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Ultimate Battle Frontier


R.I.P. Ridley
My first ever attempt at any sort of fic. Here goes nothing...

Click here for the preview

(Rated PG for Language)

Ultimate Battle Frontier: Chapter 1
A New Beginning

Friday, July 2nd

“Hello again, trainers” said a well-dressed man in the center of the main Evergrande stadium. “First off, I would like to thank you all for making this yet another outstanding Hoenn League Championship. As this prestigious event comes to a close, we return to this stadium one last time to honor you all, and especially to honor those who have proven themselves and ascended to the very greatest of heights. As such I am pleased to present the top 4 combatants in this year’s championship. Please come forth champions.” At that, three young men and one young woman from the audience entered the center of the stadium as the golden red light of the background sunset shined upon them, as if to bask them in glory. Three ascended to their places upon the white platforms in the very middle, while one, a spunky-looking trainer with spiky black hair, stood beside the platform marked “2”. “This year’s 4th place winner is…” said the man as the audience seemed to lean forward a bit in their seats. “Daisuke Okan!” he continued as the crowd roared wildly.

Amongst the crowd was a scruffy teen who at this point was thinking to himself “Why in the hell am I wasting my time here watching people who fared better than me get praised like this?” He proceeded to work his way out of the stadium.

“This year’s 3rd place winner and recipient of the bronze cup is…” the man said, continuing the ceremony. “Halsimo Joranat!” As the crowd erupted, the man handed a bronze winner’s cup to a slim, but well toned man with dark skin and dreadlocks. The ceremony continued as such through the second and first place winners. “Finally” the man said. “I would like to honor each and every one of the talented individuals who made this such a momentous event. You each will be receiving a commemorative ribbon. Now let’s all give one final round of applause for all our champions!” The crowd nearly exploded in clapping, cheers, and squeals.

Meanwhile, the teen who had left earlier was returning to his hotel room. “I can do better than this…” he sighed as he opened the door. As he entered the room, two things immediately caught his eye; upon his pillow lay a prestigious-looking blue ribbon and a sealed red envelope. “Oh, that must be some complementary ribbon.” he thought to himself. “But what’s the letter for? Let’s see…”

As the ceremony ended, everyone headed to their hotel rooms to check out and continue their journeys. Most would simply pack up and continue to some other region, but a select few were about to be offered an opportunity for greatness. As Daisuke Okan, Amara Shields, Halsimo Joranat and a handful of others returned to their rooms, they knew nothing of the surprise that awaited them, the surprise Garrett Kaston had just discovered.

Daisuke rushed to his room, eager to pack up and continue on to another challenge, failing to notice the fellow trainer in his path. The two collided in a nearly comical fashion, falling to the ground. “Oh, excuse me Mr. Champion.” said the teen he knocked into, with snide in his voice. Daisuke recognized this person. It was the person he had beaten for in the quarterfinals earlier that day! The teen immediately got up and continued on to wherever he was going. “Geez, what’s your problem? I just beat you once.” Daisuke said to him. The teen turned around, revealing a tall, slender, yet broad-shouldered person with dark-brown hair and a Pokemon League t-shirt. “Shut it!” he responded sternly. “I’ve had enough crap for one day.” He started to walk off, but he then turned around once more and added “But, don’t think I won’t be beating your *** into the ground someday.” “Hey, why can’t we settle this now? Don’t think you’re prepared or something?” Daisuke replied in a confident tone (though he was rather intimidated at the thought of having “his *** beaten into the ground”. “I just want to get out of here for now, but I won’t forget that battle until we’re even. And mark my words, I’ll avenge myself sooner than you think.” said the teen, starting to run off again. “Uh…okay, bye.” Daisuke yelled to him. “Well, he didn’t seem too pleased…and what did mean by “sooner than I think”? Oh well, better check out before I get charged.” he thought to himself as he ran off the rest of the way to his room.

When he finally arrived, he was nearly out of breath. After several seconds of heavy breathing, he inserted a card key into the electronic lock on the door marked “413”, and then entered. As with the teen he had encountered, a blue ribbon and a red letter on his pillow immediately caught his attention.

At this time, a serious looking girl with long, light brown hair and an athletic-looking man with dark skin were also just returning to their respective rooms. They too noticed the objects on their pillows. Closer investigation confirmed the ribbons to indeed be the commemorative prizes the man at the stadium had promised everyone. However, they were still unsure of the letter. One by one, they opened theirs to reveal something that none of them expected.

To the recipient of this letter,

You have been cordially invited to attend the first annual Ultimate Battle Frontier Challenge. This is a once in a lifetime event in which some of the most skilled Pokemon trainers in the nation shall battle for supremacy over each other in a variety of settings and battle styles. This occasion shall take place at the Battle Frontier grounds from Sunday, July 11th-Saturday, July 19th. Hotel lodging, food, and medical services will be provided during this time free of charge. A ferry to the islands will depart at 10:00 AM on Sunday, July 11th from the Lilycove City Port. In order to board, please present the enclosed ticket. Further rules and regulations will be explained upon arrival.

Remember, only the greatest up-and-coming trainers in the nation are being invited, so consider yourself a truly skilled trainer to have received this letter. We hope to see you there in what is to be one of the greatest challenges a trainer shall ever face.

Sincerely, Scott Sansberg, owner and founder of Battle Frontier

P.S. Please RSVP by Monday, July 5th by calling the following number:

(518) 555-9721

They couldn’t believe their eyes. Not only had the supposedly defunct Battle Frontier returned, but they were actually invited for its first ever grand tournament! “Ay, these people seem to think I’m pretty good, yah. Hehe…” said the dark skinned man, Halsimo Joranat, confidently in what sounded like a cross between a Jamaican and Canadian accent. “At last…I’m worthy.” said the girl, Amara Shields, with a grin on her face. “Aw yeah!!! This rocks! Watch out, because here comes the greatest trainer ever!!!” exclaimed Daisuke.​

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated (I already know I need to increase chapter lengths). Chapter 2: [SPOIL]The Bonds of Trainers[/SPOIL] should be up tommoro or Thursday.
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R.I.P. Ridley
I apologize to all three of you for being late, here's Chapter 2

Ultimate Battle Frontier: Chapter 2
The Bonds of Trainers

Friday, July 2nd

Outside of Evergrande City, the teen Daisuke had encountered earlier came to a halt. Exhausted, he took of his green-brown backpack and sat on a nearby rock. It was nearly night now, as the last traces of red and yellow disappeared over the cliffside to his right. The seemingly endless ocean over the cliffside grew darker, yet maintained a mysterious sparkle as a Seadra leaped out of the water, startling a nearby group of Wingull. The teen detached six pokeballs from his belt and said “Come on out guys.” as he released the Pokemon inside two by two.

