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Tyrants Of The Weather

Discussion in 'Pokémon Guilds' started by acetrainerdov, Aug 1, 2011.


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  1. acetrainerdov

    acetrainerdov ToTW Br0's

    Tyrants of the Weather

    The tyrants were founded by acetrainerdov on 27th June 2011 but we had to be closed.
    Now the Tyrants have returned and are bigger and better than ever.


    News Updates

    - 1st August 2011 Clan Re-Opens
    - 21st August 2011 First war win VS The Fire Warriors.
    - 22nd August War win Vs Burning Earth.
    - 25th August War win Vs Eternal Diversity.
    - Sandstorm Division Opens.
    - Hail Division Opens.
    - Dragonuser wins 1st tournament!


    The rules:

    - Follow SPPF Rules.
    - Do not Advertise.
    - Activeness is absolutely necessary to strengthen 'The Tyrants'.
    - No spamming or double posting.
    - Be polite to other members if you have a problem VM your division leader.
    - You can only join one clan so if you are already in one leave before you register
    - Lastly HAVE FUN ^__^


    This is important so please read this!
    To register just post the application form,

    Favourite Pokemon:
    How active are you:
    Xat name:
    PO name:
    Friend code:


    *banner and intro coming soon*

    Only for the sexiest in the division...

    Acetrainerdov (me!)

    Only for Co-leaders....


    Only for testers...

    Me (temporarily)

    This rank is for people who have proven they are a formidable member of the clan...


    You are feared by everyone because of your elegant but deadly sweeps...


    People are starting to recognise your potential...


    Your gradually gaining respect..

    Infernape Rulez - 20 WT
    SnipezYo12 - 5 WT

    You have a long journey ahead of you...

    Glameoww - 15 WT
    x_vandslaux_x - 25 WT
    CLINTv2 - 65 WT

    All the great have to start somewhere....

    Pika Poke 126 - 5 WT
    JoshiBenj - 15 WT
    Garchomp osfp - 5 WT
    Krutchis - 5 WT
    Shinykrookodile - 5 WT



    Point System[/SIZE]
    We use a system called 'WT' or Weather Tokens
    -5 WT for joining
    -2 WT for losing to a clan member
    -5 WT for beating a clan member
    -10 WT for beating a clan leader
    -10 WT for inviting someone to join
    -10 WT for winning a war battle
    -10-50 WT for making clan art
    -50 WT for winning a clan tournament
    -10 WT for beating an OSL gym leader
    -20 WT for beating a OSL elite 4
    -50 WT for becoming champion of OSL

    To rank up
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2011
  2. ~Ace

    ~Ace i can show you how


    Rain, Beautifull Rain.
    Natures Resource to live.
    That's the reason of Terrifying Torrents.
    We appreciate the Rain around us and take it for Advantage.
    Welcome my friend, to The Terrifying Torrents.

    -Click On The Userbars For The Link To Use Them-

    Ranks | Members

    A Legend is born.

    Mjcheetah - 40
    10151993 - 40
    Sir.Giima - 40
    5221A - 40
    Shamwohoo - 40
    Xx_BS-TyKi_xX - 40
    Azap - 20

    You are understood.

    PKMNRookie - 45
    Masamune27 -45
    Benlo7 - 0
    Majexs137 - 0
    Traveler - 0
    GrassTypes. - 0

    You're getting good.


    You're using Rain to your ability.


    You are well respected and are an important Member here.

    Jets - 60

    You're a mighty Battler and well prepared for all of life's situations, You are a Master and Rain falls at your presence.



    Division Princess
    - Elice_Carol

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Leader & Co-Leader

    | Mudkips |

    - - - - - -

    | Elliot (Me) |

    | You Rank up by Activity/Length of time being here and Points |

    | Your Points start Fresh every time you Rank up |

    0 For > Magikarp
    50 For > Poliwag
    50 For > Marshtomp
    60 For > Dewott
    70 For > Kingler
    100 For > Politoed

    | What you get Points for |

    Making a piece of Art for another Member or the Clan (including Clan Artists and non-Clan Artists) -10
    Defeating an Official Serebii League Gym Leader - 20
    Defeating an Official Serebii League Elite Four - 30
    Winning the Official Serebii League (becoming Champion) - 50
    Winning any other League (becoming Champion) - 35
    Partaking in a Clan War - 10
    Winning a Clan War Battle - 5
    Losing a Clan War Battle - 5
    Donate a Pokemon to the Main Clan Shop - 5
    Beat another Clan Member - 5
    Lose to another Clan Member - 2

    | Please PM Me your earned Points (and be honest) every Monday/Tuesday and i will collect and add them up |
    | Feel free to PM/VM me for any help or need to know something |

    Division Mod -
    http://i56.*******.com/23uevsn.gif - 10 Points a week.

    Banner - Virawl
    Intro - AceTrainerElliot (Me)
    Userbars - Mew_ & -Sarah
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2011
  3. Darkfire98989

    Darkfire98989 Am I even still here


    Many people, When they look out onto a winter's day, see beauty.
    But this is a facade, hiding the truth.
    The battler charges into the hail to face their enemy, confident of their power.
    But without realising, their enemy is faster and stronger, and slowly they find their life running out..............
    In this division we understand the truth of the hail, and therefore can use it to our advantage, so instead of being assasinated, we become the assasins.....
    Welcome............. to Horrific Hail Division.



    The God of the Ice. The Hail falls and Blazzards rage at his command.




    The Commanders of the Ice. They command the Icy plains with their Leader.





