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U.S. Politics: The Biggest Trade in WNBA History


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After Jamie McLeod-Skinner's victory over Kurt Schrader, I'm concerned that OR-5 (which is only D+1) might flip to the Republicans in November.


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Its a true match made in hell....Milo presumably likes Marjorie because she offers a way back into Republican power and influence circles, after being canceled by CPAC. Majorie likes Milo because she's a moron - I am not even going to pretend to be thoughtful or even minded with her. What will the impact be - hard to say. Greene isn't exactly an effective legislator. The only legislation she's put forward or sponsored, I think, were articles of impeachment against Biden shortly after she took office (though please correct me if I'm wrong about that). That being said, the fact she won her primary, and will probably win back her seat in November (given Georgia's 14th district is a reliably Republican district), it gives a good indication of the direction the GOP is headed - full speed to crazy town! The long term implications of that, will be dire.


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South Dakota voters just defeated a constitutional amendment that would require all future ballot measures to need 60% of the vote, which was designed to prevent the legalization of marijuana in the state.


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I get the irony, but going down the Milo Y. rabbithole reveals a lot of disturbing things, like the time he suggested journalists to be gunned down.

He's basically a neo-nazi that didn't really bother with a good disguise.


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Katie Britt got the GOP nomination to replace Sen. Richard Shelby. She will become the first woman ever to be elected as a Senator from Alabama.

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Meanwhile in Europe, Ukraine and Moldova have now been candidate status for EU accession. The actual accession will take at least a decade, but more likely will take several decades. Georgia, also an applicant, failed to get candidate status, due to several countries blocking it because of corruption.

This means EU has now 7 candidates (4 in Balkans, 2 in post-Soviet sphere, and Turkey), and 3 possible candidates/applicants (2 in Balkans, and Georgia). For Ukraine and Moldova, this also means they will benefit from IPA assistance, among other monetary support packages.

We'll see what will happen for the remaining applicants in coming decades.


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The next census is going to be fascinating. I imagine there are lots of women and members of the LGBT community who have to be considering moving out of Republican controlled states and into either Democratic or battle ground states. This also makes me wonder about future election turnouts for Republicans. Abortion has long been Republicans battle cry to rally their supporters. Will Republicans continue to turnout now that they "won"?

This Supreme Court is an absolute disgrace. They've done nothing but push this country backwards.

Thats twice now they have gone against the will of the people with more likely to follow. For all of the Republican talk about the evils of Sharia Law they are doing a darn good job of trying to turn the US into a Christian version of it.
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Finland and Sweden are officially invited to NATO. We don't know what agreement Turkey with them yet, but it is probably nothing good.

Regardless, now it is a matter of members ratifying their membership, which should take at least two years, or at the very least until late 2023.

As I stated before, Bosnia is next on the waiting list, but US will likely force Austria (and possibly Malta) in the meantime.

I guess this is one of the few foreign policy wins of Biden admin that is an objective win.


Thats twice now they have gone against the will of the people with more likely to follow.
SCOTUS is not supposed to decide based on the "will of the people" (though it has obviously influenced rulings in the past). If anything, the draft leak did nothing but obliterate any chances of Roberts getting a 5th vote to stop the overturning of Roe since caving to public pressure would ensure that the court look like nonsense.