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U.S. Politics 2021: Ignore the Neighslayers

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To be entirely fair, though, leaving matters of net neutrality up to the FCC, even though it will still likely end up being something that must be done, is kind of a questionable idea for those who support it, because of a man named Tom Wheeler. You know, the head of the FCC. The former lobbyist for the cable and wireless industries who was appointed as the head of the FCC.

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Well with the Net Neutrality issue aside, I just like to point out that Loretta Lynch is nominated to replace Eric Holder as AG. Of course Breitbart had a problem with her but there's one problem... THEY ATTACKED THE WRONG LORETTA LYNCH! They confused a white Clinton lawyer with an African-American woman from SC. Huh, talk about being colorblind which explains the racism is over mantra.


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USA Today: Lower crude prices challenge Keystone pipeline
Diplomat: Jack Detsch: Bangladesh: Asia’s New Energy Superpower?
Guardian: Patrick Wintour: Putin says Russia prepared for oil price collapse as more sanctions threatened

Hmm… To think there was a time when some might’ve wondered just how quickly this energy revolution would dash across North America. Now, as the Islamic Thirty Years’ War spills and erupts wherever it can, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Federal Security and Foreign Intelligence Services, and the International Eurasian Movement’s doorstep, the pipeline in question seems almost quaint. Intermediate oil in the western part of my home state currently sits below $75 per barrel, right in between the optimal range federal analysts say is necessary for Canada’s oil companies to remain “economically feasible”. For their part, certain members of Congress want to race to get this pipeline moving, perhaps holding a vote as early as next week. Incredibly, crude prices as low as $33 did nothing to deter customers from calling to get the thing built, and the rest of Indo-Pacific Asia looks set to forge ahead, perhaps starting with Bangladesh, which apparently won the rights to 20,000 square kilometers of waters rich in natural gas from India mere days before those special operators blew that Malaysia Airlines jet out of the sky near Donetsk. An energy magnate might not think of Bangladesh as an investment hotspot, citing the pervasive poverty and constant subsidization. However, with PetroBangla putting up several new oil and natural gas areas for sale and few companies biting – assuming that energy proves recoverable – the first company to strike a deal should have quite a field day. That said, the Bangladeshis have yet to find any trained oceanographers or pass apt laws safeguarding the sites from spills, and the drilling process risks environmental damage, with imported talent another necessity to “prevent methane leaks”. PetroBangla and international oil companies have yet to make nice, and said poverty might make pricing reform less palatable than we’d prefer. Then, of course, we have Bangladesh’s corrupt government sectors, which could prevent much of the energy and ensuing cash from flowing onto the poorest citizens, thereby prolonging painful energy shortages and causing yet more damage. Then again, with India and China eyeing that new watery field, the concessions could start pouring in, as demonstrated via airport construction, as part of a grander encirclement strategy. The Eurasianists’ style of messianism and nihilism can only accelerate their own country’s implosion, with us monitoring some Russian warships sailing near the northern coast on time for this Brisbane summit. I’m not holding my breath for Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s lament about any attractiveness for that society, which should speak volumes for its intended vassals.:

Daily Beast: Ben Jacobs: McCain Helps a Business Partner of Iran
Fox News Channel: North Korea’s ‘Charm Offensive’ Can’t Hide Human Rights Atrocities, Say Experts
Fox News Channel: ISIS Leader Orders Group to Start Mining Coins for Its Own Currency

