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UK Toonami overtakes KWB

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Invisionary Bloo, Sep 24, 2005.

  1. I don't really like Toonami but I'm glad that we are getting Advanced Battle, I wish it were on Sky One as I liked it having a new episode every Sunday...but you can't have it all ways...

    I cba to read through 4 pages so has it been mentioned why Sky One has not purchased Advanced Battle?
  2. Sharpshooter

    Sharpshooter Battle Factory Champion

    Just outbidded I think. I emailed Sky to ask on the whereabouts of season 8 (before I knew it was coming to Toonami) and they said they had no information regarding the programme (didn't say where it went or how).

    Well I guess we might get the 8:00am/10:00am slots booked in with older episodes now, perhaps Johto or either of the advanced ones they have rights too as oppose to putting them on in 5 o'clock in the morning lol.
  3. ♥Princess Ketchum♥

    ♥Princess Ketchum♥ #1 Ash Satoshi Lover

    I think its better on toonami and it belongs there,anyway i watch toonami alot and i will miss it on sky one but least we get it three times a week
  4. Tifa

    Tifa Guest

    I wont, i hate getting up so early
    3 Times a week o_O
    I thought it was only 2
  5. MaskedManAbsolkid

    MaskedManAbsolkid Well-Known Member

    Thinking about it, it might be once a week, but the starting week might have 3 episodes, so that we get close to KidsWB.
  6. Meh, i'm just waiting until the 10th to actually see and make conclusions then.

    I just heard the advance battle intro ^^ It rules and very catchy, I loved advance and advance challenge but this beats both of them by miles.
  7. MaskedManAbsolkid

    MaskedManAbsolkid Well-Known Member

    BTW, I forgot to mention, on Sunday or Monday, I'll confirm the episodes that are on.
  8. What on Toonami?

    Obviously if there showing Advance battle it'll be Clamperl of Widsom because thats the first episode.
  9. MaskedManAbsolkid

    MaskedManAbsolkid Well-Known Member

    Duh, obviously, but I'm gonna check all of the episodes, to see which time and order they go in, because we'll obviously get Clamperl of Wisdom, but we might or might not get the othher 3 with dub titles, but by time the first episode airs on Toonami, we'll have dub titles for [SPOIL]the groudon/kyogre arc[/SPOIL], most likely.
  10. Well the'll most likely show then in order or it would just be wierd. Plus some episodes wouldn't make sense, like in one episode Ash could have so many badges then if they miss episodes in the next episode he could have more.

    It'd be so wierd, I mean they shwoed Chronicals in the order the titles wee realised so I guess we cna trust they'll do the same for this.
  11. MaskedManAbsolkid

    MaskedManAbsolkid Well-Known Member

    Yeah, but what about the repeats? We don't know which repeat is which. That's what I'm trying to find out.

    And Sky One are showing Advance Challenge over again. But I've had enough of What you seed is what you get. I wanna see That's Just Swellow and eps like that.
  12. ♥Princess Ketchum♥

    ♥Princess Ketchum♥ #1 Ash Satoshi Lover

    cool XD Its gonna be so awsome and we will see the groudon and kyogre episodes before the USA
  13. They're not just gonna show random episodes for your liking, they start the season from the beginning.
    Just wait a load of weeks and you'll see the episodes you want to see. I've recorded all of Advanced and Advanced Challenge so I'm set!

    Can't wait to see Advanced Battle, I don't like the fact it's gonna be on weekdays though...
  14. Sharpshooter

    Sharpshooter Battle Factory Champion

    Toonami are dodgy, hopefully though we'll get at least the opening theme and credits since we did for the chronicles. Although Toonami set their own intermission times so it's unlikely we'll get the Trainers Choice questions I don't think sadly.
  15. Ah, didn't think of that one Sharpshooter. I really don't trust Toonami as a main source for new episode.
    I hate that Toonami miss out the WTP? already, I hope they don't miss out Trainer's Choice.
  16. kaibachaoschampion

    kaibachaoschampion Feather Trainer

    I heard that the US Cartoon Network used to cut out the opening and the part of the episode before the opening, if this happens here I won't be too happy....

    But then again, even though we did get Chronicles Openings and Endings, does Chronicles have Who's that pokemon of trainers choice. Its possible that they didn't show them for that too.
  17. Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

    Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior Well-Known Member

    I just saw the AB advert

  18. ♥Princess Ketchum♥

    ♥Princess Ketchum♥ #1 Ash Satoshi Lover

    I think the avater was cool and seeing ash XD
  19. Toonami ads suck. Period.

    I hate the backgrounds they give them.
  20. Not a double post because the last time I posted was 2 days ago here.

    5pm Monday - Friday for Advanced Battle? Toonami have put on the synopsis "Ash, Brock and May continue their adventure around Hoenn." (or something like that) so there's no way to tell which episode is on on what day.

    I'm not happy about Toonami getting it full stop. I hate the fact that there are gonna be new episodes on weekdays, I'm busy so I won't see them all. I hope they repeat quite a lot like Chronicles. Perfection was a Sunday morning at 10am watching new episodes on Sky Mix, this just sucks.

    I liked having one new episode a week because it spread it out over the year and didn't give us a huge gap (well, there was the gap during the Verdanturf Pokemon Contest which was just random) now if Toonami air one new episode a day for 5 days a week then the series is gonna have aired within no time at all and we are gonna be without new episodes for ages.

    Just when I thought Sky were at their worst they don't purshase Advanced Battle, I'm not a happy bunny about this...

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