From the beams released by the pokeballs materialized a Typhlosion, a Sceptile, a Ludicolo (which proceeded to do a little jig), a red Gyarados, a Grumpig and a Salamence. “I can’t believe you.” the Gyarados told him “You failed us.” “Don’t feel too bad.” the Grumpig commented “You did as well as you could, Garrett. Besides, you still made it to 8th place.” “I’m sorry, but I don’t care. That’s not enough for me, and that last battle was just embarrassing.” he responded. “Yes, I must admit I expected more out of that battle, Garrett.” said the Salamence. “Yeah, 4 to 6? And what’s with you letting me get owned by an Octillery?” added the Sceptile. “How was I supposed to know it knew flamethrower?” responded Garrett. “Besides, we could’ve beaten that thing easily if you weren’t so distracted by yourself on the big screen. Then again, seeing you run in circles with an Octillery latched onto your head was almost worth it.” “It doesn’t matter.” the Typhlosion interjected. “The past is over, so what’s our next goal?” “Ludicolo!” Garrett called out. “You’ll want to pay attention too.” At this the Ludicolo stopped moonwalking and stood erect, focusing intently on Garret. “Now, to answer Pyro’s question.” Garrett continued. “I’ve received a very special letter from…” “Oooooooh, are you and Amara finally getting together?” Ludicolo interrupted, making kissing gestures. Garret stared blankly at the Water and Grass type for a couple of seconds, then said “Um, no. Actually it’s a letter from Scott, the owner of the Battle Frontier. I’ve been invited to a grand event there.” His Pokemon gasped with excitement. “This is bigger than anything that even my old Pokemon have ever faced. Do you all think we can do it?”

His Pokemon responded in different ways, but “Hell yeah!” was the general consensus.

“It’s time to kick some *** and take some names!” the Gyarados added. “Excellent. Oh, do you all think you can work together with my old friends?” Garrett asked. Ludicolo, who had gone back to dancing, turned around and said “Huh? What old friends?” “You know, his Blastoise and Machamp and Crobat and all those other Pokemon he’s told us about Grumpig said. “Meh, whatever, as long as I can still whoop everyone.” said Sceptile. “Okay, one more question. Gyarados, Salamence, we’ve got to get to Lilycove ASAP so which one of you wants to start transporting us?” asked Garrett. Gyarados said “Gee, I’d love to, but…” “Hold your excuses.” Salamence interrupted. “I’ll start.” “Okay, everyone else, return.” Said Garrett as he individually returned his other Pokemon to their pokeballs, then reattached them to his belt. He proceeded to mount himself on Salamence’s back. “Just fly towards the light for now.” he told him. The dragon began to flap its broad, red wings while running toward the cliff. As the two were about to drop off the edge, the Pokemon lifted off the ground as their journey towards the Battle Frontier began.

Back at the Evergrande stadium, Daisuke and Halsimo had just finished checking out. “Hey kid, you get that letter?” Halsimo asked as they left the stadium gates, recognizing his opponent in his match for 3rd place. “Huh, you got one too?” Daisuke responded. “Yah, most eberyone wit at least 8th place got one. Should be one ‘ell of a show, eh?” Halsimo said. “By da way…” he continued “Dis may sound strange, but I gotta say, I tink you deserve 3rd, ya know?” “No, I still lost. And you really are an awesome trainer!” Daisuke responded. “Nah, dat may be how tings worked out dis time, I still tink you might be da better o’ us.” said Halsimo. “Bah, fo’get it. I was just tinkin’ out loud, ya know? Anyway, we’ll find out once we get to da Frontier, eh?” “Alright, we’ll just see who’s the best then.” said Daisuke. “Until then, good luck and safe travels.” he continued, giving Halsimo a thumbs-up sign. “Yah, peace out man.” said Halsimo, giving back a thumbs-up of his own. The two proceeded off in their own directions, Halsimo vanishing into the woods while Daisuke continued along the path to the ferry.

About a quarter mile into the woods, Halsimo stopped to take a rest. He detached a single pokeball from his belt, releasing the creature inside. This creature was one only Halsimo had ever seen before, an amoeba-esque black creature surrounded by a purplish “webbing” that changed shape as its body did. It had a single eye in one of the “segments” created by the webbing. “Amidromor” Halsimo said. “I tink I’m gonna be using you in real battles soon. Are you ready for dat?” “Yes, very well” the creature told him. “Dere’s gonna be a lot a’ publicity, ya know?” continued Halsimo “You’re an undiscovered Pokemon, an’ I’m da only one who knows about ‘cha. Not only dat, but you’ve neva fought any real opponents odah dan my own Pokemon in practice battles.” “I know, I can handle it.” responded the creature. “Aight, let’s see…uh, see dat Nuzleaf over there?” said Halsimo, pointing to a Nuzleaf relaxing on a branch. “Yes.” Amidromor said. “Use Water Pulse on it.” Halsimo ordered. Amidromor charged water-type energy between two tentacles it had expanded from itself, then fired a ball of it directly at the Nuzleaf, knocking it off the branch. Angered, the Nuzleaf leaped from behind the brush it had fallen into and fired some Bullet Seeds at Amidromor. “Acid Armor.” ordered Halsimo. The creature quickly became more liquid-like, and surrounded itself with a feint purple aura, as it merely shrugged of the seeds fired at it. “Now Sludge Bomb!” continued Halsimo. Amidromor fired many blobs of sludge from its body, but Nuzleaf nimbly dodged them all. It proceeded to use Quick Attack. “Perfect.” Halsimo said to himself as the Nuzleaf hit its target to little avail. “Use Envelop!” Amidromor covered the nearby target with its blob-like body, then glowed a light blue as it began to sap away at Nuzleaf’s health. “Stop.” Halsimo said.