*Fund, fund, fund, fund, fund Iran. Fund, fund, fund, fund, fund Iran…*? We should have some questions handy for Rio Tinto, which is cooperating with the Iranians over a uranium mine in Namibia and now has a subsidiary looking to mine copper from a forest in Arizona, willing to exchange 5,300 acres with the federal government to “facilitate this land swap”. Rio Tinto hasn’t addressed a provision within the current sanctions against Iran involving that mine, left over from the days before Ruhollah Khomeini launched that wave of terror 35 years ago, although its officials stress regular contact with relevant government officials to keep them updated about the sanctions’ progress. One suspects that it won’t be the profits so much as the message to Ali Khamenei. Other environmentalists point out that the project itself would mean digging a cave “7,000 feet below the surface of the earth, where robots will work to extract the copper at temperatures as high as 175 degrees Fahrenheit”. The Korean People’s Army might salivate if any similar opportunities reached it, although if the human rights accusations are any indication, there won’t be too many chances. Enslavement, extermination, and starvation were enough to get the attention of the United Nations, which might well have prompted the release of some American prisoners, even if Kim Jong-Un refuses to give up those nukes he might still have. His country just doubled its facility’s size for uranium enrichment and doubtlessly initiated more and more missile development programs to enhance its targeting capabilities. The apparatus there, such as it was, commissioned a group of artists to portray their land in an exhibit exploring the greatness delivered in the name of Juche, supposedly the name for the socialistically ideological fusion still dotting the landscape. Whether North Korea collapses in six months, three decades, or a matter of days, according to the analyst(s) from the Eurasia Group, the lesson to take away is that the regime must and can be called to account for its atrocities, whatever monetary initiatives it chose to undertake. We can leave the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant to its current scheme as Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi started demanding, after declaring us corrupters and destroyers of his society, as usual. The coins will require sizable amounts gold, silver, and copper, engraved with “Al-Dawla Al-Islamiya”, which means “Islamic State”, a suggestion simple enough, but as of yet, these Sharia terrorists have yet to attain any supplies of said metals. One silver coin portrays a minaret representing Damascus, a probable clue to the significance of any infighting likely to erupt should we and the Eurasianists find ourselves on the same side. I can’t imagine the Persian Gulf Sharia sheikhdoms will be enthused to have tracked President Barack Obama’s agenda of spite and retribution, but those financial advisors for that Al-Qaeda franchise won’t need any more directness against pretty much this entire planet. If they even got the idea to insert several viruses to disable certain websites in this country, well, there you go.:

Fox News Channel: ObamaCare Signups Return with Improved Website but More Challenges to Health Care Law

The insurers must’ve found themselves stuck with the sputtering centralization, and new Health and Human Services Sylvia Burwell intends to counter Congress, predictably enough. The online application process looks simplified enough, with 16 computer screens in total and “window shopping” available immediately. The coverage renewal is automatic if those who’ve already signed up do nothing, if at the risk of “outdated and possibly incorrect subsidies”. Community-based counselors appear to see trouble with demand for appointments with insured people, and as recommendations for streamlined health care programs surface, Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz might have a few pointers in mind for this peculiarly monstrous – or monstrously peculiar – initiative. If disinformation networks can erupt from within this country, as well, then the true instability awaiting the Anglosphere and the rest of humankind will reveal itself without any remorse.

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So President Obama decides to do Executive Order on Immigration reform so of the GOP doesn't like that even though it took a year and a half.

Also, The GOP Committee clears Obama on Benghazi. So basically, it's over.


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Daily Telegraph: Will Britain’ new base in Bahrain make any difference?
Daily Telegraph: David Cameron: I still want Turkey to join EU, despite migrant fears
Daily Telegraph: Recep Tayyip Erdogan vows to impose ‘Arabic’ Ottoman lessons in schools

If the Eurasianists’ continental land grab backfires on them these last few weeks, then leave it to British Prime Minister David Cameron and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to move ahead with the Third Thirty Years’ War, particularly in the latter’s case. After about five decades since announcing a withdrawal to its immediate neighborhood – arrangements with Singapore, Brunei, and Hong Kong notwithstanding – the Anglosphere’s birth country is steadily inching back into (what’s left of) the Middle East, with a new base for its most recent aircraft carrier, among other ships. A doctrine of replenishment will enable ships to take on new equipment without needing to stop at a port, and this base in Bahrain, in analysts’ minds, will be perfect because it “halves the distance” said auxiliary ships will have to travel to replenish task forces heading to Southeast Asia and “cuts to a third the distance for those in the Indian Ocean”. Of course, this assumes that the House of Commons is able to tear through any messiness from its market woes, which Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu probably won’t help. The Turkish duo held a few discussions at a new palace big and extravagant enough to make their ancestors blush, and one assumes that they want constant updates on any new recruits for the jihad franchise still rampaging through the region, no matter what countries it threatens to swallow, from Istanbul Ataturk Airport to George Bush Intercontinental Airport, if we’re thinking that far. This apparent reversal has more than a few opponents fuming, especially with said franchise’s bloodlust, putting forth an argument that Turks must be aware of their ancestral Sunni Sharia supremacy, which could puzzle even the descendants of the House of Osman, wherever this self-destructing society goes at this point. The Ministry of National Education needs to approve this plan, but if the Justice and Development Party continues lumbering along, then this project’s insufferable encroachment could easily flood any companies still backing it, thereby trapping Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his cronies. He could want to usurp control over said franchise for his own purposes, but then, any submergence from Indo-Pacific Asia would speak for itself, especially with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi or Chinese President Xi Jinping at the helm, so to speak. Let such a bloodbath forever close off whatever’s left of the region, perhaps permanently linking Western Christendom with these countries, without any disinformation from the Senate on certain Central Intelligence Agency arrangements.:

Fox News Channel: Senate Panel Releases Scathing Report on CIA Interrogations amid Security Warnings
Times of India: Muslim religious leaders urge ulemas, imams to engage with Modi

Arizona Senator John McCain called the methods mentioned “shameful and unnecessary”, which I won’t mind too much, although the outrage from the espionage networks still connected to this country might be another story altogether. As far as the Islamic Thirty Years’ War goes, well, the vendetta sensed here can only disturb more than a few people, including former National Security Agency analyst John Schindler, clearly enough. The mess was enough to justify a warning for 6,000 Marines overseas, and Senators Mitch McConnell and Saxby Chambliss cited the intelligence against Al-Qaeda itself, including the raid against Osama bin Laden. Sleep deprivation, confinement to small boxes, and waterboarding were included, none of which might bother the National Volunteer Organization in India much. One of the places mentioned in the report was… Thailand, home to Thaksin and Yingluck Shinawatra, last I checked, and I guess that’ll be it for whatever plans we’ve got lined up. Any names omitted will be intentional, and we could welcome any initiatives to maintain India’s modernization project. A recent meeting of community leaders in India urged Narendra Modi to aim some benefits of his policies toward the Muslims there, numbering in the millions, interestingly enough. Certain groups opposing Modi were thought to “use” said Muslims for votes, but he wants broader market development and integration beyond communal concerns. Perhaps none of that will matter to Al-Qaeda or its remaining allies worldwide, thereby leaving the House of Representatives to its own devices for this last period of time.:

Fox News Channel: House Leaders Unveil Budget Bill, Race to Avert Partial Shutdown
Fox News Channel: Shovel-Ready: Stimulus Funds Still Being Spent on Manure Project

$1.1 trillion. That’s the amount cited by this country’s legislators before this new prospective deadline, and the Republican and Democratic Parties, whatever any other critics opine, appear to have more time for stopgaps, with the likely full vote scheduled for Thursday, “expected to finance the day-to-day operations of every Cabinet department, provide more than $5 billion of President Obama's $6.2 billion request to combat Ebola at home and abroad, and provide more than $70 billion to conduct overseas military operations, including funds to fight Islamic State extremists”… even if the Department of Homeland Security applies only until February 27, 2015. John Boehner can only afford 17 lost votes before he needs support from Nancy Pelosi, and one Mike Mulvaney believes the new bill won’t be enough in doing “everything we can” to stop this administration. The Bureau of Land Management’s most recent contract in Oregon might make my fellow bronies chuckle, involving about $60,000 in total to “load, haul, and dispose manure” for any beneficial uses said agency can think of, excluding stockpiles, all under an overarching objective of redistribution. No further questions might be needed for any of us.

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The Senate released the report on CIA's program in enhanced interrogation and the results were EVEN more brutal than originally reported and CIA lied to everyone about the program. So in summary, Torture does not work and it would only bring false leads. For God's sake, it didn't get us Bin Laden! Welp, guess all those Conservatives media joking about torture really should look back on them because yikes. So who's lives are in danger from this again?

Also, Senator Mark Udall is not done with that CIA is still lying about the report.


Oh and Andrea Tantaros is against the report coming out. You know why? Because America is AWESOME!!! AMERICA!! F*** YEAH!
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Breaking News! Obama has announced a BIG shift to relations between U.S. and Cuba in the last 50 years in normalizing their ties between each other along with a U.S. Embassy will be built in Havana. This comes following the release of Alan Gross who was held in captivity there.

