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Two questions


Want to know: If traded Pokemon are weaker or has nothing to do with it?; and at what lvl is recommended to give Pokemon carbos, iron and others?


Well-Known Member
1. traded pokemon are of the same strength but they get more xp.
2. you can better start immediatley when you get the pokemon

Master Mewtwo

Legendary Pokémon Coordinator
1st question. Pokemon do not get weaker when you trade them. The just grow by 1.5 experience points. Thast's the only difference. They keep everything, Evs, Ivs etc...

2nd question. I am not an expert at Ev training, but I do not think it matters what level you give them Vitamins. As long as you do it correctly then you can max them out at a very low level. I think I got that right.

Master Mewtwo
You start giving vitamins at any level, but you cna only give up to 100 EV points with them. The last 152, you'll have to do yourself.