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Type Face - Off

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Formerly SinnohChamp
Aprooved my MondoTR

This is what hapens in the Type Face - Off: In every round, 2 pokemon of the same type face - off against each other. After 10 rounds, the 10 pokemon that have won also face - off against each other. That will leave 5 pokemon.

Then, there will be a special round where you vote off one of the 5 pokemon, which leaves 4. Then the 4 face - off which makes 2. Then the 2 face - off, and the 1 pokemon goes to the Hall of Fame. Then the whole thing starts again.



2.You can only vote once every round.

3. Normal Face - Off rules

4. Do not do the tallies if you are not a tally person

Tournament 1 Winners
Round 1 - Gyarados
Round 2 - Crobat
Round 3 - Salamence
Round 4 - Cacturne
Round 5 - Spheal
Round 6 - Shuppet
Round 7 - Jolteon
Round 8 - Ralts
Round 9 - Castform
Round 10 - Seviper

Tournament 2 Winners
Round 1 - Metagross
Round 2 - Hitmontop
Round 3 - Volbeat
Round 4 - Suicune
Round 5 - Mawile
Round 6 - Kabutops
Round 7 - Sneasal
Round 8 - Crawdaunt
Round 9 - Jigglypuff
Round 10 - Dugtrio

Tournament 3 Winners
Round 1 - Bellossom
Round 2 - Shedinja
Round 3 - Regice
Round 4 - ???
Round 5 - ???
Round 6 - ???
Round 7 - ???
Round 8 - ???
Round 9 - ???
Round 10 - ???

Hall Of Fame

I'll post the 1st round when I get home from school.
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Formerly SinnohChamp
Round 1: Water!

Milotic VS Gyaraods. Both are strong pokemon and both evolve from ugly fish. Which one do you prefer? I prefer Milotic because Milotic is beautiful and strong. It's tough to get, but it's worth it.

Let the voting start... now!

PS. I need a tally person. PM me if you want to be it.
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~Shadow Espeon~

I did it!!
Milotic for me. Gyrados is a little wierd looking in my opinion.

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Formerly SinnohChamp
For everybody, do not PM me asking to be tally person! I already have one: Barney Slayer!

Well, while I'm here, I'll post the current tally.

Current Tally
Milotic: 2
Gyarados: 2


The one and only.
My vote shall go to.....Gyrados.

WaterDragon trainer

Freak Like Me

~Shadow Espeon~

I did it!!
btw Lucario Lover how many points till a pokemon wins?


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Formerly SinnohChamp
Barney Slayer said:
btw Lucario Lover how many points till a pokemon wins?

After 12 people have voted, whoever has the most points wins.

crobatconey/leafeon lunatic

how come i never saw this on the face-off list?
Note: I will delete this post as soon as i see it

Blaze Dragon

T3h Blazing Ranger!
crobatconey said:
how come i never saw this on the face-off list?
Note: I will delete this post as soon as i see it
I, too, haven´t seen it before today. Anyways, Gyarados has my vote. He´s strong, evil and dragon-like

~Shadow Espeon~

I did it!!
One more vote till someone wins.
I think we should wither lower or raise the number of people that can vote to 11 or 13 because there will be a lot of ties, Lucario Lover.


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Formerly SinnohChamp
Final Tally: 6 - 5 Gyarados!

Barney Slayer has a point, so there will be 11 votes instead of 12.

Round 2: Flying!


Flygon VS Tropius. Both strong pokemon and both dual types. Who do you prefer? I like Tropius better. A mixture of grass and flying was the best idea ever.
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