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U.S. Politics 2017: So much for the tolerant SPPf


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Kids running a god damn lemonade stand are held more accountable to laws than cops.

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So the cop is claiming he was trying to use a taser? That is really strange for a traffic violation and also using a taser could be just as dangerous on a person if they have some sort of heart condition whether the victim knows it or not.

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This is from two days ago, but Virginia did legalize cannabis. Sales will begin from July 1st.

Now we wait for New Mexico and Connecticut.
And New Mexico is done, sales will begin next year on April 1st.

There may be a few more states besides Connecticut that might legalize it this year, but don't hold your breath for it. Next major phase will be through 2022 midterm ballot initiatives.


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's all good, guys. Cop accidentally used a gun instead of a taser.

"Accident" my but, more like automatic response in a crooked racial bias.

That military member that got pepper sprayed was just as messed up. I wonder what would have happened if he stopped in a dark isolated area with no cameras... pepper sprayed was abuse but he is still alive and well. Its not an ideal result but hardly worst case scenario. If the police ever shape up and act responsibly in such scenarios, it might take decades to fix.


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To everyone that posts in here....

I understand that this is a debate thread. However, please refrain from personal attacks.

Many of these topics are touchy, but we have to remain civil with each other. If these discussions get too heated I have to intervene.

Thank you for understanding.

Reposting this warning as this topic is getting heated again.

Let's cut out the arguing, the racist comments and the general false information.

Thank you.

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Again I wasn't trying to be racist so I'll just leave it at that.


To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
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Divine Retribution

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There's no way she gets manslaughter or murder. Best case scenario they fire her and pay out a settlement to the family. More likely is that they decide he was going for a gun or something so the shooting was justified, and the poor officer was just emotionally traumatized by the incident or whatever. Either way nothing changes. This country is ****ed.

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Seems like Afghan withdrawal is going to be real. Drone activity will almost certainly remain because of ISIS, but it will be a significant shift if happens.

Biden's long term plan seems to be, like any Democratic president since 1950s ever, is to mutilate Russia to destabilize the Eastern Block, this time around, using Russia's destabilization as a launch pad against China, rather than Trump's view of using Russian nationalism against China.

For Afghanistan itself specifically, the country will end up like Iraq, with major regional powers trying to get support and ISIS running over and slaughtering everyone, but especially ethnic, sexual and religious minorities, but that might be more beneficial for Afghans in the long run, if they survive this (they won't, but neither will the prolonged NATO occupation help).

That said, I don't believe US attempts to increase pressure on Russia and China by giving up on Islamic world's proxy wars will actually work beyond providing a fig leaf for Erdoğan to continue his rule for another decade, but the latter will probably happen anyway.

For those wondering what will be next, next longest conflict US was involved in is Islamist insurgency in Maghreb and Africa at large, but I don't people will object to that due to Mozambique insurgency.


Eh, ragazzo!
Am I the only one that noticed that having 13 Supreme Court Justices would be unlucky? Why not make it 12 to mimic an actual jury during typical trials since the Supreme Court acts as a jury during the cases brought to them.
I may be the only one here that wants 69 states and 420 representatives.

My point is that we should not get hung up on the association of certain numbers.

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Dogecoin doubled in value last night, taking money from other cryptos. Its total market cap is now larger than the nominal GDP of UAE.

Oil prices are also stable, so we will likely see Dow go to 35000 by May.


Scary 16th note crossovers @ 190BPM! X_X

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Daughter of the Peruvian dictator will not be able to campaign outside of her city, but she will be able to campaign online obviously.

It seems the pro-Chavista candidate Pedro Castillo will win this election now, but he is also against gay marriage and he will likely be impeached after election anyway.
Edit: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-56815708
Dictator of Chad, Idriss Deby is dead, after ending capital punishment the previous year. Hallelujah.
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