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UK Toonami overtakes KWB

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Invisionary Bloo, Sep 24, 2005.

  1. MaskedManAbsolkid

    MaskedManAbsolkid Well-Known Member

    Wait before you comment, because it could be for the first week only -_- Besides, Pokemon is one of Toonami's most successful shows.
  2. If you read the rest of the thrad, you'll realise they're only airing new eps from Mon-Wed. Toonami repeat them at weekends, 7:00pm on weekdays and on Destination:Friday.

    The reason they're not on weekends is because Toonami is trying to attract kids aged 6-11 to watch the show. Thy could not give a monkeys if anyone over 11 doesn't watch it, as they're not trying to pull in the ratings for that demographic. But, as it's been said before, Pokemon is Toonami's best loved show (apart from possibly Teen Titans and Xiaolin Showdown, which have both migrated to Cartoon Network), so they'll probably repeat them ever more times than what I've said.

    Further proof of scheduling: Go to Sky's website and click TV Guide. Go to Toonami and work your way through the week. Pokemon Advanced only Mon-Wed. Xiaolin Showdown airs in the slot Thur-Fri.
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 11, 2005
  3. Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

    Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior Well-Known Member

    I do think the new eps are only monday and tuesday

    because Destination Friday only has pokemon, not AB and on the monday and tuesday eps only it says 'new series'

    sorry that kinda means that we get 2 new eps a week dosent it?

    I love it being on weekdays!

    what is more relaxing then coming home from a hard day at school, to slob out on your sofa and watch your favourate anime?
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2005
  4. Mon-Wed

    Sky's guide is wrong - Go to http://europe.turnerinfo.com, go to Toonami, Schedules, then go to Fri 14. D:F is Pokemon Advanced Battle for an hour and a half, indicating three new episodes. Firther proof? Go to Monthly Schedules -> This month, and search through this week of Mon 10-Fri 14.

    Sky isn't always right, it screws itself up for certain things, so if it's wrong on the website, it'll be wrong on the box as well.
  5. Sharpshooter

    Sharpshooter Battle Factory Champion

    Can somebody give me an indication of how PAB episodes have been aired already?

    I'm home at the weekends and it is the only place where I have access to Sky (and thus Toonami of course), my brother needs to know so he has an idea of what episodes on tomorrow so he can tape it. Although I can actually get home at around 3pm on fridays, incase of any new episodes which I can see for myself.

    PAB also gets played at the weekends, twice on saturdays and twice on sundays, they'll be repeats wont they?
  6. kaibachaoschampion

    kaibachaoschampion Feather Trainer

    So far the fist two episodes have been shown and they will probablyt air the third one today (Wednesday). Hopefully this will be a continuing pattern.
  7. Sharpshooter

    Sharpshooter Battle Factory Champion

    Oh I get it so it's new episode 5pm monday, tuesday, wednesday, then all three repeated again on friday?

    Oh least hopefully that's the case so I can tape it as I'll be home from uni between 3-4pm on friday.
  8. MaskedManAbsolkid

    MaskedManAbsolkid Well-Known Member

    I missed Monday and Tuesday's! So are we positive they'll be repeated on Friday?
  9. Well showing 6 or whatever episodes a week is a bit moronic so.....yeah fairly.

    EDIT: Also never trust Sky when it comes to names and descriptions, I'll give you some proof:

    Pokemon Advance Challenge: "Love at first Flight" Jigglypuff always puts Pokemon to sleep with it's singing, so its suprised when Whismur can stay awake. (something along those lines)

    Pokemon Adavnce Challenge: "Lights Camerupt Action" Ash, May, Max and Brock learn about the legendary pokemon Kyrouge and Groudon. (thats the gist of it, ntohing about films)

    There are way more my friends. Also once reffering Brwaly as a girl LOL!
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2005
  10. There appears to be 3 new episodes per week on Toonami.

    This week was:
    Monday - "Clamperl of Wisdom"
    Tuesday - "The Relicanth Really Can!"
    Wednesday - "The Evolutionary War!"

    Next week (beginning 17/10/05):
    Monday - "Training Wrecks!"
    Tuesday - "Gaining Groudon!"
    Wednesday - "The Scuffle of Legends"

    I'll check for repeats on Friday and post.

    FHN over and out!

    On Saturday and Sunday there is Pokemon Advanced Battle on at 10:00am and 4:30pm but it doesn't have a real episode synopsis (yeah...what's new?). It said after PAB today that the next episode will be on Monday so I think these are repeats.
    The only problem is that 3 doesn't go into 2 :S I think they may repeat Monday's and Tuesday's episodes. I guess we will just have to wait and find out.
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 12, 2005
  11. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Just sounds like their guides are 3 episodes out of sync to me
  12. Tifa

    Tifa Guest

    Wehave 3 a week, Whats gonna happen will be one ep infront of US, or one ep behind or will we rush ahead of em
  13. I guess we're gonna be WAY ahead of them. Good in some ways, not in others...
    It's gonna be hard to catch every episode though, I have a filled schedule as it is.
  14. kaibachaoschampion

    kaibachaoschampion Feather Trainer

    We didn't get Trainer choice today which was annoying, nevermind though, wasn't to hazardous.

    Tuesday before I left for college I notoced that at 7:30AM Tuesday they showed "The Relecanth Really Can" odd? that was new for the morning, wonder if it'll be the smae next week. Who can say, despite the bad One Piece Dub thats airing backwards >.< XD, so who knows what Toonami are thinking.
  15. Sharpshooter

    Sharpshooter Battle Factory Champion

    Just remember though people Toonami can only show new episodes as fast as 4kids dubs them.

    At this rate we'll finish just after christmas and I doubt 4kids will have finished by then.
  16. kaibachaoschampion

    kaibachaoschampion Feather Trainer

    Or maybe they have, 4kids Dubbes Yu-Gi-Oh and when Nickolodeon gets that each year they air around four eps a week and finish it quick with no problem.
  17. Do they not dub a whole season in one go then send it off to channels? I thought it would've been a better idea. This would let the channel do whatever they wanted with the episodes, example being here, 3 new episodes a week.
  18. Sharpshooter

    Sharpshooter Battle Factory Champion

    That would have been the logical solution, although I don't think 4kids think outside of the US so to speak (no offence to Americans but that's probably true) and because Kids WB only air weekly they may want to only dub weekly. Weird But we'll see.
  19. kaibachaoschampion

    kaibachaoschampion Feather Trainer

    But Pokémon Chronicles, that was aired here first and i'm not sure if it has gotten to the US yet.
  20. Sharpshooter

    Sharpshooter Battle Factory Champion

    Yeah, but I'm not sure if that was done specifically for the UK and infact they're are probably planning a release of some sort in the US shortly anyway. My point is is that I doubt 4kids are going to rush dubbing episodes just because Toonami want to air them quickly all of a sudden.

    Although you were saying that the likes of Yu-G-Oh are dubbed in a relatively short space of time, so if that is how 4kids operates then you could be right.

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