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U.S. Politics: The Biggest Trade in WNBA History


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China's not an idiot. It gains nothing from aiding Russia but actually ends up losing too much economy by going against the US.

Depends on the aid, certainly Putins requests for weapons will almost certainly not be met. If China thinks they can get away with something like trucks I don't know if the US and EU would take actions against them. And long term China is probably going to try and take over Russia's economy since they are one of the few groups who still will be willing to do business with them once the current situation is over. And Russia is a petrostate, they need someone to sell too, and it will probably be China since Europe is beginning to realize depending on Russia is a bad idea.

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Update on the Russo-Ukrainian war:

*Russia has already moved to Chechen phase of the war, and has been flattening cities, including the cities they captured to remove insurgency. They are also gradually getting rid of Ukrainian forests (by burning or chopping) to remove cover for Ukrainian insurgency. Ukraine is not mountainous, so these forests have been vital strategic importance for Ukrainian forces.

Most notably, Russia has started to deploy more recent armored vehicles and Iskander missile launchers.

Russian strategy has been compared to US strategy in Iraqi occupation, and while this is true, they are also utilizing strategies they used in the Soviet-Afghan war (taking over large cities, and roads, ignoring the countryside). This is because their command is constantly jammed, and they cannot get much reinforcement from the Bosphorus due to Turkish blockade. There is speculation that Putin might deliberately sending generals and lieutenants that have been in opposition to him to get rid of them, hence the large casualties from the Russian command.

*US is slowly giving more advanced weaponry for Ukraine, as they are moving for counteroffensive against Russians. It is still small compared to the ammunition they get from Europe and captured Russian weaponry.

US strategic plan in Ukraine seemingly remains to let Russia take over Ukraine (and presumably, and gradually, the rest of former USSR besides the Baltics), so they can send in CIA-backed far-right militias to fight a never-ending insurgency to bleed Russia, as opposed to, you know, giving proper ground-to-air anti-aircraft systems protect the legitimate government.

*Russia is planning to take Odessa from the Black Sea by an amphibian assault. Most of the civilian infrastructure there has been destroyed, and Ukrainian army's defence in South is pretty bad, so they will likely succeed.

*NATO is convening an Extraordinary Meeting on March 24, US is planning to use this opportunity to change European defense to their liking (read, sell more weapons).

*Nobody is expecting a peace deal in Ukraine until Russia takes over Kiev and Odessa at least. All the talks about "peace deals" have been ceasefire debates.

*Multiple Russian drones have dropped in the Eastern European airspace. The conflict is widely expected to spillover to Poland as well, as Russia is dependent on ballistic missiles to pound Ukraine.

There are reports of Belarus possibly directly intervening in the Russia-Ukraine war, to cut off the Polish border. NATO has been supplying the Ukrainian border countries with Patriot systems.
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North Korea is definitely not going to help Russia. From what I’ve heard, they all think Putin is insane and refuse to help him because of it. And you know if North Korea calls you crazy, things are really bad and that you’ve gone way too far. But I have to admit that I find the irony of the situation hilarious especially since Kim Jung-un outlawed making international phone calls and all music not made in North Korea.


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Bluntly I am starting to think that this invasion will not even get past the initial invasion stage. As far as I know beside destroying more cities the Russian military hasn't made meaningful progress. I heard that there were going to be landings at Odessa, but that was 2 days ago. Perhaps the Russian Navy remembered that historically they are best know for their immense screw ups, and aren't very good at their jobs. Poland may send an expedition to fight the Russians which would go through them like a scythe through wheat, but even if they don't, reducing a city to rubble won't actually kill everyone in it, and a destroyed city is still defensible terrain. This is assuming that Russia can supply enough munitions to level a city without resorting to nuclear or (for depopulation) chemical weapons, which is suspect at this time. Plus the Ukrainian military is still active so shelling a city could result in even more losses to counter battery fire. Like Russia has lost at least 6000 men, probably more, including several high ranking officers, and that's just the dead ones. A lot are probably injured. In addition they have lost several hundred tanks and trucks, like I don't think they can continue this much longer before the Russian army breaos itself.

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The Russian soldiers themselves are pretty much refusing to fight and only do the bare minimum of obedience and they seem to know the invasion is a losing battle. The Ukrainians are fighting back harder than Putin probably expected them to do and no one can blame them. The irony of Kim Jung-un calling Putin “too insane” and that’s why they refuse to help him is just hilarious when you remember that Kim Jung-un has enacted several ridiculous laws in his own country and made it illegal for anyone to have the same haircut as him. Putin is now officially more insane than the guy who made having the same name as him illegal.

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Big old citation needed on this one, chief, because last as I've heard North Korea is basically blaming the U.S. 100% for the invasion, same as China.
Here you go. There are plenty of other links saying the same thing if you do a Google search and set the time frame to be within the past two weeks.



