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Type a Pokemon's Name.....

Discussion in 'Games' started by giratina519, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. giratina519

    giratina519 ra ra ra IERUKANA?!

    Challenge others to type the name of a pokemon with a challenge! Do the challenge given by the above poster, then submit one of your own for the np to try!
    Follow all SPPF rules
    Nothing outrageous, impossible, or inappropriate.
    You MUST state what pokemon's name you want the np to type.

    I'll start

    Type Noctowl with your eyes closed
  2. Bananarama

    Bananarama Another trophy


    Type Jynx backwards with your eyes closed.
  3. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    xnyj. Not that hard.

    Type Giritina, or however you actually spell it, with your eyes closed using only your left hand.
  4. Bananarama

    Bananarama Another trophy


    Type eevee backwards(mine are hard!)
  5. SoulMuse

    SoulMuse Shadow of nothing

    Eevee. No difference.

    Hm....type Charizard with your eyes closed, however you have to use a pencil to push the keys on the keyboard.
  6. Bananarama

    Bananarama Another trophy


    Type Golem while watching Mtv, not looking at the computer.
  7. Squiddly Dee

    Squiddly Dee ∈ (⊙ ⊖ ⊙) ∋

    I'm not going to watch TV, but I still won't look at the computer.


    Type 'Quagsire' using your tongue, and keep your eyes closed.
  8. Bananarama

    Bananarama Another trophy

    wuagsore (now my keyboards all disgusting)

    Type Snorlax backwards, with mtv on, and with eyes closed.
  9. Squiddly Dee

    Squiddly Dee ∈ (⊙ ⊖ ⊙) ∋


    Woah, I actually did it!

    Type 'Breloom' backwards with your toes and your eyes closed.
  10. Steampunk

    Steampunk One Truth Prevails


    Wow that sucked.

    Type "arceus" with your eyes closed and using only your thumbs.
  11. Squiddly Dee

    Squiddly Dee ∈ (⊙ ⊖ ⊙) ∋


    Nailed that one, too.

    Type 'Pignite' with your nose and your eyes closed.
  12. Steampunk

    Steampunk One Truth Prevails

    -guv te

    Now my tablet is all.smudgey :(

    Type heatran with only your left pinkie and with your eyes closed.
  13. Squiddly Dee

    Squiddly Dee ∈ (⊙ ⊖ ⊙) ∋



    Type 'Cresselia' with your ring fingers and eyes closed.
  14. Steampunk

    Steampunk One Truth Prevails


    Nuts, so close.

    Type ho-oh with your eyes closed and using a pencil(or pen)
  15. dinosaurus

    dinosaurus Cool Story, Broselia

    Oh dear. Here goes nothing:


    I almost did it.. I just forgot how to spell it lol.
    edit: ack ninja'd
    (I dont 'have a pen or pencil near me so I'm using a small makeup brush that resembles a pen)

    lol.. I missed the hyphen, apparently.

    Type 'Charmander' with your NOSE and don't look at the screen until you've finished what you think is typing the entire word.
  16. Dragalge

    Dragalge This is more than 20 characters long


    Type Eelektross normally.
  17. Bananarama

    Bananarama Another trophy

    Eelektross normally.

    Type togekiss while watching mtv, and with only your thumb.
  18. dinosaurus

    dinosaurus Cool Story, Broselia


    Wow that was terrible.

    edit: dammit I keep getting ninja'd
    I don't have my remote handy so I'll just do it with the T.V. off like it already is.
    (i was looking at my TV if that makes it any better)

    Type 'Lugia' backwards. With your non-dominant hand. With your eyes closed.
  19. Dragalge

    Dragalge This is more than 20 characters long


    Type "Ariados" while standing with one leg.
  20. Finch.

    Finch. Sunlight, sunlight~


    Ohhhh, not bad. ^^

    Type Leipard with your knuckles....with your eyes closed. >:p

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