Amidromor got off of Nuzleaf, as the grass-type gasped for air. “Sorry about dat” Halsimo said, approaching the Nuzleaf. “Jus’ practicin’ with my Pokemon, ya know?” Before he could tell what was going on, the Pokemon kicked him in the groin and scurried off into the woods. “Oy..all da trainin’ I do…and I’m still as weak there as evah…” Halsimo groaned as he slumped to ground, grasping his family jewels. Amidromor chuckled a bit at this. “Eh, you want me to donate you to science?” Halsimo said with a chuckle of his own. “Aight, it’s time we got going.” he continued “We got a long trip to Lilycove. I’ll explain more later. Return.” at that Halsimo fired a beam from Amidromor’s pokeball which enveloped it, drawing it inside. “Now, den…Go, Moltres!” he continued, releasing a giant, flaming bird from it’s pokeball. He then got on its back and said “We’re goin’ to Lilycove. We fly northeast!” as he pointed to the right of where the last bit of daylight remained. The legendary bird let out a cry as it flapped its wings and took off.

While Daisuke, in his haste, boarded a ferry to Lilycove, another elite trainer of note was still preparing herself and her Pokemon for the challenges ahead. As she lay on the beach, she thought of her recent travels, and how she performed in the recent Hoenn League. Then a Dodrio stepped on her. “Dodrio.” she exclaimed. “Watch it.” “Sorry.” its three heads said in unison, before the flightless bird Pokemon started trotting around again. Just then, a Scyther of a particularly deep shade of green flew next to her. “Amara.” it said to her. “What are you thinking about?” “How I’ve done.” she said. “I’m trying to determine if I’ve done well enough.” “Again?” the Scyther said to her. “You’re one of the best out there; I don’t see why you need to doubt yourself all the time.” Amara remained silent, her face showing little emotion. She was watching her Breloom and her Hariyama spar on the shore as her Lapras drifted along in the ocean behind them. At this point, her Camerupt lazily walked up to her. “Hi Amara, Hi Scyther.” it said. “We gonna get going now? I’m bored.” “Hold on.” she responded. “I still need time to reflect.” “Okay then.” said the Camerupt, proceeding to plop down on the sand and fall asleep. At that, Amara realized that she, too, was tired. Lost in her continued thoughts, she failed to catch herself falling asleep.

Saturday, July 3rd

When she opened her eyes again, the sun was bright and the sky was blue. She sprung up, awakening the Scyther she didn’t even realize was leaning on her. “Damn!” she said. “How could I have fallen asleep? We have to get to Lilycove!” “Mwha… What’s happening in Lilycove?” her Scyther said lazily. Amara had not yet told her Pokemon of the Battle Frontier. She said “I’ll tell you all later. For now, everyone return.” She returned all of her Pokemon, still asleep on the beach, to their pokeballs, grabbed her red and black backpack and rushed to the nearby public restroom to change.

As she stood in front of the bathroom mirror, brushing the last of the sand out of her long, brown hair, she stared at herself. There was nothing out of the ordinary about her, the same green eyes, the same red sleeveless shirt she wore on a regular basis, the same general lack of emotion. Yet she still stared. After a few more seconds, she said to herself “I won’t let myself be defeated again. Not by some Halsimo guy, not by Garrett, not by anyone. This is one opportunity I can’t waste. I…must serve my Pokemon well.” After stretching to wake herself up a bit more, she exited the restroom and grabbed a quick bite to eat at a nearby outdoor restaurant.

Now fully prepared to embark, she returned to the beach. Approaching the shore, she began to detach a single pokeball from her belt and enlarge it in her hand. “Come on out Lapras!” she said, opening it and releasing the large, blue transport Pokemon into the water. “Hello again Amara.” it said to her. “Did you do well in the league?” “I think so…but I could’ve done better.” Amara said as proceeded to climb upon its back. “I’ll tell you about it later. We have to get going now.” As her Pokemon looked at her from behind its shoulder, she pulled a compass out of her backpack and pointed a finger in what it indicated to be northeast. “We’re heading to Lilycove.” she said. “Very well.” her Pokemon responded. The Lapras maneuvered itself away from the shore, and began to swim out to sea.

All en route to Lilycove City, these trainers eagerly looked ahead to the future. Though unaware of the challenges they were soon to face, they readied themselves and their Pokemon as much as they could during the coming week. When the day finally came to depart, they were prepared to show their skills and battle with all their heart…​

Sorry it's also short. I was already about finished when I posted Chapter 1.

Chapter 3 is [SPOIL]Battling Begins[/SPOIL]. It's looking to be much longer and better than these first two, so look out for it.
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Air Dragon

Ha, ha... not.
Not too bad, in my opinion. however, i've a few problems i'd like to point out:
1. could you please align the text to the left or justify?
2. please describe the characters we don't know some more, i.e. the trainers and Amidromor (what type is he meant to be? even if it is an unaspected pokemon, you could at least tell us it's type or species name).
3. slang should be spelt right and used only in speech. proper words should be spelt as such.

otherwise, not bad. i'll be checking in from time to time with comments, so keep it up!


R.I.P. Ridley
I'm afraid, due to an inability to access my computer, chapter 3 is going to be rather late.

Shiny Mightyena, I'd respond to that post, but I have to get off now :p


R.I.P. Ridley
Yay, I finally have time to respond to this!

Shiny Mightyena said:
Not too bad, in my opinion. however, i've a few problems i'd like to point out:
1. could you please align the text to the left or justify?
2. please describe the characters we don't know some more, i.e. the trainers and Amidromor (what type is he meant to be? even if it is an unaspected pokemon, you could at least tell us it's type or species name).
It could also be my inexperience as writer, but I'm being secretive about them intentionally for now. You'll learn more about them all as chapters progress. As for Amidromor, that is its species name and *minor spoilers ahead* if you're wondering it's a [spoil]Water-Poison type[/spoil].
3. slang should be spelt right and used only in speech. proper words should be spelt as such.
I'm afraid I'm not quite sure what slang you're talking about. If you're reffering to Halsimo's dialogue, I'll fix that.
otherwise, not bad. i'll be checking in from time to time with comments, so keep it up!

