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(Ubers/OU) Stupid things you've seen on the ladder

I can't tell you how many times I've played against a team that looks pretty standard until they whip out their Slash Garchomp and whatnot. I might try to save some replays in the future when I see this kind of thing because it's actually quite humorous how I have to change the way I play once I find out that my opponent isn't actually very good.

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Just battled someone who uses a weak armour + white herb skarmory which was also probably heavily invested into attack since it killed my Exploud with a crit after stealth rock damage.

I also saw them use a trick Rotom-w but it was tricking a lagging tail.... As well as a Manetric tricking choice specs but then without volt switch. That's probably not that uncommon though.

A power up punch Snorlax was also used and when in trick room, it was my mega gardevoir against a drapion and the drapion was faster but it went for toxic spikes instead of killing me.

All in all a very weird battle.
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Lord Fighting

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-Rest Blissey
-Muddy water Goodra
-Aqua Tail + Endeavour Azumarill
-Endeavour Swampert

My mind almost exploded after seeing these sets.


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I think seeing Ninjask in general in the early ladder is pretty stupid, also seeing the assorted starter pokemon with frenzy plant/blast burn and hydro cannon is also pretty stupid.


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Ferrothorn w/Rocky Helmet
N00bs who use legends


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I'm using Showdown to test a doubles team and running a Charizard Y named Charizard X. 1) That's the most obvious subterfuge of all time. It's basically a joke. 2) Charizard X almost never shows up in Doubles. 3) I send it out next to Venusaur for Christ's sake.

It's been attacked with Dragon moves twice on turn one. Twice! I can't even believe that's real life.

Also one of those was from a Draco Meteor Garchomp, so there's that.

Ace Trainer Riana

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I saw a Gravity Landorus, which might have a niche, but they used it against my Medicham late in the battle

And when playing Ubers, I found a UU team.
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So um, tell me whats stupid about any of those.
You're basically giving a Pokemon an item that does exactly what its ability does. No recovery outside of Leech Seed males lefties more useful imo. Also leech seed doesn't work when the opponent sweeps you.

Speaking about a game that was created to be played on an actual console rather than simulators, the use of legendaries with 6IVs and beneficial natures is something that shouldn't be happening. You ban Mega Kangaskhan but you allow 6IV Timid Keldeo and 6 IV Jolly Landorus to do whatever tf it wants. Yeah, Wi-Fi is broken.

Speaking of which, I think what he meant are Japanese noobs with the following team: Kanghaskan @ Kangaskhanite, Gengar @ Gengarite, Azumarill, Rotom, Garchomp, and Aegislash. Go make original teams.

However, it seems like some of these things are off topic, so I may be wrong.

Onyx Tanuki

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Honestly not sure why Gengar or Rocky Helmet Ferrothorn would be considered stupid. Gengar is a pretty boss pokemon as it is, with immunity to Ground, Normal, and Fighting moves as well as Toxic and Poison status. It makes an incredible sweeper and has enough utility moves to make a lot of trolly sets. As for RH Ferro, it works fairly well as a countermeasure against Talonflame; between Iron Barbs, Rocky Helmet, and recoil from Flare Blitz used on a fully defensive Ferro, Talonflame (assuming no HP investment) will be losing nearly 2/3s of its HP. If it's coming in on Stealth Rocks, that means it's gonna be sacrificing itself to take out Ferrothorn, and if not, then it's either going to have to Roost next turn or, if it's Banded and is stupid enough to stay in, is easily taken on by a defensive Fire type or anything with Flash Fire.

As far as legendaries, why would they be stupid? They're still subject to the tiering system. And that's also why ALL pokemon have the chance to have 31 IVs in simulated battles. Yeah, Mega Kangaskhan is banned to Ubers, but in Ubers it's allowed to have perfect IVs, just like Keldeo and Landorus are allowed their perfect IVs, and just like they'll be facing opponents with perfect IVs. The fact that EVERYONE is allowed to set their pokemon up that way means everyone WILL set them up that way, unless they have a reason for wanting a different number (such as reducing some to get a particular Hidden Power, or minimizing Attack to minimize Foul Play damage, or reducing Speed to get a stronger Gyro Ball or better speed in Trick Room). The only way that'd be unfair is if Wifi players could face teams created with a simulator, which isn't really possible. Unless you're directly copying your teams into the simulators right down to their actual IVs, which is just plain dumb.

Kangaskhan, though, I agree with. It has no business in OU or UU. Ubers, yes, on account if its Mega evolution's fantastic ability not only making it amazing with Power-Up Punch, but also making its defensive variant have a double-strength Seismic Toss that can even break Blissey's Substitutes. Normal Kangaskhan though? No. Hell no.


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one of the stupidest things I ever saw was in a double battle in free battle mode encoring slacking and belly drum charizard no not mega just plain old charizard what really is funny tho is it actualy worked I was encored into a boosting move then was swept by Charizard due to the unexpectedness of it all slacking and encore why? I know that its not exactly OU but its so stupid and funny thought I'd put it here anyway since I was using OU pokemon at the time in the free battle but if you disagree then I'll remove this post
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Do you realize how easy it was in dppt era to rng stuff bro u still git my 6iv calm heatran from that game. 6Iv legends are easy and so 4iv 5 gen events it took me a but to get adjusted to it but its possible without the use of an exterior device unless you count a crhonometer and a calculator as hacking.

Tobstay on topic a guy who just loved 150 bp moves hyper beam porygonz, hydrocannon protean ninja non mega hypervoice and hyperbeam gardevoir with pixie plate and gigaimpact megapinsir. I have no words to describe how he tougth having those 4 on a team was a good idea.


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Well, the other day a person tried to set up a focus punch from a regular Heracross on me. I was going to commend the person for having guts, until his Magmortar switched in and tried to do the exact same thing. -_-

There is a fine line between guts and stupidity.
*On a side note, this was in triples. Trying to focus punch in triples is not a good idea, no matter what the situation.


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Well, the other day a person tried to set up a focus punch from a regular Heracross on me. I was going to commend the person for having guts, until his Magmortar switched in and tried to do the exact same thing. -_-

There is a fine line between guts and stupidity.
*On a side note, this was in triples. Trying to focus punch in triples is not a good idea, no matter what the situation.
Double Fake Out support Focus Punch new meta.

Maybe they were just really hoping you would only target their other two Pokemon and use no spread moves?