Long overdue. Obama finally did something right in regards to foreign policy.

Also, I'm surprised by the amount of Republican backlash Jeb Bush is receiving. He could be their best hope against Clinton, and yet the base apparently wants nothing to do with him.


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Long overdue. Obama finally did something right in regards to foreign policy.

Also, I'm surprised by the amount of Republican backlash Jeb Bush is receiving. He could be their best hope against Clinton, and yet the base apparently wants nothing to do with him.

Really nothing surprising about it given his stance on immigration and the Common Core. He's also relatively one of the more sane and moderate candidates and reason has little place in this current Republican Party. He'll be a strong contender for the nomination. No Republican will beat Hillary but he can win the election if she doesn't run.

There is zero chance of him getting my vote though. His brother is a bottom 5 president that did everything he could to destroy this country and sold himself off as an idiot to appeal to the rednecks of this country. I have no desire to see a Republican in the White House again for the near future at the very least. And there's the Terry Schiavo case.

Otherwise there's really no one else in the GOP that can win the nomination and stand a chance in the election. All the senators (Paul, Cruz Rubio) are too crazy to get it, Romney would lose again, walker's a possibility. Santorum and Huckabee are wackjobs.

John Kasich I think would make a good candidate but no one knows who he is outside of Ohio.

I do hope Ben Carson runs, everything that comes out of that man's mouth is comedy.

The GOP's only hope is if Hillary doesn't run. Can't wait for the GOP debates to start, got my popcorn ready.
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Daily Telegraph: The international smuggling ring paying off Western border officials to bring refugees into Europe
Jamestown Foundation: Jaewoo Choo: Does China’s Charm Offensive Pose a Dilemma for South Korea?

So much for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s hierarchy of nihilism. The process seems plain enough, eerie as it’ll have to be, with the National Intelligence Organization and these unnamed police units fully aware of the network(s), running into the equivalent of billions of dollars. The contact said that his associates smuggle refugees from Turkey, Lebanon, and Tunisia into various capitals, such as Vienna and Stockholm, fleeing the Islamic Thirty Years’ War. Many of these refugees took to “selling their last possessions to raise the money they need to be smuggled to Europe”, bribing any border guards they see along the way. Other routes involve access to ports controlled by mafia members, arranging to release container ships from police custody and let them sail. Some trails head all the way into the air, as far as Canada, with proper connections to corrupt government officials. The networks go the other direction in case any aspiring terrorists want to meet with their coreligionists in the Middle East, including this country, of all places. For his part, the contact would like to smuggle his own relatives beyond their point of origin if he gets a chance, doubtlessly underneath South Korean President Park Geun-Hye and Chinese President Xi Jinping’s noses, recalling various overtures made by the latter toward the former, whose advisors see the charm offensive as “intended merely to serve China’s own strategic interests”. The racialism of the Workers’ Party of Korea – as dangerous as it’s odd – displeases Beijing, indirectly flowing into those nuclear tests. In the end, though, it is democratic capitalism that ensures South Korea’s path under our aegis, such as it can still be during the aforementioned bloodbath.:

Daily Beast: Chris Allbritton: Two Days After School Attack, Pakistan Court Lets Terrorists Walk Free
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation News: Fighting radicalization: Why mosques shouldn’t close their doors to troubled Muslims

Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, who helped organize that rampage in Mumbai a little over six years ago, now has bail from a court citing “insufficient evidence”, a decision certain to be appealed by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s team. As for the judges, intimidation by terrorists contributes to the high acquittal rates recorded by the State Department, with absolutely no convictions churned out by the court in Islamabad. India provided most of the evidence against this Sharia terrorist, and at least hundreds of terrorism suspects have rejoined the terror groups they once worked for. At least the Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate’s alerts can ring for any nuclear devices still scattered all over Pakistan’s mountains, spilling into North America. Muhammad Heft, based in Toronto, favors outreach to new converts facing social dangers before they succumb to isolation, “the difference between someone getting recruited by someone with erratic views or actually getting the help they need”. Mosques in Canada have developed an instinct for turning away any new converts at risk of jihad sympathies, and universities in the Anglosphere have spearheaded studies exploring correlations in the process orienting new Muslims toward this total resistance to Western Christendom’s mission, with backing from the likes of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The relevant study didn’t find evidence of something like a conveyor belt per se, but the Muslim converts who participated reported “higher overall levels of self-esteem and sociability after their conversion”, presumably with their previous environments in mind. Incredibly enough, “many of Canada’s mosques were built along ethnic lines”, giving Prime Minister Stephen Harper – and President Barack Obama – some additional incentives to prepare the rest of the Anglosphere as we lumber along.:

