didn’t know.”

    “What? Misty please sit up, I can hardly understand you with your face in the pillows.”

    She did as she was asked, “I didn’t know. He didn’t tell me he was engaged, and I don’t think that he planned on it. He got a call from May and it prompted him to tell me.” She burst into tears again as the memory came back to her, “That's not even the worst part! This isn't how it was supposed to happen! I was supposed to tell him that I loved him and then...“

    “Then...you'd live happily ever after?" Misty nodded slowly, "Misty, I'm sorry that I'm the one to tell you this...but fairy tales don't come true. Sometimes...the girl doesn't get the guy. To be completely honest though, I'm surprised that it's the first time you two have ever done anything. You were so infatuated with each other. You held out for a long time...I'd say, chock this up to a bad experience and get over it." She stood

    “But he’s-”

    “You said that you didn’t know he was engaged until you woke up this morning correct?” Misty nodded, “then you have nothing to beat yourself up about, he knew he was engaged, by not telling you…he’s the only person who’s done anything wrong.”

    “What does that matter?”

    “It matters a lot, I don’t want to see you get depressed about this. It sucks that Ash is engaged and that you had to find out the way that you did. I’m not saying that you can’t be upset about that but you didn’t do anything that any other woman in your position wouldn't have done.”

    Misty nodded, not fully believing what her sister said but knowing that she would keep talking about it if she didn’t pretend to agree.

    “There, feel a little better?”

    “Yeah I guess…thanks Daisy…but I think I’m still going to stay in here today…sleep…get all of this off my mind…do you think you can handle the gym today?”

    “I guess…but I‘m only going to let you wallow in self-pity today.” she hugged Misty and then went to the door, “Do you want me to keep this from the other two? It’ll be hard since they know you told me, but I’ll field their questions until you’re ready.”

    “No, you can go ahead and tell them…but…can we keep this between us?”

    “Who else would I tell?”

    “Your new boyfriend…”

    Daisy turned a little pink, “Tracey? I wouldn’t tell him….and we’re just friends” she quickly amended.

    Misty nodded then fell back onto the bed and was asleep within seconds.

    “Ash?” May called setting her suitcase down in the entryway, “Are you home?”

    Ash walked around the corner of the hallway smiling at his fiance, "You’re home! I missed you!” he exclaimed pulling her into a hug.

    “I missed you too.” She said pulling him closer and kissing him deeply.

    When they pulled apart he laughed, “Apparently so, that was one hell of a kiss.”

    She sighed pushing him backward towards the living room, “I’ve been doing a lot of thinking while I was home…” she kissed him again, “And, you’ve given up so much for me lately, we’re engaged and you’re waiting a couple years to actually marry me, and I wanted to wait to sleep together until we were married. But I love you, especially for doing all that for me…I want to reward you” He opened his mouth to say something but was pushed onto the couch. “I’ve been thinking that we’re already engaged, that’s just a step away from married right? Maybe we should make love to each other.” She was on top of him, kissing him.

    He sighed as she moved her lips down to his neck, “But, we already do…stuff…are you sure you want to take the next step? We don’t have to, I don’t mind waiting. I want your first time to be perfect for you.” I don't deserve this he thought to himself

    She pulled his shirt over his head and started to kiss his chest., “I know, I want to. As long as it’s with you, it will be perfect. I love you so much and I want to give myself to you.” She sat up and pulled her own shirt off.

    “May, before we go any further, I want you to be sure that you want to do this. Don’t do it for me, do it for yourself otherwise we’ll wait.”

    She started to unbutton his jeans as she said, “I want to do this. I want you.” she sighed kissing him again.

    a/n: chapter 3 is up! I wanted to have a chapter showing the aftermath of Ash and Misty's one night stand, I know it seems like he's a cheating butthead, but trust me that's not what I'm going for. The next chapter might not be up for a little bit, I'm still tweaking it and trying to figure out how I want it worded. But I can tell you that it's 4 years in the future when the story picks up again. Enjoy it! And leave comments! They motivate ;)
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    Motivaton is a waste of time. jk. Good job, keep on truckin'
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    Keep on truckin? hmmm...haven't heard that in awhile ;D

    Thanks for reading, and liking it!
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    Star Dust live let live.

