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Two Hits And A Miss! (168)


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Two Hits And A Miss!

After battling a tough trainer, Ash learns of a Pokémon Fighting Dojo. He goes there and finds a girl Shigusa who is having trouble with her Hitmontop which she must train for a battle to keep the Dojo. Ash always willing to help decides to help. Will they succeed in protecting the Dojo?

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This is one of my favorite episodes. Shigusa's cool, she has a hair cut that looks like Hitmontop. Huh...


Contaminated KFC
Oh GOD, I can't beleive I forgot about this episode. The female trainer is named Chigusa, not Shigusa btw ^^;
In any case, Chigusa is by far my favourite filler character, despite the fact Liza Ortiz portrayed her with that god awful random-filler-girl voice.
Chigusa was just awesome. She had a great attitude towards training using those caporeia-like dancing techniques and I really liked how determined she was in pulling it off successfully...That and the fact she has one of the best character designs on the show :p

I did for quite sorry for her when her Grandfather was praising Ash and his Bulbasaur, she must have been crushed to find out her own grandfather favoured a random stranger with a grass type over her and Hitmontop.
But it all worked out in the end, and we got an awesome battle out of all the training she put in during the night.


So hot he's on fire.
KYUUU. No one even said Shiro's name so far. ; ;

Shiro was the best part of this ep for me. He was such a jerk. I love it. But then again....*points to her sig* Some jerks are just too irresistable.

Chigusa's a cool filler, she wasn't as annoying as most of them can get. Her hair is cool, too. XD!

Does anyone else think Shiro looks like a teal-haired Morty? O_____o; I mean, they have the same kinda eyes, the headband thing, the living in Ecruteak.....maybe they're related. :eek:


Custom User Title
Phantom_Bugsy said:
Does anyone else think Shiro looks like a teal-haired Morty? O_____o; I mean, they have the same kinda eyes, the headband thing, the living in Ecruteak.....maybe they're related.
Not to mention, in the dub he sounds exactly like Morty as well.XD

You know, as I was watching this the other day, I noticed something rather odd. Takeshi never went all girl-crazy over Chigusa. >>; I personally thought she was one of the cutest and most memorable filler girls in the season, but he hardly notices her at all.


all i have to say is this is a really good episode i love Shigusa's hair it totally rocked.


The Grandpa in this episode said her moves were too fancy, and dancelike for her to use in a pokemon dojo battle, but all those choreographed moves that she did with her Hitmontop CAN be used nowadays in Pokemon AG in those Pokemon Contests.


Contaminated KFC
Buttercup said:
The Grandpa in this episode said her moves were too fancy, and dancelike for her to use in a pokemon dojo battle, but all those choreographed moves that she did with her Hitmontop CAN be used nowadays in Pokemon AG in those Pokemon Contests.
Y'know now that you mention it, I never actually thought about it that way. Chigusa would have made one awesome pokémon coordinator. Not only because of her battle style, but also her overall appearence. I know she's a fighter and has knee-pads and such, but she just looks like a coordinator. And a Hitmontop vs. Combusken battle would have been a real treat.
Shame she had to stay behind at that freakin' dojo in the middle of filler-land with her somewhat generic grandfather figure. The gods of missed opportunities once again deal a cruel hand ~.~

Blaziken master

The episode was pretty good for a johto filler.I like the music they chose for this one as it made the episode more exciting


Team Awesome
I confuse this episode and "Ariados Amigos" a lot because they have some similar themes to them. Of the two, though, I prefer AA. Although I like that the girl in the episode managed to prove herself as both a fighter and a potential sheehan, this episode isn't all that great. I do think that the one trainer was a good fighter, and I like Ash's misunderstanding of what a sheehan is, but otherwise the episode isn't a favorite of mine.


Soul Trainer
Geodude said:
"Shihan...I think I had that once in a Chinese restaurant." --Ash


I can't think of a more funny line from a filler episode. I don't know what Satoshi said in the original though. :( It might have been dub only.

I can understand that Brock didn't go all over Chigusa like most of the other filler characters (if not ALL aside from Casey and Moe and probably a few others) was that Chigusa was the same "girl classification" as Misty (or May). Meaning although like most of the feature filler girls whom were all taller than Brock, Chigusa supposedly is regarded as much much younger (even though every girl Brock went after were all "young"), or much different than the other girls. It might also do with the dojo respect, but that's unlikely because it's unrelated. Maybe it's the attitude or personality differences because Chigusa had a more competitive spirit instead of a passive sweet one that Misty (or May later) had under various circumstances. But then that's not true either because there were other filler girls that had that I believe. So the only reason I can come up with is the similar classification to Misty.

I wonder what was said in the original. I vaguely remember that he mistook Shihan as a Chicken, but I'm not knowledgeable on the portion where the mistake could be produced. I wonder if it's a Japanese joke of like name differences (such as Cow/Ushi with Bug/Mushi or Mushroom/Embuyaku with Ember/Embuyaku ... I forgot which word was which since I don't remember the second word.). The closest food I can think of that sounds like "Shihan" is "Xifan" but that's not chicken at all.

If I'm not mistaken Chigusa is one of the few characters that have the same dub name as the original. I don't recall Chigusa ever being an english name at all. The Hitmontop is so nice to her. xD Probably due to the rapid spin praise, she probably was very kind to it anyways.

