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Types combinations you want to see...

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Not sure if this thread has been done before, If it has, I can't find it. Also, I don't feel this a 5th gen speculation thread, so............YEAH.

Want type combination do YOU want to see in the future, That has not been done yet. Now, If you ask me, I want to see every possible type combination there is, so Instead I suggest ( *COUGH* Am telling you to *COUGH* ) list the top five type combinations you want to see the most.

SO.......Here's my top five type combinations!

5. Electric/dark
Arguably, Shinx/Luxio/Luxray could have been this, and I really want to see what a electric/dark Pokemon would look like......I imagine very cool.

4. Fire/dragon
For obvious reasons, this just HAS to happen!

3. Dragon/fight
*drools* This would look REALLY cool. I would defiantly use one of these on my team!

2. Fire/psychic
This really has to happen, it would be so cool. Having trouble imagining what it would look like though.

1. Ice/dragon
Ice is my favorite type. Dragons look really cool. This would look really cool and would be very useful to, what with the reduced damage taken from ice attacks.

Well, that's me! What type combinations do YOU want to see?

Dante Falls

Fire/Grass, just for the contast. Forest Fire, or Jack-o-Lantern

Fire/Water, for the contrast again. Oil Spill or Underwater vent.


I would say... Psysic/Fire. Nah!! It would be too good to be true!


Farfetch'd evolutions that are:

The second and last already exist but hey, I'd like to see an archer duck and an assassin duck.
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