Chapter 3 is coming along swimmingly (its quite long too), and I'm hoping to have it up by Saturday.


R.I.P. Ridley
Yay, I'm done! I could tell what I had planned would result in a gratuitously long chapter, so I've decided to split it into two parts. I also changed the chapter name, if anyone cares

Ultimate Battle Frontier: Chapter 3
The Battle Begins: Part 1

Sunday, July 11th

The day had finally arrived. Over 150 trainers and spectators were gathered at the Lilycove City port on this clear sunny day, all waiting to board the ferry that loomed in front of them. It was quite a large ship, about as big as the S.S. Anne or one of the other famous region-crossing ships, and read “S.S. Hydra” along the side in bold, red letters. The crowd made quite a commotion as the trainers talked amongst themselves, wondering what to expect when they arrived at their destination, the Battle Frontier. “We are now ready to board.” an older-looking sailor announced as he opened a small gate to the boarding platform. “Please present your boarding passes and enter in an orderly fashion.” The process was less than orderly, but the ferry was soon fully boarded.

The ship was quite impressive on the inside as well. Gold strips and fancy designs lined the walls, and most of the inside had high-quality maroon carpeting, creating the feeling of a real luxury cruise liner. Interestingly, there were no personal bedrooms as in other large ferries; instead there were a great many Pokemon battle arenas, training gyms, and even a small arcade and casino. From before the time the ferry took off, trainers rushed to the arenas and gyms; several in fact were left to wait until others were finished. After about 10 minutes, it finally took off. At this point, many great trainers like had already shown some impressive displays of talent. And a fierce battle was well underway between two of these trainers.

“Now, Fury Cutter once more!” Amara told her dark green Scyther as its sharp blades tore into an already beaten Typhlosion. The Typhlosion fell to the ground of the standard clay field, winced in pain, and then fell limp with swirls in its eyes. “Damn…return.” its trainer, a lean, dark-haired teen in jeans and a Kanto League t-shirt, said. His eyes, which had dark circles under them, glared with frustration as he returned the fainted Pokemon to its pokeball. “What’s wrong Garrett?” his opponent, a serious girl with long, light-brown hair and a fashionable red “Cooltrainer” outfit asked. “Losing faith in yourself already?” “Pfft… I don’t think so.” replied Garrett with a smirk. Having regained his composure he enlarged a new pokeball in his hand.
“Go, Rage!” he said, throwing a pokeball to the ground, a few yards from where his Salamence stood. Out of the light emitted by the ball came a distinctive red Gyarados. It let out a savage roar, frightening the Scyther and Breloom on the other side of the field. As Garrett picked up the pokeball, he said “Salamence, breath a Flamethrower across the field. Rage, use Dragon Dance.” “Breloom, Mach Punch Rage. Scyther, fly above to dodge, then Silver Wind on Rage.” Amara responded.

While Rage began to perform a strange dance, Salamence emitted a stream of flames across the arena. Scyther dodged the flames by flying above them, but as Breloom attempted a Mach Punch the stream caught it, causing it to stumble to the ground a bit burnt on its left side. The Gyarados now glowed a faint green from its mysterious dance, as it was struck by a torrent of silver energy from the Scyther. “Rage, Thrash Scyther.” its trainer said. “Dodge” replied Scyther’s trainer. Gyarados started to Thrash around wildly in Scyther’s direction, but the Mantis Pokemon swiftly moved out of the way. “Breloom, use spore on Rage.” “Salamence, Dragon Claw on Scyther.” While Breloom lulled the haplessly raging Gyarados to sleep, Salamence was able to catch Scyther off guard with a powerful blow from its right claw. As the bug-type flew back to the ground a few yards back, Garrett told his Pokemon “Now Flamethrower on it.” “Scyther, no!” yelped Amara as her Pokemon became engulfed in the orange-red flames. When Salamence’s attack ended, a severely charred Scyther lay on the ground. It tried to get up, but fell back again, fainted.

“Return…” she said with solemn sadness. Her head was tilted towards the ground as she returned her Scyther. “Well, now who’s losing their composure?” said Garrett. “While even I must admit you’re an excellent trainer, I will simply not allow myself to be defeated by the likes of you.” “Like you lost to me last year in the Johto League?” Amara said with an angry smirk. “Don’t go there. The past is over, so let’s just finish this.” replied Garrett. “Fine then, go Milotic!” said his opponent as she twirled around and threw a Net Ball onto the field. She actually looked quite pretty doing this, but Garrett was hardly focusing on that kind of thing. Out of the ball appeared a beautiful flesh tone sea snake with a mermaid-like tail, a Milotic. “Milotic, Ice Beam to Salamence.” it was commanded. “Dodge it.” replied Garrett. The dragon barely managed to dodge the beam of freezing energy. “Now wake Rage up with a Dragon Claw.” The dragon once again charged its claw with dragon-type energy, this time swinging at his own partner. It didn’t appear too damaging, and though it stirred, it didn’t quite awaken the giant, red behemoth. “He’s attacking his own Pokemon to wake it up? That takes guts, but I’ll still have to exploit that.” thought Amara to herself.

“Milotic, Ice Beam on Salamence again.” she continued. This time, the dragon took a direct hit, but it immediately fell to the ground. It wasn’t knocked out quite yet, but it was heavily damaged, and was shivering violently. “Milotic, Ice Beam on it again, Breloom, use Spore on it.” “Use Hyper Beam on Breloom! Rage, if you can wake up use Hyper Beam on Milotic.” Breloom, who until now had been taking it easy, released a cloud of Spores at Salamence while Milotic charged up yet another Ice Beam and Salamence charged a Hyper Beam. At nearly the same time Salamence and Milotic released their attacks. As he fell asleep, Salamence, struggling to move its head against its own shivering, hit the close-range Breloom first, inflicting quite a good hit and nearly knocking out the already damaged mushroom. The Ice Beam then hit the dragon, encasing it in a chunk of ice. But while Milotic fired the beam, it failed to notice Rage awakening from its slumber. The atrocious Pokemon, still boosted by its earlier Dragon Dance, quickly charged a large amount of energy in its mouth, then fired it directly at Milotic just as it had finished its Ice Beam attack. When the smoke cleared from the blast’s impact, the tender Pokemon lay on the ground, appearing heavily damaged. As it got up, it revealed a mold of part of its body shape cracked into the arena.