    Very well written, and strong plot. However, the description wasn't too good. The start had good description, but it just seemed to drown out to dialogue and basic description. And sometimes, the plot and dialogue just seemed to overpower good writing. Try keeping concentrated on being descriptive even in the dialogue, as that sets the mood for the bigger events in the story. Lastly, a little too much happened in one chapter. For each chapter, you should probably concentrate more on one event, as to keep it interesting, and to keep us on our toes and waiting for more.

    Despite that, good story, and I'll (try xD) to review soon. Eventually.
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    ~Star Dust: I know, it's one of my faults. I get really excited with what I have planned to come next and I tend to rush the chapters before. I tried harder to not rely so much on the dialogue in this chapter.

    Chapter 4

    “So this place seems to be great!” Brock was saying as he sat at the breakfast bar in Ash and May’s kitchen. May's cell phone beeped from the living room and she rushed to it. He raised an eyebrow in Ash's direction.

    “Yeah, I don't know either. She's been obsessively around her phone for the last couple months. I thought maybe her and Mom were planning something for my birthday, you know how they love to do that...Anyway, is it something that we want to use when it comes to supplies?” Ash asked from his place on the couch.

    “I’d say so, but you’re the boss, after all.” He laughed. After Ash had become a Pokemon Master he had run out of things to do, he traveled for awhile but once his and May’s wedding neared he wanted to have a stable place at home for them so he opened his own Pallet Town Gym hiring Brock as his private breeder. The gym didn’t count in the Indigo League like the Cerulean and Pewter Gyms, but if you did win the match you earned a badge showing that you defeated the current champion. The badge was May’s own design, a brown orb with a yellow thunderbolt though it, not too many people owned one but his gym was one of the most popular.

    May snapped her phone shut and kissed Ash on the forehead, "For your information, we are not planning anything for your birthday. Just like we weren't last year or the year before that." she went back into the kitchen with Brock. "So, where is this place?"

    "I have the card here...somewhere..." Brock pulled his wallet out of his back pocket and began to flip through it.

    “Wait!” May called out taking it from his hands, “who’s that?” she turned through the pictures until she came to one of Misty and a young girl, not more than 5 years old posing on a beach in front of a sunset.

    Brock hesitated, “That’s Katie…my goddaughter.”

    “Katie…why have we never met her? Or even heard of her for that matter?” May asked studying the picture.

    “She’s…Misty’s daughter. Since you guys don’t really talk to her anymore…I wouldn’t really expect you to know about her.” he glanced over at Ash who had become increasingly more interested in the conversation.

    “Oh…she’s absolutely adorable!” May gushed, “Ash, you have to look at this picture!” she walked over to Ash, “that dark hair and Misty’s ocean colored eyes, she is going to be a heartbreaker!”

    Ash stared at the picture in front of him then up at Brock who shrugged and pretended to be interested in the pattern on the counter top.

    “I didn’t even know that Misty was married!” May commented as she left Ash with the picture and went back to the kitchen.

    “She isn’t.” Brock said, “She never really told us who Katie’s father is…we were all pretty shocked when she told us that she was pregnant and that she was keeping the baby. She was only 20, but you know Misty, once she sets her mind to something you’re not going to change it.” he laughed a little, “She seems to be happy though, as a single mom, and she’s not really alone, she has me, and her boyfriend has been around since before Katie was born and he’s like a father to her.”

    “How do you know he’s not her father?” Ash finally spoke up.

    “Because they were set up on a blind date when she was already 5 months pregnant, unless he works really fast, I’d say it’s near impossible that he’s her father.” he gave Ash a meaningful look, “Trust me her sisters and I have worked it out, Katie was born in April so she had to have been conceived in July…and she wasn’t seeing anyone then. My guess is that she did something stupid and was too ashamed to tell us so she kept it all a secret.”