    The Masters of the Ice. they have reached the end of their training, and now hailstorms rage at their appearence. The most respected members






    The kings of the Ice. These members have proven their immense abilities, and now are so close to the final step in their training.






    The Veterans of the Ice. These memebrs have shown us their immense power and control of Hail.






    The Prodigies of the Ice. They have shown us that they have skill and power, now they just need to advance it.

    Wolf Prince 20WT





    The Trainees of the Ice. They are beginning to show us what they can do, but still have a long way to go.






    The Beginners Of the Ice. They are new, and must prove their worth.

    Golem123 25WT




    krutchis 10 WT

    Joltik-Kid 10 WT

    SGG 10 WT

    AudinoHunter 10 WT

    kadabra spoon 10 WT

    Thunder the fire user 10 WT

    Weather Tokens

    These are rewarded for things you do withing the clan, and allow you to rank up.

    -10 WT for joining
    -5 WT for losing to a clan member
    -10 WT for beating a clan member
    -20 WT for inviting someone to join
    -30 WT for winning a war battle
    -10-55 WT for making clan art or art for a member
    -50 WT for winning a clan tournament
    -20 WT for beating an OSL gym leader
    -30 WT for beating a OSL elite 4
    -50 WT for becoming champion of OSL
    CP payments for jobs coming soon.

    Rank Ups

    You rank up when you have so Many points.
    Your Point Total is reset upon rankup.

    To Sneasel: 40 WT
    To Froslass: 60 WT
    To Cryogonal: 80 WT
    To Mamoswine: 100 WT
    To Abomansnow: 150 WT

    Job Center


    15 WT a week

    Our Current Moderator

    Wolf Prince



    10 WT for every test you do.


    Our Current Testers

    Wolf Prince (PO+WIFI)


    PM me if you want to apply for a job.

    Last edited: Aug 24, 2011
  4. acetrainerdov

    acetrainerdov ToTW Br0's

    Sustaining Sandstorms


    *Intro and rules coming soon(ish)*

    You are at one with the sandstorm....

    Your are a feared member of the clan...


    Your training is starting to pay of...


    Your pretty boss...


    Meh your okay


    GTFO the clan!

    x_vandsluax_x - 30 WT

    Last edited: Aug 27, 2011
  5. acetrainerdov

    acetrainerdov ToTW Br0's

    Tyrants of the Weather war team






    War record 2-0

    Tyrants of the weather 3
    The fire warriors 0


    Burning Earth 0
    Tyrants of the Weather 3


    Tyrants of the Weather Tutors:


    PM if you would like to become one

    Tyrants of the Weather Team Builders

    Team Builders:

    Infernape Rulez

    PM if you would like to become one

    Tyrants of the Weather Ev Trainer
    Ev Trainers


    War Team:
    10 Points per win

    10 Points per student

    EV Trainer:
    5 Points per pokemon
    40 Points Per Team

    5 Points per team
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2011
  6. acetrainerdov

    acetrainerdov ToTW Br0's

    Welcome :D
    our first member xD
    oh shes offline :/
  7. Glameoww

    Glameoww New Member

    i tried to get the old member this is nicole back and some new ones ;D
  8. matthewm9

    matthewm9 Well-Known Member

    Forum name:matthewm9
    Xat name:matthew
    Favourite Pokemon:mew
    How active are you:very
    Friend code:2580-2438-8117
    PO name:none srry
    Reffered by:glameoww
  9. acetrainerdov

    acetrainerdov ToTW Br0's

    Announcement:Matthew is now the Terrifying Torrents Co-Leader!!!!
  10. Glameoww

    Glameoww New Member

    congrats matthew :D
  11. Th3Rookie

    Th3Rookie Rattatster

    Forum name:pKMNRookie
    Xat name:pKMNRookie
    Divison:Terrifying Torrents
    Favourite Pokemon:Rattata
    How active are you:Really Active
    Friend code:4556-1287-0506
    PO name:pKMNRookie
    Reffered by:Glameoww
  12. Glameoww

    Glameoww New Member

    were incerdibly glad to have you :D
  13. matthewm9

    matthewm9 Well-Known Member

    thanks for the congrats glameoww
  14. Glameoww

    Glameoww New Member

    your welcome ;P
  15. mjcheetah

    mjcheetah Pokemon Breeder

    Forum name:mjcheetah
    Xat name:matt
    Divison:terrifying torrents
    Favourite Pokemon:swampert
    How active are you:fairly
    Friend code:in my sig
    Reffered by:glameoww
  16. acetrainerdov

    acetrainerdov ToTW Br0's

    welcome :D the prson who made that sig is in the clan btw
  17. matthewm9

    matthewm9 Well-Known Member

    hey i think the #1 thing i need to work on is trust cause i dont trust alot of ppl on here about their pokemon being legit so im going to try to trust as much as possible for my fellow clanmates! ^_^ and Dov i am a breeder if thats ok with you
  18. acetrainerdov

    acetrainerdov ToTW Br0's

    fill out the form man and i loove the sig
  19. matthewm9

    matthewm9 Well-Known Member

    How many open spots (min 3):5

    btw thanks ^_^
  20. SuicuneMaster11

    SuicuneMaster11 go big or go cune

    Forum name: Suicunemaster11
    Xat name: SuicuneMaster11
    Nickname: Sui, chuck norris
    Divison: destructive droughts
    Favourite Pokemon: suicune
    How active are you: im on daily
    Friend code: 4513-1722-3891
    PO name: [cc]SuicuneMaster11
    Reffered by: bray
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2011
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