“Wait.” Garrett exclaimed. “Has Salamence fainted?” “Milotic, break Salamence out of the ice with Iron Tail.” Amara commanded. Garrett was surprised at Amara’s helpfulness, as she usually was focused only on winning and staying ahead of her opponent. The Pokemon approached its target, then charged its tail with steel energy and struck the ice, shattering a large amount of it. Salamence’s head now penetrated the ice, as it slowly drooped down as far as it could. It’s eyes were still closed from the spore attack. “I’m not sure.” Amara said. “It could still be asleep from the Spores.” “It doesn’t matter.” Garrett replied. “Salamence, return.” Garrett maneuvered himself to the left of his Pokemon, then fired a beam from a pokeball at its head, drawing the dragon-type inside and leaving a half-shattered case of ice remaining on the field. Amara smiled a bit, somewhat impressed by the compassion Garrett showed for his battling partner. “Now then.” said Garrett. “I may be down to just one Pokemon, but I’m still destined to win, so let’s finish this.” “Fine, I’ll show you how I make my own destiny.” Amara responded.

“Breloom, use Spore. Milotic, use Recover.” “Fan Breloom with your tail!” Milotic began to glow white as Breloom released yet another Spore cloud. Gyarados countered the grass and fighting-type by turning around and creating some powerful gusts with its broad tail. A few particles may have still contacted Rage, but a majority was sent back in Breloom.’s direction, where they simply fell to the ground. As this occurred, Milotic’s white glowing began to fade as it completed recovering itself, now looking much more fit for battle. “Now use Thrash!” “Breloom, dodge with Mach Punch.” Breloom, closest to the angry red serpent, tried to pull its command off, but already quite exhausted, it was unable to dodge in time as Rage slammed itself into the ground nearby, knocking the mushroom off to the side. It tried to get back up, but slumped back down to the ground, too worn out to battle any longer.

“Breloom, return.” Amara said, recalling her fainted Pokemon. Rage, meanwhile, continued to thrash about. “Rage, stop.” said Garrett as the giant sea dragon started to regain composure. “Well, it’s just one-on-one now. It’s time to break our tie.” “Yes. Milotic, use Hydro Pump!” replied Amara. “You too, Rage.” The two fired their blasts of water. Milotic’s was highly concentrated and was fired at Rage’s belly, while Gyarados’s was thick, but not fired at as high a velocity. The two continued firing for several more seconds, then stopped. They both looked more exhausted, but neither appeared to have been damaged too severely. “Why do I think this is going to take a while?” Garrett thought to himself.

As their battle commenced, another trainer wandered around the deck outside, looking for a challenge. He was a perky young trainer with spiky black hair that sprung out in all directions, and was wearing a black t-shirt with a pokeball design on it. Immediately, a call from another trainer caught his attention. “No, Blaziken!” called a voice from across the deck, where a small crowd had gathered. At this, the boy rushed to the crowd. He maneuvered through the crowd, carelessly bumping others out of the way, to find a Blaziken collapsed on one side of a clay battle field, facing a Glalie and a Flygon on the other side. “Return.” said his trainer, drawing his Pokemon back into its pokeball. He appeared to be about the same age as the trainer who had just barged into the area, but he was a good bit taller, with straight brown hair and a Pokemon League vest from which two short green sleeves protruded. “Wow, you guys really are incredible.” he said to his opponents across the field, a muscular but elderly-looking man with long white hair, and a tall trainer with a large build and shoulder-length brown hair. They wore a white tank top with blue shorts and a short-sleeved tan overcoat with a pale green shirt and khaki pants, respectively. “We told you so.” said the younger of the two, recalling his Flygon. “Nobody beats the Elementals!” added his older partner, as he returned his Glalie. “Well then, I guess I’ll see you guys later.” said the boy with a smile. “Good luck!” He then walked away.

“Now then…” announced a young woman as she approached the center of the field from behind the two trainers. She wore a red sleeveless shirt with jeans and had reddish-brown hair tied back in a ponytail. “Who will be next to challenge the elementals?” Excited at the prospect of proving himself, the young trainer stepped forward and exclaimed “I will!” “Very well then.” responded the girl. “Take your place on that side of the field” she continued, pointing to the side of the field where the trainer from before had stood. He obeyed, while the girl in the center and one other girl stood alongside the two trainers on the other side of the field. “Challenger” said the man in the coat. “Allow us to introduce ourselves.” “We are known as the Elementals.” said the girl farthest to the right, a short girl with short blonde hair. “We travel the lands honing our skills in the four elements: Water, Fire, Wind and Earth.” continued the girl from before. “Each of us specializes in a single element, and we battle together to prove the strength of nature.” added the older man from before. “I am Pierce, master of Hydros.” “I am Sheba, master of Aeros.” said the shorter girl. “I am Jenna, master of Pyros.” said the taller girl. “And I am Felix, master of Gaia.” said the man in the coat. “I’m Daisuke Okan of Pallet Town, I’ve been journeying with my Pokemon for three years now, and now I’m the 4th place winner of the Hoenn League.” responded the young trainer. “Hmm…impressive.” responded the man in the coat. “Anyway, we’ve been having double battles all day, so how about a 4-on-4 single battle. We will each use one individual Pokemon against your team. No switching.” “Anything’s fine with me.” said Daisuke with a confident smile. “Alrighty then!” said the older man. His voice was gruff, but had a determined, youthful ring to it. “I’ll start this off.” He walked up in front of his comrades, standing face-to-face with Daisuke.

Meanwhile, Garrett and Amara’s battle was nearing an end. Rage the Gyarados and Milotic were both panting heavily and their trainers were both quite tense. “Rage, give it a quick Hyper Beam.” said Garrett. “Milotic, Recover.” responded Amara, doubting that Rage could muster another Hyper Beam. Her Pokemon began to glow white as Rage began to charge energy in his maw, but as quickly as they began, the two Pokemon stopped. At that, Milotic quietly slumped to the ground while Rage’s head dropped with a thump; both Pokemon were too exhausted to continue battling.