    Ash stared at his friend, it was all in the expression on his face. Brock knew who Katie’s father was, and Ash was pretty sure that he knew too, and he didn’t like it one bit. He really wanted May to leave, he wanted to talk to Brock, to ask him about Misty. Another part of him, didn’t want to know. He didn’t want Brock to yell at him, he also didn’t want it to be confirmed that he did this. He cheated on May and now he had a daughter, a 5 year old daughter that he had never met and who would probably never know him. Just looking at her picture he saw himself, his hair, his smile, she looked small for her age, he was too until his reached 15 and had a major growth spurt. He didn’t know how anyone could look at her and not see him. But May seemed oblivious, which was good, he had never told her what had happened the night of the banquet, how could he? It would break her heart, and he couldn’t do that. It killed him to hurt any girl, something as little as disappointing his mom, or big….like what he did to Misty and May. He stared at the picture, frowning. May saw the distress on Ash's face, but didn't have time to dwell on it as her phone beeped again. She picked it up smiling at it's message before replying. Once she was done she caught Brock's eye and flushed a little.

    "Max...he's doing really well on his travels." She grinned, but it didn't stop his demanding stare.

    “But talking about long-lost friends and breeding supply stores is not why I came here. Trisha and I have decided what we’re doing for our wedding.” Brock continued.

    “Oh! I’ve been waiting months! What, are you eloping like Trisha wanted? Or the big wedding like you wanted?” May asked .

    Brock had always been a little girl-crazy, but all that stopped when he met Trisha. She was one of Misty’s friends from Cerulean City and the complete opposite of Brock. She was an only child where he was the oldest of 11 children. She was a little flakey and crazy while Brock was stable and responsible. They each brought out the best in each other. But when Brock popped the question they soon argued over what sort of wedding to have, Trisha had always wanted to elope to Celadon City while Brock wanted to celebrate with his family and friends.

    “We have decided to meld our plans together? Instead of having the huge wedding or the non-existent wedding. We are inviting our families and closest friends to her family’s beach house where we are having a week long party basically, on the last day, we’ll get married.” Brock smiled.

    “Oh that’s so great! That’s perfect!” May exclaimed, “Can you believe it Brock! You’re finally getting married!”

    “I know! It’s so great!” he laughed then looked over at Ash. He looked troubled staring at the picture of Misty and Katie. Brock’s heart almost went out to his young friend, almost. But he was also there when Misty found out that she was pregnant and right after Katie was born with that dark hair. Misty’s heart broke every time she saw Katie, her own daughter, and he could never really forgive Ash for that. He understood that Ash had made a mistake, and he knew that he realized what a huge mistake it was, but it was also something that he could never take back.

    “So, who's going to be there?” she asked.

    “Well, Trish and I, of course…you and Ash, if Ash will agree to be my best man…” he trailed off turning his attention to Ash.

    “Huh?” he looked up feeling both pairs of eyes on him.

    “Will you be my best man?” Brock asked laughing.

    “Oh! Yeah, sure! I’d love to.” he scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

    “Then you two will be there, and Misty and Katie as long as she agrees to be Trisha’s maid of honor which she’s being asked about, probably as we speak. And her parents and my parents and brothers and sisters. And that’s it.” Brock listed off.

    “That sounds like so much fun! I can’t wait to see Misty again, I’ve missed her so much! And to meet Katie. It sounds like it will be a great week. When is it going to be?”

    “It will be in 2 months, the middle of summer.”

    “Wait…Misty….we’ll all be together in one house ?” Ash suddenly joined the conversation.

    “Yeah, for a week! Won’t it be fun! We haven’t seen Misty in so long it will be great catching up, won’t it Ash?” May smiled clapping her hands together excitedly.

    Ash glanced one more time at the picture in his hand, “Yeah, I’m sure it will be great.” he sighed.

    May's phone went off again and both men stared at her. She avoided their gazes as she looked down at her phone. "Oh! I completely forgot, I have to go shopping...I need to get some stuff for the gym and now, I need to find the perfect wedding gift." she winked at Brock as she leaned over the back of the couch and kissed Ash. "Bye, hun, see you later tonight. Anything you want me to pick up for dinner?"

    "Uh...burgers?" he asked. She nodded as he grinned, "Thanks!"

    May walked out the door and Ash and Brock were silent for a few seconds, neither quite sure what to say.

    "You know what I noticed." Brock said as he continued looking through his wallet for the business card. "Ah! Found it!" he slapped it down on the counter.

    "What did you notice?" Ash exclaimed.

    "Oh! Sorry." he smiled, "You and May have been married for a couple years now...but you never say that you love each other. Trisha and I can't go 5 minutes without saying it."