Fox News Channel: Obama Administration Accused of Political Motives in Push for New Citizens
Fox News Channel: $10 Billion UN-Linked Climate Change Fund Wants Immunity from Prosecution
Washington Free Beacon: Obama Admin Blocks Release of Report Detailing U.S. Covert Action in Iran

Bill Clinton initiated this whole deal nearly two decades ago, “trying to register a million immigrants as new citizens and Democratic voters”, and here we find Barack Obama’s team extending the supposed relief to families “earning up to $47,000 for a family of four”. To this end, the federal government intends to launch a media market program attempting to sell this plan to the rest of us. For his part, Randy Pullen, a strategist for the Republican Party, mentioned cuts to “fees with the intent to spur naturalization on, but someone else is going to pay for this”, leaving some political junkies to focus on certain names that could be better off unmentioned as the United Nations spirals into yet another of its financially toxic initiatives. Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe is questioning requests from the Green Climate Fund for protection to conduct various development projects, with an agreement with South Korea, its new host country, aiming to shield trillions of dollars in funding activities from any criminal action, covering “all documentation as well as the words and actions of officials and consultants involved in the activity documentation—even after they move on to other jobs”. In many developing countries, the authorities might very well be the same people looking to influence the GCF for their own purposes, highlighting more “legal ambiguity that is proliferating in the era of international action against climate change, led by organizations operating under the aegis of the United Nations without being explicitly part of it”. All we’d need are appeals from the Quds Force, and the United States would be exposed for this administration’s apologetic antics. The report has been complete for some time now, detailing evidence of support for a coup attempt 51 years ago, with virtually every pertinent agency other than the State Department signing off on the thing, citing maximized focus strictly on historical importance instead of misinterpretations of effects on ongoing discussions… which might speak for itself.


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British Broadcasting Corporation: Belgium’s jihadist networks
Daily Telegraph: Chechen leader targets families as insurgents swear loyalty to leader of Islamic State
Daily Telegraph: Greek police detain suspected ringleader of Belgian terror cell, says source
Fox News Channel: Muslims Never Guilty of ‘Terrorist Massacres’, Turkey’s Erdogan Insists

Buckingham Palace, the Federal Intelligence Service, the National Intelligence Organization, the National Gendarmerie Intervention Group, the Quds Force, Unit 61398 – I can only wonder how quickly Indonesian President Joko Widodo, Bhutanese King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, among other leaders scattered throughout the region, would mobilize. For now, we’re watching the Islamic Thirty Years’ War burst into (the remnants of) Western Christendom, and the imagery and real-time reactions had to have been dramatic this time. The Federal Police of Belgium see no connection with the rampage in Paris several days earlier as of yet, which will tell me that whoever was responsible wanted these attacks to occur separately. “Most of the Belgian fighters” found by the British Broadcasting Corporation “are Belgian-born youngsters of Moroccan origin”, with quite a small number actually being converts. The past decade proved most instructive, I think, with Moscow, Athens, and London certain to watch for individuals disguised as police officers, equipped with radios. We can ask Ramzan Kadyrov about any coordination between the Caucasus Emirate and Al-Qaeda’s franchises, and the Federal Security and Foreign Intelligence Services and the Russian Orthodox Church now have every contingency they could devise amid their society’s implosion. Those Chechens have begun razing their brethren’s houses for siding with the jihad groups dotting the remnants of the Middle East, looking to expand Al-Dawla Al-Islamiya all the way to, say, Murmansk, if possible. For their part, the more… mundane people in Grozny disagree with the decision, but affirm that “he watches everything. He drives around, keeps things under control. There are no drug addicts, no drunks, no burglaries. Grozny looks better than many other cities in Russia.” Any other cults arising might have to wait with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s increasingly farcical egomania, but at least Alexis Tspiras can accelerate the implosion should he attain his intended goals. Manehattan could ask for references in the former’s costume designs earlier this week, but if he manipulated certain jihad groups around him, well, score one or two points for Allah-submissive crony capitalism while the Anglosphere fuels the Indosphere’s emergence, maybe starting with Central Asia.:

New York Times: Afghan Spy Chief Defies Simple Label
Fox News Channel: Lawmakers Fear US Visa Program Could Be Exploited by Foreign Fighters
National Journal: Tim Alberta: Walker Leaves Little Doubt He’ll Run for President

Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security might safely avoid costumes in pomposity, keeping the Taliban, the Haqqanis, and various other factions at bay, surprising even us. Indeed, “some of the region’s most notorious militants” are now possible proxies against their soon-to-be-former comrades – and even Pakistan. I’m certain that those spies have their own sources, which should be of substantial help as Ferguson draws ever more jihad groups here. A program for granting visas is receiving scrutiny from the likes of New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte, with the Congressional Research Service pinpointing 19.1 million people who arrived in this country through it. “Participating countries are required to have a high degree of security cooperation with the U.S., including agreements allowing them to exchange information on known or potential terrorists and serious criminals traveling abroad, as well as stolen passports.” The members of the National Volunteer Organization might have a field day with such a hegemonic endeavor, propelling Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to reach out to various donors to persuade them that he can chart a new course after President Barack Obama’s retributive romanticism. He could strengthen our connections in Indo-Pacific Asia in time for any demographic spirals spilling onto it should he win, with Western Christendom and my fellow bronies entrenching themselves, and the concept of redistribution would fade away under its most (in)famous proponent. To put it differently, China might very well be the ultimate winner of the Russo-Ukrainian War, which can only position India to manage the surrounding maelstrom. Alexander Zakharchenko never stood a chance.

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Well the State of the Union happened not too long ago, along with this uppercut highlight: "I got no more campaigns to run. *hears sarcastic clapping from Republicans* I know because I won both of them."
I'm not holding my breath, but how cool would it be to see Boehner actually get brought up on charges for treason? Apparently, he might be violation of The Logan Act which says that you can get serious jail time if you negotiate on behalf of the U.S. government without the proper authority. Since Boehner was flirting with Netanyahu and invited him to speak to congress without consulting...anyone, there might be grounds to throw him in the slammer. I say lock that orange douche up. :)
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Ah, perfect. Leave it to the International Eurasian Movement to prove unable to catch a break, apparently, and if ethnic eruptions surface even here, then at least Indo-Pacific Asia will be ready, willing, and able to collect every ounce of intelligence available for this new week in the Islamic Thirty Years’ War. Between Germany’s efforts to persuade Hungary of that project and those arrests in this country’s northernmost neighbor, the rest of Western Christendom can only await the results moving forward, leaving other individuals with their own energies.:

Fox News Channel: Benghazi Committee to Review Secret Tapes on Clinton’s Role in Libya War
Fox News Channel: Walker’s Moment? Wisconsin Governor Builds on 2016 Buzz, Staffs Up Political Operation

South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy has the tapes in question, which purportedly reveal secret channels with Muammar Gaddafi those few years ago, with a call to Hillary Clinton to testify (once more). The communications included messages to a different Libyan leader without any knowledge from the White House, with an “unnamed intermediary” sharing a big –and perhaps familiar – concern “that Clinton was unnecessarily hyping the danger of a potential genocide by the regime as a way to drag Congress into the situation and shift public opinion in favor of an invasion”. As for Scott Walker, well, the preparations should position him well, “taking full advantage of the buzz. As he focuses on the home-front, unveiling a new budget proposal Tuesday in his state, Walker is doing the Sunday talk-show circuit, holding meetings in D.C., and most recently staffing up a newly launched political committee as he moves closer to a decision on a 2016 run”. He wanted to head to the capital to meet with various unnamed donors, perhaps thinking through their next steps after a certain withdrawal, stressing that he’s willing to “go big and go bold”. The National Volunteer Organization might certainly welcome any tips about reducing corruption, among other things.


