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Types that you Must/Musn't Have

Ninja Eevee

Haunters Gonna Haunt
are there any types or team building tactics you use for in-game storyline.

i always used to have a:

but now i have a:

* if not fire then a fighting and ground type
** if not grass then an electric type
*** i NEVER have bug types unless its a heracross, i NEVER have ghost types and i NEVER EVER EVER have legendaries
Like many people I try and get the core types. Water, Grass and Fire although Hoenn was kind of difficult to achieve this, and if i wanted those types in diamond/pearl i would have to use chimchar because the only other fire type was ponyta which is just terrible.


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I always have to have a flying type (for fly) and a water type (for surf), then usually a fire and/or electric. And a ground, for STAB earthquake.

As for types I never use, there isn't really anything. I pretty much try to balance out types, though I almost never use bug or dark types. Not because I don't like using the type, the pokes available just don't appeal to me as much.


Justified Trope
I use

Fire/Fighting (or Ghost)
Dragon/(type I'm not using yet)
Psychic/Flying (or another type im not using)
(And a dual type that I'm not yet using)

This is an effort to cover all of my weaknesses.

Ninja Eevee

Haunters Gonna Haunt
same , i forgot to mention dragon, i too try to cover all weaknesses, or at least all the gym leaders and elite four


Pokemon Trader
I usually just get random Pokemon that are at least spread out a little. Maybe a water type or a fire type or something like that. But sometimes I do find my team leaning more towards one type. Like in Heartgold when aout 70% of my team was either fire or flying type. ^^;


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I usually just catch what ever type as long as it works with my team( I don't want to have 5 members weak to one type). The only thing I have to have is something that can learn surf, so a water type. And usually someone that can learn fly, although I sometimes go without this one


Nocturnal Trainer
1/2 water types are a must
2/3 of grass/fire/electric/ground
a flyer
1/2 poison/steel/bug
rarely use dark/ghost/psychic/fighting/ice
never use dragons or legendaries
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Gallade owns
If I have Water starter, I really see no point finding an Ice type. And I usually never bother with Bug - unless it's Heracross.