    "We say that we love each other!" Ash protested.

    "I've almost never heard you, even when you're in seperate places, like when she visits home without you."

    Ash opened his mouth to say something then shut it. He was right, they never did say 'I love you' to each other. It wasn't that they didn't, it just didn't have to be said. "We don't need to say it...I know she loves me, and she knows that I love her. I don't say I love you to anyone really, not even my Mom." he shrugged. "Brock...Katie...she's mine isn't she?"

    Brock was silent for a long time, so long that Ash thought he wasn't going to answer him. "Yeah, she's definitely yours. Sometimes, I'll be spending time with her and I'll forget where I am. I think I'm around you when you were a kid. When she laughs, she sounds exactly like you."

    Ash looked down at the floor kicking himself all over again. He stood and set the picture of Misty and Katie down on the counter by Brock, "I think I'm going to go lie down..." he said going towards his bedroom.
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    YOU SUCK!!! JK!! Hi it's your lovable cousin!! you know that one guy. anyway Nice work. see you didn't need my help (which you almost always ignore) but I still love you! the only mistake i find in your new chapter is "Won't be fun" but the word "it" is easily missable so Kudos kid!!!
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    Good chapter, and the dialog problem was fixed in a way.

    I spotted a mistake though.

    So... Misty getting a kid was kind of expected in an unexpected way, and May being oblivious to it all... I doubt that. She's probably storing it all in her, crying inside. ;)

    Keep it up.
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    Yeah, if I suck, but I rock ONE THOUSAND points better than you, what does that make you...pretty crappy if you ask me...

    I know, the one night stand conceived love child is a little cliche but it helps the story to have a tiny antagonist(I think that's the right word) unknowingly throwing her parents together. ;D

    And as for May, she is a little oblivious if only because she has no reason to think any differently. She has no reason to question Ash. But trust me, there's no crying on the inside. I'm a definite pokeshipper, but I went into this telling myself that May wasn't going to be the victim in this one.
  11. Star Dust

    Star Dust live let live.

    You still didn't fix the mistake.

    Who all?
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    Chapter 5

    Ash struggled with the bags in the trunk as May gaped at the large mansion before them.

    “Can you believe it’s so huge?” She breathed clasping her hands together. It was indeed a very impressive house. Easily 5 floors with ivy climbing over the stone walls, it didn’t look like the laid back beach houses they were used to seeing.

    “Welcome!” Brock exclaimed coming out the front door in nothing but swim trunks and flip flops, “I was wondering when you guys would show up, you’re the last to get here!” he walked over to May and hugged her.

    “You mean Misty is already here?” May asked excitedly.

    “Yeah, she, Katie, and Trish are out back on the beach.” he pointed through the door. May jumped up and down and ran towards the back. Brock laughed, “I’ll help you, Ash, that way I can show you to your room.” He grabbed two of the smaller bags while Ash held the large suitcase and they made their way to the stairway.

    If the outside of the house was grand, the inside was practically a museum. There were paintings on almost every wall and statues all over the floor. They walked through the entryway and to the large staircase, which reminded Ash of the one in Beauty & The Beast. Once they were at the top, Brock led him to a hallway that was almost completely symmetrical to itself. 6 doors parallel to each other with vases in between each one.

    “This, “Brock opened the door on his left, “Is your room.” The room was surprisingly small, a king sized bed in the middle of the room with a flower patterned comforter on it, a large window overlooking the beach was on one side and a door was on the other.” The door leads to the bathroom, there’s a sink and a toilet and then another door that leads to the shared shower.”

    “Shared?” Ash asked as he set the suitcase down on the bed.

    “Yeah, Misty’s room is on the other side.” He paused and smiled devilishly, “I would appreciate it if you could keep it in your pants and not sleep with anyone other than your wife while we’re here.”

    “What?” Ash asked narrowing his eyes at Brock. He had told him about the night of the banquet almost right after it had happened, but they had never really talked about it, jokingly or otherwise.

    “Yeah,” he sighed, “It would really put a damper on my wedding if there was infidelity.”

    Ash opened his mouth to say something as May walked in, “Oh my God Brock! The beach is beautiful, I just came up to change.” She opened the suitcase on the bed and dug through until she found her bathing suit. “Is that the bathroom?” she asked pointing to the door.