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National Interest: Richard Fontaine: Salvaging the Global Order
National Interest: Andrew Bowen: Time Bomb: The Islamic State Implodes
Gatestone Institute: Soeren Kern: Spain: “The Mediterranean Corridor of Jihadism”
Jamestown Foundation: Paul Goble: Russian Occupation Crackdown Against Crimean Tatars Intensifies

Call it an avalanche throughout this world, with the Muslims, the Eurasianists, and any fiefdoms within the Chinese Communist Party sucked into it. From the White House to the Defense Intelligence Agency, from Moscow State University to the Coalition of the Radical Left, the self-destructions analyzed by David Goldman have erupted, nibbling on trade, finance, maritime security, nonproliferation, and human rights. Regional blocs have emerged from the rubble of what used to be an array of supposedly competitive state-owned enterprises, and the People’s Liberation Army’s basic militarism extends through the South China Sea. The brutality of Al-Qaeda’s new franchise speaks for itself, drawing Egyptian President Abdul-Fatah Al-Sisi, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and new Saudi Arabian King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud into something of an uneasy accord against the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, particularly the Quds Force. However, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi now faces dissent from within his own ranks, based on inherently different motives and focuses, drawing his attention away from the task of viable governing structures. In the national battlefield that used to be Syria – which the Alawites might safely no longer control – those operatives are launching their own ground campaign under our cover, leaving us to essentially hunker down as the aforementioned franchise sends out ever more calls to jihad. Samira Yerou, who lives near Barcelona, tried to head to said battlefield after recruiting other women to join that group, eluding a worldwide warrant, “one of at least 50 jihadists who have been arrested in Spain during the past twelve months alone”. Two arrested in Melilla used Internet platforms to advance terror propaganda, and Spanish police apprehended four more – these of Moroccan origin – before they could carry out their attacks on behalf of that group, concentrated in Catalonia more than any other region because of its transition for migration flows. That said, the Russians are the ones who once again constitute the biggest irony of this snowballing mess, launching constant attacks against any individual or group claiming authoritative representation of the Crimean Tatars and generally intimidating their media outlets. The current campaign’s main targets are the Tatars’ representative body, the Assembly of the Crimean Tatar People, and the Tatar National Congress, giving Moscow two possible paths to claim speakership for them. The authorities have raided Tatar homes and businesses, challenged Tatar property rights, and likely killed a mounting list of Tatars who’ve disapproved of them and their policies in any way, pushing the Tatars ever deeper into the jihadists’ arms, making them ever less likely to even attempt to cooperate with Moscow. Now, we’re stuck with an ethnicized battleground, making certain activists spin in their graves, if we still even believe that sort of thing.:

Fox News Channel: NAACP Battles Latino Groups over Push to Open Public Schools for Non-English Speakers
Fox News Channel: Manhunt for Gunman in Shooting That Seriously Injured 2 Cops Outside Ferguson Police Department
National Journal: Adam Wollner and Kimberly Railey: Republican 2016 Contenders Endorse Letter to Tehran

“A plan that would dedicate two public high schools in suburban Washington to immigrants and students struggling with English is pitting black and Hispanic communities – usually allies – against one another.” So much for integration. A Latino advocacy group calls this plan voluntary, providing options for said immigrants, but the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has a certain 1954 Supreme Court decision in mind with its argument. For its part, Prince George’s County Public Schools’ leader, Kevin Maxwell, approves of the plan, recalling other schools with this model across the country. The Hispanic community has been growing to comprise at least 16% of the county’s population, while the black community holds steady at 65.1%. As for the schools, they’re expected to start with 100 9th graders each and steadily make room for another batch of 100 until they hit their assigned limit of 400 total, which leaves the rest of us to wonder about prospective progress. It might be far too late for Ferguson after this new incident earlier today, even if the two police officers involved are likely to survive… all after a resignation announcement from now-former Police Chief Thomas Jackson. The people at this protest reported as many as four shots “about 125 yards away from the police” line, keeping a Justice Department review that cleared Darren Wilson of any civil rights charges during that fateful encounter, with plenty of Missouri lawmakers supporting this resignation. One must surely imagine how attentive certain individuals within those infamous jihad groups could be between these eruptions and a letter directly to Tehran, signed by Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, and Ted Cruz, among other names mentioned. Of course, the outcomes for this avalanche won’t need many guesses.