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(Ubers/OU) Stupid things you've seen on the ladder


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Double Fake Out support Focus Punch new meta.

Maybe they were just really hoping you would only target their other two Pokemon and use no spread moves?
I can understand Focus Punching in Triples, it's just... Focus Punch on a Magmortar? I suppose it does have base 95 Attack, but... it has so much more potential as a Special Attacker. Then, using it right after I stopped his Heracross in its tracks with a Fairy STAB'd 120 base power Round... it just doesn't make sense to me.


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Hey Uberssuck20, remember me? Krauersaut? :D :D :D :D

Anyway, you know the ladder is crap when you see Spacial Rend Arceus-Fairy. To make matters worse, it used Draco Meteor directly after... on my Xerneas...



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ok I woulden't call myself the greatest tamer ever but when I was swept by a power up punch stockpile munchlax in OU neverless I was left stuned in team view saw alot of standerd mons and was sure I knew what they'd use first so I set my team acordingly sadly I diden't have a ghost on me at the time and when munchlax was the lead I almost cracked up laughing then after afew stockpiles I was starting to worry I ended up losing my whole team 6 standerd mons vs 1 munchlax due to me not packing a counter or even expecting munchlax to be a threat at all my fighting moves bounced off it and when I got close it'd use rest/talk WHY oh WHY diden't I bring a ghost
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This isn't stupid as much as funny. In a showdown battle, my opponent kept commenting about my scarfed Weavile, despite it being banded. The damage should have been obvious. There's no reason to run a scarf on Weavile


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Ok...Giga Impact gardevoir...Im out of words.
The stupidest thing I've seen was a guy using Gravity with his Air Balloon Meatgross right upon entering battle. I facepalmed so hard...

Ace Trainer Riana

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Okay so I was facing a Thundurus with only a weakened Medicham and my Landorus left. All it has to do is attack me and my opponent wins, but for some reason, it uses Thunder Wave, allowing me to take it out with Ice Punch and win the match.


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For me, it has to do with the consistency that I see eviolite Mew. Eventually you'd think that people would realize the eviolite doesn't work with it, but nope I can go several weeks seeing one a week. Although I've mostly been playing monotype recently so thats the best example I can give, I am somewhat curious if any one else has had the same experience as me.


I had a no-plate Arceus up against an Origin Forme Giratina...and it kept using Shadow Force against me. :I

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I had someone who was unaware that you don't get speed boosts the turn you mega evolve that was flabberghasted that my jolly medicham outsped what I'm assuming was a modest manectric because they're all modest.

They was also an ubers battle where my opponent really liked blizzard, and would even use it on things that resisted it


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Oblivious mamoswine with mental herb...He really dislikes taunt.

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So I'm still seeing those gimmicky baton pass teams. The only way to win with them is for your opponent to have never played against one before.


Draco rex
-Rest Blissey
-Muddy water Goodra
-Aqua Tail + Endeavour Azumarill
-Endeavour Swampert

My mind almost exploded after seeing these sets.

I don't see how this is too bad...sure waterfall is much more reliable but aqua tail does have more power...it's like the question of flamethrower/ fire blast/ heat wave for megazard Y...I know timid fire blast is the go-to set but modest flamethrower can work...also, heat wave has that nice middle ground between power and accuracy sacrificing 10 accuracy for 10 power...personally, i'd rather use heat wave over fire blast...


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2) Charizard X almost never shows up in Doubles.
I really feel the need to empathize that as I used a team with MCX in order to place in the Top 16 of the Australian VGC Nationals.


Anyway, I once saw a team that comprised of just Zapdos in OU.

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Red Card Ditto. Does one thing. One thing

Also ran into a Hyper Cutter Pinsir. Someone hates attack drops.


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Also ran into a Hyper Cutter Pinsir. Someone hates attack drops.

...Hyper Cutter is the most common ability that you'll see on Pinsirs on the ladder. It prevents it from being Intimidated prior to Mega Evolving; given most Pinsir Mega Evolve ASAP, it's better than Moxie or Mold Breaker which rarely, if ever, do anything.


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Welp i got a flying ballon rotom W...It kinda worked since it got a free switch on my moldbreaker excadrill...But i just couldnt stop laughing for 2 minutes.