Garrett and Amara simply stared at the two fainted Pokemon in front of them. Neither of them could believe what had just happened. “I can’t…believe it.” said Amara. “I’ve been waiting for a tie breaker ever since I beat you in Johto. Now we’re back at square one.” “It doesn’t matter.” replied Garret after thinking for a second. “The frontier will give us plenty of opportunities to battle. By the time this week is done we’ll know who the better trainer is.” “You’re right.” said Amara, recalling Milotic. “I can’t wait…I’ve been waiting for a challenge like this for my whole life. “I know what you mean…” said Garrett as he recalled his Gyarados. “Amara?” he continued, approaching the center of the arena. “Yes.” “This may sound strange, but I’d like to make a promise with you. I need to know that we’re both going to prove ourselves as the best out there.” Garrett stopped for a few seconds, feeling a bit awkward saying this to a girl he didn’t know too well outside of Pokemon battles. Amara was silent, listening intently. “We’ve always rivaled each other for glory during big events like this, but each time we were defeated by each other or other trainers too early. I want our final battle to be for the championship this time. Do you think we can do this?” “I can’t promise you anything.” she responded, approaching Garrett. “But I can assure you I am amongst the best trainers here, and that I will do my best to defeat anyone who stands in my way.” “I’ll take that as a yes then. Shake on it?” said Garrett. “Fine.” responded Amara, who was now arms-length from Garret in the arena’s center. They shook hands, then started walking towards the arena’s exit.

“Keep it up! Water Pulse again!” “Dodge!” At that, a large, blue walrus, a Walrein, fired a ball of Water-type energy from its mouth at the Persian in front of it. The white, catlike creature swiftly leaped out of the way, causing the energy to disperse as it hit the bare ground. “Now, Thunderbolt!” Daisuke commanded his Pokemon. “Ice Beam!” responded Pierce. Persian fired a continuous bolt of electricity while Walrein fired a beam of freezing energy. The two attacks collided in the center of the arena, with both Pokemon struggling to push their attack ahead of their opponents’. “C’mon, don’t give in…” thought Daisuke to himself. As the power struggle continued, the two attacks began to merge into a green orb of energy where they met. The orb began to glow brighter and increase in size, and then exploded in a large blast of force, shocking both Pokemon out of their attacks and damaging them a bit. “Persian, Slash!” “Body Slam, Walrein!” The classy cat Pokemon returned to its senses and lunged forward with its claw while the Water and Ice-type prepared to launch itself for a powerful Body Slam. When the Persian came within a couple yards, the Walrein thrust its body forward. Persian slashed hard at its opponent’s bare stomach, scaring Walrein and causing it to flinch, but not nearly enough to stop its attack. The blubbery Pokemon smashed into the hapless normal-type, knocking it back. “Thunderbolt again!” commanded Persian’s trainer. “Ice Beam!” The Persian quickly sprung up and fired another bolt of lightning. Walrein, still in pain from the apparently potent Slash attack, didn’t have enough time to charge an Ice Beam before being hit by the Thunderbolt attack. It let out a cry of pain as it braced itself against the electricity that now surged through its body. When the attack was over, Walrein was struggling to move, evidently paralyzed. “Walrein, use Rest.” commanded Pierce with a nervous look on his face. The blue walrus relaxed all its muscles, closed its eyes and began to glow a light blue. “Hehehe…perfect.” thought Daisuke. “Persian, now’s our chance! Hyper Beam!” Persian tilted its head upwards as it began to charge energy in its mouth. After a couple of seconds it brought its head back down and fired a powerful beam at Walrein. The Pokemon was instantly awakened as it skidded backwards against the beam, towards its trainer. When the attack was over, Walrein was struggling to keep itself up, looking as if it could faint at any moment. “Walrein, hang in there….” said Pierce worriedly. Persian then raised a sharp claw at Walrein and hissed sharply. At that, Walrein finally gave in and fainted.

“…return.” said Pierce, returning the fainted Pokemon to its pokeball. “Well, I must say that was impressive, boy.” “Why thank you!” replied Daisuke arrogantly. “But I’m afraid this challenge has just started.” Pierce continued. “I’ll go next.” said Jenna. Pierce returned to the back where Felix and Sheba were standing, while Jenna made her way to where Pierce had been. “Prepare to experience the fury of fire!” she said, holding out a pokeball in her hand. “C’mon out, Magmar!” she continued, releasing a flame-hued bipedal creature with a duck-like bill from the pokeball. As it appeared on the field, it uttered a loud grunt. “Start by binding it with Psychic.” commanded Jenna. “Faint Attack, Persian!” countered Daisuke.

Magmar held its hands out and glowed blue for a second as it attempted to grab a psychokinetic hold of Persian, but before it could, Persian escaped its grasp in a blur of black-hued energy. It quickly reappeared as it rammed into Magmar’s left side, still enveloped in dark type energy. “Okay, now Fire Punch!” Before Daisuke could respond, the Spitfire Pokemon quickly charged its right fist with fiery energy and punched the classy cat Pokemon right in the jaw. By now, Persian was starting to wear itself out. It was panting with exhaustion from its battle with Walrein, and was now pretty heavily damaged as well. “Thunderbolt.” Daisuke ordered, nevertheless. “Another Fire Punch.” responded Jenna. The normal type was unable to launch the electric attack before taking another fiery blow to the jaw, this time by Magmar’s left fist. Now desperate, Daisuke took one last chance. “Put all your energy into a Hyper Beam.” “Now, time for a knockout Fire Punch!” Persian reluctantly began to charge energy as it had before, only to be greeted by a fully charged Fire Punch to the chin. It got knocked into the air and landed a couple yards off to the right side with swirls in its eyes, clearly fainted.