After what came out about Ukraine and that horrible video, I have very few feelings on this. Listen that’s sad what’s going on over there but I’m not placing that much emotional feelings in this situation. That being said what Russia is doing is disgusting and it’s sad that Russians have to constantly announce they don’t agree with Putin. I had a girl at my job (had to check her passport) literally apologize for what’s going and explain over and over how nobody there agrees with Putin. That being said it’s very sad what’s going on over there but those videos and testimonies living there certainly raised an eyebrow.

That being said, America’s biggest issue with China joining forces with Russia is what does this mean for our supply? As everybody knows most of the crap from here is from China including some aspect of war like… weapons. We even get a decent proportion of firearms from China.

To make matter worse America reacted in a petty way of removing stuff like McDonald’s and other cooperations from Russia hastily (which sucks because actual people were working there and are now without a job) so this wouldn’t surprise me if this effects our day to day lives in terms of resources heavily. China has mostly stayed stagnant so far and haven’t openly shared that much support for Russia.

Thankfully Jinping has mostly kept his mouth shut about all of this and was at least willing to have a conversation with Joe. The concerning part is “China will make its own decisions” after a talk where Joe discussed the “consequences” of helping Russia.
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Putin really screwed up big time. You really can’t blame the Russian army for the invasion as the soldiers were deceived into invading the Ukraine being told they were just doing a drill, the citizens aren’t interested in taking back the Ukraine, and the soldiers seem to only be following the minimal amount of obeying orders where they can’t be charged with disobedience yet also not attacking aggressively. Hearing that Kim Jong-un thinks Putin is “too insane” and refuses to help him is probably the best thing about the entire thing. I mean how hilarious and ironic that a guy who made owning a microwave illegal think that someone else is “insane?”


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To make matter worse America reacted in a petty way of removing stuff like McDonald’s and other cooperations from Russia hastily (which sucks because actual people were working there and are now without a job) so this wouldn’t surprise me if this effects our day to day lives in terms of resources heavily. China has mostly stayed stagnant so far and haven’t openly shared that much support for Russia.

Most companies chose to leave of their own initiative due to the sanctions, which were imposed for non petty reasons in my opinion. Russian actions after they left, ie seizing assets assures that very few will come back even if sanctions are lifted. I genuinely believe China doesn't really care about the outcome. They will use the opportunity to snipe at the US and west, as well as increase Russian dependence on China, but they don't care if Russia succeeds. Russia has made themselves into pariah, at least in the west. It's pretty clear that the plan was to invade and take over before people could respond. I doubt that the response would be this strong if on day 3 Russia was installing their puppet. Now Russia gets to deal with the consequences and drag everybody else along for the ride.

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Current minor update on Ukraine war:
*Ukraine has shifted to counteroffense, and have gradually started to take back some places near Kiev. This likely to break the siege on Mariupol.

*Belarusian railway workers seem to have disabled Belarusian railway systems, which gives Ukraine more time. Belarus has not intervened yet in the war, but is expected to very soon.

* Looks like Russian diplomats are leaving Poland. For what, we don't know yet. Poland wants a peacekeeping operation in Western Ukraine (https://euromaidanpress.com/2022/03...peacekeepers-to-ukraine-is-brewing-in-poland/), but US is unwilling to do it. Such a peacekeeping operation would require the fabled limited no-fly zone.

For why Russia is burning documents, it is apparently to do with the recent FSB leaks, which suggest preemptive invasion of Poland:

(I don't really believe this, since NATO has huge defenses in Poland, but who knows.)


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I unfortunately believe that Ketanji Brown Jackson will not make it to the Supreme Court, as every Republican plus Kyrsten Sinema will vote against her. The final vote will be 51 no, 49 yes.


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Concerning Ketanji Jackson nomination:

Politico has named 9 potential swing votes in the confirmation process. Why they listed Lindsey Graham is anyone's guess. Like yeah, he got her confirmed in the DC circuit court, but he hasn't been showing any willingness to confirm her.

Politico article


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It will be close, but I think she will be confirmed. Manchin and Sinema have both backed Biden's previous judicial picks, including Jackson's appointment to the DC circuit. If all Democrats are present and vote yea, then Harris' tie-breaker will ensure her confirmation.

I think there may be 1-2 Republicans that cross lines to vote for her too. Blocking her nomination doesn't do the Republicans any favors in an election year where they are playing defense. The issue ads would basically write themselves and help increase Democratic turnout in an off-cycle election.


A federal judge in Texas on Thursday ordered the Food and Drug Administration to make public the data it relied on to license Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, imposing a dramatically accelerated schedule that should result in the release of all information within about a few months

That’s roughly 75 years and four months faster than the FDA said it could take to complete a Freedom of Information Act request by a group of doctors and scientists seeking an estimated 450,000 pages of material about the vaccine

The court “concludes that this FOIA request is of paramount public importance,” wrote U.S. District Judge Mark Pittman in Fort Worth, who was appointed to the bench by former President Donald Trump in 2019.