    Both men nodded as she skipped off. “I’ll let you change too, see you guys on the beach.” Brock turned and began to walk towards he door, “Oh, Ash…remember what I said”

    “Shut up!” Ash moaned under his breath as Brock ran out the door.

    Misty sighed as she leaned back onto the towel. If only Trisha wasn’t her best friend, then she wouldn’t have had to come to this wedding fiasco in the making. After what had happened 5 years ago at Ash’s mastery banquet she vowed to never speak to him again. Things had been going really well too, until Trisha had announced her and Brock’s wedding plans that included a week stuck on an island with Ash and May. She picked herself up onto her elbows and watched Katie run around on the sand with some of Brock’s younger brothers and sisters, she smiled. When Misty had first found out that she was pregnant as a result of her one night stand with Ash she had seriously considered having an abortion. It would be too painful to carry Ash’s baby for 9 months and then raise it, by herself. In the end, obviously she had decided to go through with it, knowing that she would never forgive herself if she hadn’t. Now she couldn’t imagine her life without Katie. Of course Misty had been shocked when the nurse handed her daughter to her and she saw her full head of black hair. Then when she saw Katie’s first gummy smile, and first laugh…there was no doubting that she was Ash’s daughter through and through. Luckily only a select few people knew that, and those that didn’t never questioned her about it. But she was afraid that with her, Ash, and Katie in the same place for a week people would start to make a connection, but the person she was most worried about was May. She couldn’t imagine that Ash had told his wife about his infidelity, and she really didn’t want to be there when she found out either.

    “Misty!” May came running up behind her. They had once been friends, May saw Misty as an older sister-type role model, and Misty had loved having another girl in their circle. At the same time though, both felt threatened by the other, and the reasoning was simple, Ash. Upon meeting, both immediately saw that they each had their own relationship with the undeclared leader and neither liked the idea of one girl being closer to him than the other. Misty had blamed her sister’s vanity for her losing Ash. If Daisy hadn’t won that damn beauty contest that sent her around the world and Misty back home to take care of the gym, she could have staked her claim from the start. But she knew that was childish, it wasn’t Daisy’s fault, or even May’s that Ash ended up falling for her. It was Misty’s own fault for being to scared to tell him how she really felt. She stood and held her arms open to May.

    “I’ve missed you so much.” she exclaimed sincerely.

    “Me too!” May hugged her tighter, “I can’t believe that we just grew apart! You weren’t even at my wedding!” she noticed Misty’s face fall, “And now I hear that you have a daughter! Brock showed us a picture, I can’t wait to meet her!”

    “Well she’s right over there, Katie!” she called over toward the group of kids. A small dark haired girl in a pink tankini ran over and held one of Misty’s legs, “Honey, this is one of my friends May.” she pushed Katie a little closer.

    “Hi, Katie. I’ve heard so much about you.” May knelt down to the little girl’s level.

    “Hi!” Katie grabbed May’s hand and began to pull her towards the other kids, “Come on! They’re going to have a pokemon battle!”

    May looked helplessly back at Misty as she laughed and waved. That was one trait that Katie had gotten from both parents, she was never shy around new people. She sighed and lay back down on the towel putting her sunglasses over her eyes. She listened to the waves crashing against the shore. The ocean always had a calming affect on her, she breathed deeply matching the sound.

    “Why didn’t you tell me?”

    She didn’t sit up, she didn’t even open her eyes, she didn’t have to. She knew who was talking to her and she knew what they were talking about. “You had your own life that you were living, I didn’t want to ruin that for you.”

    “Ruin my life?” He inhaled deeply, “Misty, when I think about what I did to you-”

    “Don’t!” her tone was so harsh that he jumped, “Don’t even finish that sentence. What we did wasn’t your fault. We were both in that hotel room. And I don’t regret it, Katie means the world to me."

    They were silent for a few moments before Misty spoke up, "There is something I've been wondering though...what happened to you that night? I mean, as it was happening it didn't seem weird." She hesitated not sure if he wanted to answer, "But once I found out that you were engaged...why did you do it? That's not like you."