“Persian…sorry I pushed you like that…” said Daisuke to himself. “Return.” He held out a pokeball and withdrew his Pokemon. “You’re gonna have to do better than that, kid. If you can’t stay cool under pressure, you’ll never beat us.” said Jenna. “Don’t worry, I’ll show you and your friends that I’m the best here.” replied Daisuke confidently. “Now then, go Quagsire!” He threw a pokeball to the ground, revealing a large Quagsire. As he picked up the pokeball, he commanded “Start with a Mud Shot.” “Dodge, Magmar!” As Quagsire fired a quick stream of mud, its target leapt to the side with surprising quickness, completely avoiding the attack. “Now Confuse Ray.” “Quick, Hydro Pump.” The fire type emitted a strange ray of light as Quagsire quickly blasted a large amount of water at it. Magmar was hit quite hard by the water, but as the spitfire Pokemon recovered from the attack, it and its trainer were grinning. The opposing Pokemon was now heavily dazed, and was flailing about aimlessly. “Now, Fire Punch.” “Mud Shot again.” As Magmar came in for the attack, Quagsire appeared to snap out of its confusion, but it then turned around and fired the Mud Shot at Daisuke. “Hey, what was that for?!” he said, wiping the mud out of his face and off of his shirt. Just then, Magmar struck Quagsire’s backside hard with a flaming fist. Though it had a good bit of impact, the damage was minimized by Quagsire’s water type. “Iron Tail.” commanded Daisuke, hoping the Fire Punch had snapped it out of confusion.

His hope was confirmed as the water-ground type swung hard at the now close range Magmar with a energy-charged tail. It hit its target for some good damage and knocked it back aways. “Great!” thought Daisuke. “Just as I’d planned, Iron Tail may not have done as much damage against a fire type, but catching a long-range specialist like Magmar off-guard made up for that.” “Now Hydro Pump!” he commanded. “Quick, counter with Psychic.” responded Jenna. As Quagsire fired another powerful stream of water, Magmar glowed blue as it began a Psychic attack. As the water attack had nearly reached its target it stopped in its tracks, now controlled by Magmar. Magmar thrust it’s hands forward as it sent the water back towards Quagsire. The water came forward in a wave-like fashion as it soaked the blue marsh-dweller, as well as Daisuke and a few spectators in the background. “Now, Confuse Ray.” “Uh…Mud Shot.” This time, the spitfire Pokemon was able to fire the confusing light at Quagsire before it, somewhat exhausted from using multiple powerful attacks, could pull a counterattack off. When the now confused Pokemon fired the attack, it aimed downwards at the ground, engulfing its own feet in the sticky mud. “Alright, now Fire Blast!” commanded Jenna as Quagsire looked around wiggle its arms, as if sedated. Magmar took a deep breath, then fired a kanji-shaped blast of flames at its hapless opponent. “Hang in there Quagsire!” yelled Daisuke. The attack engulfed the Pokemon, doing great damage even considering Quagsire’s water type. When the flames had dyed down, Quagsire appeared to be snapped out of confusion. However, it was charred pretty badly, and the mud around its feet had almost completely hardened. “Oh crap…” thought Daisuke. “Now Quagsire can’t move at all. It’s a sitting duck for another trick with Confuse Ray…wait, unless…”

“Confuse Ray again.” Jenna commanded without a second thought. “Keep your eyes closed and use Mud Shot.” Her Pokemon fired another ray of light with a grunt, but this time Quagsire was completely unaffected. It responded with a perfectly aimed Mud Shot, which both did good damage to Magmar and began hardening against his chest immediately thanks to its warm body. “Damn!” exclaimed Jenna. “Oh well. I’m sure it can’t just keep it’s eyes closed the whole match…can it?” “Well, I figure since Quagsire spend a good amount of time underwater, they must have pretty good hearing anyway.” Jenna just gave a blank stare at Daisuke, shocked at his intelligence. “See, I’m not as bad as you think. Now, use Mud Shot again.” “Fire Blast!” countered Jenna. Quagsire fired another Mud Shot, but with no sound to aim off of, it missed off to the side. Magmar then fired another powerful kanji of fire. “Use Hydro Pump to blast into the air!” commanded Daisuke, thinking quickly. Just as the powerful fire attack closed in on its target, Quagsire fired a blast of water at the ground. It must have loosened the mud around its feet quite a bit, because the Pokemon went flying about eight feet into the air as the Fire Blast missed and began to disintegrate (though nearly hitting Daisuke). The Pokemon landed squarely on its feet. Jenna then waited for Daisuke to issue a command, but he too simply waited. After a few seconds, she commanded “Fire Punch”. The spitfire Pokemon panted as it came in for the attack, also slowed by the mud that was still cemented onto its chest . “Iron Tail.” responded Daisuke. Magmar was about to strike with its fist, but Quagsire immediately struck it hard with another powerful smash of its tail, knocking the Pokemon back again. “Now, keep up a continuous Mud Shot!” “Psychic.”

Magmar groaned in pain as it started another show of Psychic, but it was interrupted as it was barraged with mud. As it hardened to its body, the spitfire Pokemon looked a bit like a ground type, the entire front of its body covered in hardening mud. “Finish this with Hydro Pump!” Jenna wanted to give Magmar a brilliant plan for counter attack, but she couldn’t think of anything as her Pokemon partner was drenched with a huge torrent of water. When the attack ended, Magmar was still standing erect, the mud completely washed off. It teetered a bit, grunted, and then fainted flat on its face. Hearing this, Quagsire opened its eyes. It was absolutely exhausted by now, but it was just happy to have come out victorious.

“Sorry Magmar…” said Jenna, returning the beaten fire type to its pokeball. “Well, you certainly proved me wrong. That’s got to be one of the best shows of resourcefulness I’ve ever seen. However, you’ll need more than that to beat us all.” “Bring it on!” said Daisuke with his usual enthusiasm. “Very well. I shall battle you next” said Sheba, still standing behind the field alongside Pierce and Felix. She approached Jenna’s spot at the end of the field as Jenna returned to her comrades. “I must warn you” Sheba said sternly. “I may be young, but do not underestimate my Pokemon and I, or the power of the wind element.” Impressed by her attitude, Daisuke simply said. “Alright, let’s do this.”