The FDA didn’t dispute it had an obligation to make the information public but argued that its short-staffed FOIA office only had the bandwidth to review and release 500 pages a month.

While Pittman recognized “the ‘unduly burdensome’ challenges that this FOIA request may present to the FDA,” in his four-page order, he resoundingly rejected the agency’s suggested schedule.

Apparently people are gonna get a full breakdown on the clinicial trials

Won’t comment on the whole Ketanji p*do sentencing thing and obviously not defending it because any type of porn exploiting minors needs the hammer thrown on them. It’s pretty interesting that Republicans are so interested in her giving “leaner” sentences towards people convicted of sexual misconduct involving children like Rebulicans weren’t defending Brett Kavanaugh not long ago who had multiple accusations of being a rapist.

That being said, perhaps it’s not best predicting if she will or not get confirmed. It does look alright in her favor besides this bad press that’s going around this week. Hopefully people take the time of actually researching each case and instead of word of mouth though. Erm, this is very uncomfortable but again gonna do some research.

If you’re concerned about her being nominated GENUINELY then that’s fine but most of the bad media about all of this is simply because of.. well obvious reasons.
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If KJB started crying about how much she loved beer it would have tanked her nomination and basically ruined her career.

But I think her being a former public defender is the best thing about her, and she was the best out of the 3 likely choices. Either way she's going to be put in a bad 6-3 situation though, especially when we're getting things like the SCOTUS invalidating Wisconsin districting maps via shadow docket with bullshit that has never been a requirement before, after staying a Gerrymandered Alabama map a few months ago because "it's too close to an election"



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I think it's funny that far-left leaning people pretended to be surprised when Biden recently said there will be food shortages. "#BareShelvesBiden" was trending long ago and everyone aside from the far-left have been setting aside emergency stashes, along with "#Bidenflation" trending. If already bare shelves and historic inflation don't get you to think ahead, then I doubt saying a further food shortage is coming will either. Then again, with threats of WWIII looming maybe that will do the trick.

What's not funny are the gas prices. Despite steadily increasing well before Russia's actions, and people anticipating rises ever since the Keystone cancellation, nobody ever expected them to get this high. It's not something the average person can store easily so predicting it wouldn't help much.

I'm sure glad I didn't vote for Biden. Aside from all of that stuff above, aside from the Afghanistan debacle, and aside from "the laptop from Hell" being confirmed (we already knew it was real), and aside from the border crisis, lying about student debt relief, etc... I mean, most of that failure was honestly expected, but he's really going to push a digital currency at this time? That's a matter of "highest urgency"?

I'd be frankly embarrassed. A new U.S digital dollar would not only harm our freedoms and restrict our rights, it is just awful timing. Like damn, don't we have enough on our plates? This kind of behavior with such an abysmal record in such a short time, with midterms approaching, just screams "we can't lose". Hm, I wonder why they'd think that...?

Won’t comment on the whole Ketanji p*do sentencing thing and obviously not defending it because any type of porn exploiting minors needs the hammer thrown on them. It’s pretty interesting that Republicans are so interested in her giving “leaner” sentences towards people convicted of sexual misconduct involving children like Rebulicans weren’t defending Brett Kavanaugh not long ago who had multiple accusations of being a rapist.

I agree the light sentencing for illegal images is not good, but more disturbing were her sympathetic comments toward such offenders. Plus CRT doesn't belong in sentencing considerations, both of these issues paint her as biased.

However, even if she was a good pick it's wrong that Biden openly discriminated against every other race and men in his choosing.

Kavanaugh is a despicable RINO, but those allegations were very weak and did not hold up under scrutiny. They were weaker than the accusations against Biden, and nobody cares about that.

Republicans complaining about her refusal to define "woman" since she's "not a biologist" are a bit foolish though. She answered indirectly, she indicated that biology dictates what a woman is. She deserves some credit for citing a reason instead of just shutting down the question. Credit where credit is due, she seems honest enough, they really should have eased up on her after that. It's a sufficient enough reason, she didn't completely dodge the question like she's accused of.

Although, refusing to answer about when life begins is a bit ridiculous. Unlike with the now debated word woman, life can only logically begin at conception. The debate there regarding abortion isn't about when life begins, but when it should be protected.

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Looks like Finland is actually considering joining NATO now. If this happens, Bosnian accession will be delayed indefinitely until Sweden also joins, which will only happen after Finland does.

There has been some bold claims about NATO accession from former NATO officials, like how Finland could join overnight, but legally speaking, it would take at least 2 years for 30 members to ratify accession, and integration into NATO system will also take about 2-3 years. So it would take about 5 years after invitation, which can only happen after a year of official application.

It will be interesting how NATO will try to speedrun this.