    He didn't say anything for a long time. He was trying to gather his thoughts, "I have no idea." he finally answered. "Trust me, it's something I've been trying to figure out for 5 years. It's like I wasn't there. I was watching someone who looked a lot like me, but wasn't...I can't really explain it. The second I saw you walk in the banquet, I couldn't control myself."

    "Should we probably not be sitting next to eachother? I don't want you to lose control again." She opened one eye and looked at him. He was frowning down at her. She wanted to tell him that she was kidding...but she wasn't, at least, not completely.

    “Does she…know about me?” he asked changing the subject.

    “No!” She immediately regretted how she said it when she saw his face fall, “That’s not true…she knows of your existence…I mean…she knows that she has a father, somewhere, but she doesn’t know anything about you. It was easier that way.”

    “How? How is it easier to go through this whole thing by yourself?”

    “I’m not by myself! I have Brock…he’s been really great with her. My sisters help out a lot too, they adore her, they’re trying to mold her into the girl they never got me to be.”

    “How’s it working?” he laughed.

    “Better than I’d hoped, actually. She told me before we went outside that she didn’t want to wear sunscreen because Aunt Daisy said that with her dark hair she should have a tan.” She giggled.

    He stared out towards Katie and May who were cheering on the sidelines as 2 of Brock’s siblings were battling against each other. “I still can’t believe that I have a daughter…and that I found out because of a picture in Brock’s wallet…”

    “I have a daughter.” She corrected. “You made your choice and I made mine, Ash.”

    “When did I have a choice?” he asked a little too loudly prompting everyone to look in their direction.

    She stared at him incredulously before standing and walking toward the ocean immersing herself in the water. Ash groaned and fell back, he was breathing heavily, but he didn’t have much time to think about what had just happened as a bunch of sand flew on top of him.

    “You haven’t even been here for half an hour and you’ve already pissed Misty off!” Brock exclaimed, “How do you do it?”

    Ash stood and brushed the sand off of himself, “She makes it so damn easy.” he grumbled walking towards the house.
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    I think that's a little rude. First he walks over her and then he hugs her? Other than that I think it was good. Kudos kid kudos
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    ~Dolphinking: Leave it to you to point out my very few flaws...but alas, you got me.

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    Chapter 6

    Ash groaned as he leaned back into the arm of the couch. He had the worst headache. They had only been on the island for 1 day and already the two girls had made him feel as if he was 15 again.

    “Coffee?” Brock asked handing him a cup. Ash sat up and took it from him, slowly sipping.

    He sighed, “They’re killing me.”

    “Why?” Brock asked sitting next to him.

    Ash opened his mouth then shut it, he wasn’t sure. All he knew was that Misty and May had been joined at the hip since they arrived and it bothered him. “They’re spending a lot of time together…”

    “Okay…they used to be friends…”

    “But…if they reconnect with each other now…then when we go home they’ll want to spend more time with each other and then Misty will be back in my life…”

    “Is that so bad? You and Misty used to be best friends…I’ve never known two people closer than you were.”

    “We were close…but now…” he didn’t know how to describe how he was feeling so he stared off at the stairs. It wasn’t long before Katie walked down them slowly, still in her pjs with a stuffed Totodile in her arms. “Things are different…” was all he said.

    “Brock, did you make French toast?” Katie asked rubbing her eye with her fist.

    “I didn’t but I certainly will.” he said standing and making his way into the kitchen.

    Ash set his cup on the table in front of him and sighed, lost in his own thoughts. Since that night 5 years ago he had been thinking about Misty a lot, everything seemed to remind him of her and it was strange. When they had separated on their way home from Johto he had been upset, understandably so, Misty had been around since the day he set off on his journey. He had been an only child away from home for the first time and Misty had easily filled in the maternal influence he had been missing. More than that, she challenged him to be better, she wouldn’t accept anything less than his best. Sure, they fought more than anyone on the planet but neither of them took anything to personally, they were both independent spirits with hot tempers. They flowed well together, and he had no idea how he would survive without her there pushing him along. When he left home again, this time by himself, he called her everyday, relaying everything that had happened to him. She did what she normally did, berate him for the things he had done wrong and congratulate the things that were right. Then he met May and joined up with her, it didn’t take him long to realize that while May didn’t have the temper that Misty did, she filled in her spot well. He stopped calling, knowing that Misty was probably tired of hearing from him anyway, their talks were few and far between. She stopped by a couple times when she was able to get away from the gym, but as her job became more demanding and he traveled farther away she wasn’t able to come anymore and he soon realized that he didn’t need Misty as much as he used to. Then she unexpectedly popped back up into his life at that banquet and the rest is history. He had no idea what came over him that night. Ash had always been one to leap first then think but he had never done a thing wrong in his life. In one instant of not thinking, he cheated on May and stuck Misty with a daughter. He wasn’t liking himself too much right now, and once Misty and May got closer she would be around more often, if he couldn’t control himself then, what would happen the next time they were alone together?