I'm also guessing that Ash didn't want to battle "for the dojo" because normally he would probably accept challenges in general. Or maybe it was also because Chigusa sounded angry enough to beat him down since she's defending the right to her dojo that she lives and trains at seemingly all her life.

Definitely my favourite filler girl character. You see the flaws and weaknesses transition into strengths, so improvement is done. Hairstyle was awesome, dresstyle was awesome (though I suppose those are also derived from the characteristic of her personality, which is to put on a show thus she seems more dressed for fashion or as a coordinator. At least she retains the uniform or karate gi thingy idea instead of dressing completely differently which probably would display further differences but at least she retains the general mindset).

Wasn't fond of the voice as much (since I heard the same voice from another filler character named Marina, and probably a few others. It seems strange to have my favourite filler characters from two different series have the same voice. Oh wait, that includes Cassandra too.) Thus, I always am curious what the original voice was because Chigusa was the only dojo character in Jouto I believe (yes there was Aya but she's a ninja. I don't know what Chigusa's classification was aside from the future dojo master. You see Aya use ninja abilities, but Chigusa doesn't use any particular character abilities aside from her fancy performance dance style. Aya's thrown ninja stars and set traps on Ash before but Chigusa provides verbal fear lol. Must be the young "face your opponent head on" trend).

I never heard of a dojo destroyer either, so that idea sounded nice. Shiro was a nice opponent (oh wait, his name was the same too it seems). And man, that episode contained like every way to beat a Hitmontop too lol. It missed 3 times with Triple Kick twice, then later missed twice with one hit, and that makes me wonder why Hitmonlee didn't High (Hi) Jump Kick to counter the aerial attack. Go go two signature moves clash! xD

So Ash mentions about chinese food on a very Japanese episode. Another irony is that we never saw him eat chinese food probably.

I later noticed Chigusa sort of looks like Lily, the youngest of Misty's older sisters. o_O Maybe it's just the hair colour since the hairstyle and dresstyle are completely different. I like Chigusa's style most definitely. You don't see that hairstyle or dresstyle from any other character in the anime ... with red hair.

When I first watched this episode, I couldn't even make out Chigusa's name (I thought it was Tsegusa or like what I never heard of the name because it's not english).

I always wondered what the names of the characters mean exactly. (I got conductor and margin for Shigusa and Shiro, but that wasn't quite reliable). I'm sure the names have meaning, but I wasn't sure exactly what. I'm quite sure it defines the characters for the most part. So I was rather glad that they didn't have a generic english name, otherwise you couldn't apply the meanings.

Training at night doesn't occur too often either. However, I wonder how Chigusa and her Hitmontop had those scars and bandages later because Ash and his Bulbasaur didn't seem to have that. I guess it's the image of hard training since it was all night.

I liked how this episode showcased Hitmontop, but it wasn't perfect at all nor overpowered (though the increase in effectiveness overnight might have been exaggerated but it does show definite improvement). Team Rocket also indirectly helped the general cause by forcing a rematch the next day instead of immediately after. It was a showcase, but it seemed more like Bulbasaur awesomeness. It had somewhat better pokemon balance.

Oh, I also liked how Hitmontop and Hitmonlee clashed on their rematch and had their fists out in a general fighting stance.

I wish I could watch an original version of this, unless the context was about the same.

While it's nice that she supposedly is accepted as the future dojo master, it also forces her to stay there and not have the mobility of a trainer, meaning she probably would never have another appearance ever again like many other characters.

... somehow I forgot that Hitmontop is extremely like Chigusa. I also forgot it was equally frustrated about the context of replacement and was battle ready with its fighting stance. The analogy for Chigusa's grandfather and his Machoke was also identical.

I personally 10/10 this but it's more like character favouritism, because this is my favourite Jouto filler character. I definitely liked this episode. Very interesting filler girl, a good worthy opponent, value context, small humour, and minor Rocket disruption (despite it being more frequent, it was more of an assist than an interruption ... or an interruptive assist).


Custom User Title
S_P said:
Thus, I always am curious what the original voice was because Chigusa was the only dojo character in Jouto I believe (yes there was Aya but she's a ninja.
Can't forget about Shijima and Shingo.

Anyway, I think it goes without saying that Chigusa's original voice was indeed much more pleasing to the ol' cochlea. And Kapoeraa sounded downright hilarious. XD


Soul Trainer
Geodude said:
Not even close. The word mixup was kinoko (mushroom) instead of hinoko (Ember). You must've translated the word ember rather than the attack Ember.

I realized that later. Thanks for correcting me. xD I mixed it up with the original word, then I forgot what mushroom was so I ended up typing up the same thing twice (which isn't a word mixup if it's the same word anyways) so I had to be wrong.

I'm so sad like how there's no way I'll be able to hear a Japanese Chigusa voice (the dub voice is fine but very generic and can be heard by a multitude of different characters.) Shrug, Japanese voices have a different tone setting, so it sounds cool.

Well, episodes with dojos aren't uncommon.

Umi Mizuno

☠ one girl army
Really good, I mean as far as fillers go, Chigusa has the best character design in the entire series. One of the best filler episodes in the entire Johto series, Shiro actually makes a good rival, shame we won't see him or Chigusa again. :<


Bodybuilder Trainer
I love these Fighting Dojo episodes, so buff and tough!

That was a great battle, but my fav is Machoke, lol but THAT one was kinda old....