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Types that you Must/Musn't Have


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water, fire and dragon types....


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The last two really depend on what Pokemon I like. Normally dragon or normal types.


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Dark and flying are musts for me, Normal is ok too. Poison is NOT an option...No offence, Commander L. Halsti
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I always have to have a Poison and a Flying, and usually an HM Slave, but other than that it's random for me.


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On my team I always need a:
Misc. type***

*If I don't have a Grass-type, I usually replace it with a Bug-type. In my SS team I had a Butterfree instead of a Grass-type.
**Sometimes I use a misc. type instead of a Normal-type.
***The misc. type can be anything else. I generally use an Electric-type, Ghost-type, Ground-type, Psychic-type, or Dark-type for this category.

However, I am doing a Poison-type monolocke in my FireRed version for the sole purpose of how unloved and honestly not so great in general they are. To my knowledge there are no Poison/Fire-types or Poison/Normal-types. The "Misc." type is obviously what is going to be used mainly here.
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During my first playthrough, I ALWAYS do a Flying Monotype Challenge - sort of. I pick the starter I like the best and use as many Flying-type Pokemon as possible, but most of the time I also catch and use a few wild cards, mostly Pokemon I like.
Hm, I always have at least one water type and one psychic type.

I almost never use poison types...

Otherwise it is just random.


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For ingame, ill always have water and flying. The rest depend on the game tbh though i like having fire, grass, ice, and dark/ghost.

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For me, it doesn't depend on types. Every time I play through a game, I always force myself to build a team that is able to use all of the required HM's. So, that often means my teams will always have at least one Water and one Flying type, but not always. The only exception was in Black and White when HM's weren't required. I did, however, have one Flyer: Golurk. I used him to boogie from one city to another, when needed. XD


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I generally go with putting dragon types on my team. My Lev. 50 Garchomp took down Cynthia's team in D/P/Pt entirely, with a few revives and some help from my Lucario. Haxorus and Hydreigon pretty much killed everyone in B/W for me.

As for my general team formation;
Psychic - Dark - Dragon - Ice/water - Electric - Starter

^I find this works the best.


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I think my current Dark type mono in Black version is the first time I've never had a Water type on my team. Even in the other monos I've done before - Grass, Ground, Psychic, Flying, etc. - I've always had a Pokemon who was part Water type. So I suppose you could say that Water is a type I "must" have, though not by specific intention.

Ah, I usually try to have a Grass type, since they're my favorite, but by no means has that always been done.


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Like many people I try and get the core types. Water, Grass and Fire although Hoenn was kind of difficult to achieve this, and if i wanted those types in diamond/pearl i would have to use chimchar because the only other fire type was ponyta which is just terrible.

Ponyta/Rapidash was nice :( Rapidash > Infernape

But yeah, I generally go for the core types. I always have a Grass-type, a Water-type, and a Flying-type. I usually try to have a Fire-type, but if I don't end up getting one I generally just give another Pokemon a Fire-type move/cover weaknesses in another way. I generally end up with a Ground-type and a Fighting-type, although it's not a requisite for my team. Other than that, pretty much every type (except for Electric, which I find that I rarely, if ever, use) is free game.