    “Hi.” He was brought out of his thoughts by Katie who was now standing in front of him.

    “Hi…”He said slowly wondering if he could make an excuse to get away, he had been hoping to completely avoid the little girl the whole time he was here so that no one would start putting two and two together. She stared at him expectantly, dear God she had her mother’s stare, it seemed to penetrate right through him like she could see what he was thinking. He had to get her to stop staring at him, he looked down at her hands, “That’s a cool Totodile.”

    “This is Joseph. Mommy got him for me. I wanted a Pikachu but she wouldn’t let me have one. She said I could only have water pokemon.” she struggled to get up onto the couch next to him so he put his hands on her sides and lifted her.

    “That sounds like your mom…did she tell you that we used to be friends?” he asked curious as to what she knew about him.

    Katie shook her head, “May told me, she said that you were friends with Mom before you were friends with her.”

    “That’s true, I met your mom when we were 10.”

    “We have a picture of you in our living room. You had a Pikachu.” she looked up at him with a smile.

    “I still do. He’s my best friend.”

    “Did you bring him?”

    “No, he’s hanging out with my mom this week.”

    “Oh…”she looked down sadly.

    “Hey, how would you like to hear the story of when I got Pikachu?” He lifted her chin up and smiled at her. She nodded emphatically as he turned to look at her. “Well, my journey didn’t start out very well, I had broken my alarm clock in the middle of the night so I overslept the morning I was supposed to get my first pokemon. So I ran to Prof. Oak’s lab hoping and praying that there would still be a pokemon left for me!” he jumped up from the couch imitating himself running. “But when I got there Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur were all taken!”

    “What did you do?” Katie exclaimed jumping up and down on the couch.

    Misty walked down the stairs to see her daughter excitedly jumping while Ash was telling some story about covering a Pidgey with his pajama shirt.

    “Misty! Come over here, we need you for this part!” He said breaking his story and pulling her towards them.

    “Oh I don’t know, I’d rather just watch.” She shook her head.

    “Come on, Mom! We need you!” Katie yelled.

    “Alright okay, let me know where I come in.” she sighed leaning against the wall.

    “This time, I was going to get that Pidgey, without Pikachu’s help, I had to prove to him that I wasn’t stupid!” Ash jumped back into his story, “I found a rock and tossed it, thinking that I could at least knock it out a little and it would be easier to catch. I soon found out that it wasn’t a Pidgey at all! It was a Spearow, which are a lot meaner! They got really angry and started to attack Pikachu! So we started to run, we just had to outrun the Spearow. We ran and ran and ran until we got to a waterfall, and I couldn’t think of anything to do but jump and hope for the best.” He looked over at Misty and grinned as she realized what her part in this was.

    “I had run away from home for the umpteenth time and was fishing on the side of the pond when I felt a hard tug on the line.” she said jumping up onto the couch with Katie, “ I pulled with all my strength, I still don’t even know how I did it, but I pulled Ash and Pikachu out of the water and onto the land. I was mad to see that he had treated his pokemon so poorly. But I told him the way to the nearest Pokemon Center-”

    “Which I got to-”

    “By stealing my bike!”

    Brock walked into the living room to tell Katie that her french toast was done but hesitated in the doorway and watched Ash and Misty telling the story of the day they met. He marveled at the fact that even after so long they could still flow so seamlessly with each other. And little Katie was completely entranced by their story.

    “There was a huge explosion!” Ash exclaimed.

    “And the Pokemon Center was blown to bits!” Misty threw her arms in the air to emphasize her point and lost her balance on the couch falling into Ash’s arms. The two stared at each other for a few seconds. He wanted to kiss her so badly, and she was right there a mere 5 inches away from his face. He leaned forward slowly.

    “Breakfast is ready!” Brock announced causing Ash and Misty to break apart quickly. He grinned at them, “I made french toast.”


    That afternoon Ash and Brock took his siblings and Katie to the water park on the main island, leaving Misty, May, and Trisha alone on the beach. Misty and Trisha were laying back hoping to get tan while May sat with them preoccupied with her cell phone. Once the constant beeping and giggling got on her nerves Misty sat up.

    "May, who on earth are you texting?" She asked.

    May's face turned bright pink, "A-Ash...duh! Who else would it be?"

    "Please, Ash is technologically retarded. It took him a week to figure out how to check his voicemail when he got his first phone." Misty rolled her eyes.

    Trisha suddenly became interested in their conversation. "She's right May. You've been on your phone like this for the last couple months. Even when Ash is sitting right next to you. You know you can tell us anything right? What's going on?"

    May ignored them turning her attention to her phone which had just received a new message. She felt herself smile as she read it, she couldn't help herself anymore. She looked up at Misty, "So I hear that you've been seeing someone for the last couple years."

    "Don't change the subject!" Trish exclaimed.

    "I'm not, not really. So you're seeing someone? Is it serious, Misty?" She could feel May's eyes boring into hers, "5 years is a really long time."

    "Yeah I guess it's kind of serious...I don't know!" Misty cried, "We have a deal. He's there for Katie and she loves him, but...we're not exclusive or anything. I hate that word! It makes me feel like I'm 16! We have an open relationship."

    "Do you love him?"

    "Yeah. How can I not?"

    May's face fell and she looked sadly down at her phone, "Do you see yourself marrying him?"

    Misty hesitated, "Yeah...I guess...if he asked me. I wouldn't be able to find a reason not to. Why all the questions? What does this have to do with your phone?"

    May didn't answer, instead she typed something onto her phone. Once she was done she tossed it next to her towel and stood up, "I'm going for a swim."

    Once she was gone Trisha and Misty exchanged a glance then dove for her phone. Trisha triumphed glancing through the messages her eyes widening as she messed with the buttons.

    "Let me see! What's going on?" Misty asked reaching for the phone.

    "Oops! I think I accidently deleted all the incoming messages. Here, this is the one she just sent." she handed the phone to Misty who looked that the text on the screen.

    I'm working on it.

    "Well, what's that supposed to mean?" she asked aloud, "Trisha, you saw the messages before you deleted them, right? What did they say?"

    Trisha flushed, "I-I can't remember. I think I should probably go upstairs and shower, before the boys get home." she picked up her stuff and rushed inside.

    Misty sat back looking out at the water trying to figure out what everyone was being so secretive about, and what it had to do with her.
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    Were they laying down? HAHA EN GARDE!! Stupid Ash, Brock should really puch him.
  17. ashlyrose

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    oh you are a total dorkface!!!

    Ash was looking at the stairs and then Katie walked down THE STAIRS!!! I figured that people would get that and I wouldn't have to keep using the words THE STAIRS!!!


    love ya anyway!
  18. LordVurtax

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    Ash is a caring and a respectable person and will do his best not to harm anyone He's abruptly OOC.
  19. ashlyrose

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    I agree he does try not to hurt anyone. But people get hurt, whether or not you mean for them to. It's not as if I have him sitting around thinking that everything is hunky dory. He knows he made a mistake and he deeply regrets it. No one is perfect. Maybe it was easier for him to seem that way when he was 10 and the people he was protecting were random strangers that were around for one episode and never heard from again. But my story is set 15 years after that and I'm trying the best I can to make an adult Ash with a different set of problems.
  20. Star Dust

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    You showed in that chapter, that while Ash may have matured, he's still the lovable oaf we know him to be. He's a little OoC, but its not too bad.

    Run on sentence. ;)

    The chapter was kind of short, but it still satisfied my thirst for some Pokeshipping. You really showed Ash and Misty's "connection", but its kind of true that you hadn't shown us any development of Ash and May, and that they truly loved each other.

    Good job. 8/10 for that chapter.
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