And there you have the first of many battle-oriented chapters. Part 2 should be up by at least the 23rd.
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DUDE. This fic, like, owns. Your grammar and spelling were both great, and I think it's a really cool story. I love it, keep it up.^_^

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Myay, Me twin likes this fic! I havn't had much time to work on chapter 4 (due to life, responsibilities, and Fire Emblem:path of Radiance) but what I'm over halfway, and what I've gotten so far is just about the best stuff yet (IMO, anyway :p).


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Sorry this took so damn long, it would've been up a week ago but I, um...forgot...

Ultimate Battle Frontier: Chapter 4
The Battle Begins: Part 2

“Very well, go Altaria!” Sheba responded, releasing a powerful-looking Altaria into the air. “Arial Ace.” she commanded. The Humming Pokemon vanished in a flash. “Quagsire, dodge.” Quagsire mustered the energy to jump to the side as Altaria reappeared, but the speed and accuracy of the Arial Ace attack was too much, and the water-ground type was rammed to the ground as the dragon-flying type rose back into the air. Quagsire reluctantly rose back to its feet. It wasn’t fainted just yet, but it was evidently very low on health, and even worse on energy.

“Quagsire, you’ve done a great job, return.” Daisuke said reaching for Quagsire’s pokeball. “You’re just giving up?” interrupted Sheba. “It could at least force my Altaria to use some energy.” “Yeah, but it’s not worth it.” Daisuke responded, continuing to withdraw the Pokemon. “Quagsire’s obviously done as far as any real battling, so it’s better off not getting hurt anymore. Now then…” Daisuke grabbed another Pokeball from his waist. “Go, Swellow!” A dark-blue bird Pokemon, about half the size of Altaria, was released into the air on Daisuke’s side of the field. “A Swellow? I’m sorry, but a weakling like that could never triumph over the power of an Altaria.” Sheba commented. “I wouldn’t be so sure of myself if I were you.” Daisuke responded with a confident grin. “I just might have a few tricks up my sleeve.”

“Arial Ace!” both trainers commanded at once. The two flying-types disappeared from sight. Over the next few seconds the trainers caught small glimpses of them as they rushed throughout the air, recklessly attempting to hit one another. They eventually reappeared, each on the opposite side of the field from which they started, both realizing they couldn’t hit their opponent that way. “Thunderbolt” Altaria began to cackle with electricity “Swellow, dodge” The bird swiftly dodged the bolt of lightning fired at it. “Now, Hidden Power!” Swellow’s eyes glowed as several orbs of white energy formed around it in a horizontal circle. The orbs were then fired at Altaria, who appeared to be hit particularly hard. “Damn!” Sheba thought to herself. “That Hidden Power attack must actually strong against Altaria. Oh well, we’re still the stronger team, I’ll show him that.”

“Dragon Breath” she commanded. “Arial Ace!” countered Daisuke. Altaria breathed a fiery green blaze at Swellow, but the speedy Pokemon simply disappeared again, and rammed into Altaria’s side for a decent hit. “Now Steel Wing!” “Thunderbolt.” Swellow rammed its opponent with steel-charged wings, scoring another good hit, but Altaria quickly countered with a potent electric attack. Swellow cried out in pain as the attack, which it appeared to be conducting quite well, surged through its veins. “Now Dragon Breath.” “Hidden Power.” Altaria then enveloped the smaller flying type in a torrent of green fire. Swellow fell to the ground on Daisuke’s side of the field. It was stunned, but charged and fired another Hidden Power. “Altaria, dodge!” But it was too late, the energy orbs hit Altaria for what appeared to be even more effective than the last Hidden Power. “Sky Attack!” commanded Sheba. “Dodge it with Arial Ace!” Altaria flew backwards to create some more distance, then began a dive bomb towards the still grounded Swellow. As it began flaming with flying type energy, Swellow prepared to use another Arial Ace, but just as it was about to pull the move off it stopped, cringed and drooped its left wing, as if unable to move it. “This isn’t good…it’s wing must be paralyzed.” thought Daisuke. “Wait, when Swellow are weakened like that they become stronger! Let’s see what we can do…” “Double Team.” he told his Pokemon. Swellow quickly split into four identical copies of itself, all standing in a row facing the flaming Altaria, who was almost at its target. The Humming Pokemon smashed hard into the Swellow second to Daisuke’s left, sending some debris into the air.

When the dust cleared, Altaria was getting itself out of the crater it had created in the ship’s deck. However, two Swellow still remained standing on its right. “Steel Wing!” The two birds leapt forward, and as the nearer one disappeared upon contacting Altaria, the other slammed Altaria back into the crater with a glowing wing. Sheba was now glaring in dismay. “Now Hidden Power!” “Thunderbolt!” Swellow further pummeled the dragon type with another show of Hidden Power. Altaria then struck back with another Thunderbolt. Swellow took a good hit, but it was significantly less than before due to Swellow being on the ground. “I better get away from that thing.” Sheba thought to herself. “At this range I’m even game, but with Swellow’s paralyzed wing I can take control of this battle from the air” “Altaria, take to the skies!” she said aloud.

“Hop on its back, quick!” Swellow leapt upon the Humming Pokemon’s broad backside as it was lifting off the ground. As Altaria gained altitude, it tried to shake Swellow off, but its opponent was firmly grasped onto its back and wouldn’t budge. “Ughh…that Swellow just won’t quit” thought Sheba. “Wait…actually, this is perfect!” “C’mon…take the bait…” thought Daisuke. “Altaria, full strength Thunderbolt!” “Steel Wing, and keep your wing on Altaria !” As Altaria charged a bolt of electricity directly into Swellow, the Swallow Pokemon slammed it with a Steel Wing.

But then, something unexpected happened. The electricity flowed straight through Swellow’s body, into its steel-charged wing, and straight back at Altaria! Sheba’s mouth gaped open in awe as she watched her Pokemon getting thoroughly shocked by its own attack. She could scarcely believe she had been outsmarted by this quirky, headstrong kid she had never heard of. As the electricity dispersed, Altaria was struggling to keep itself afloat. “Alright Swellow, finish this with Hidden Power.” said Daisuke confidently. Swellow formed another horizontal ring of energy orbs around its body, but this time they were all fired towards a single at a single, central point, as they barraged the Altaria under Swellow from a full 360 degree axis. After this beating was over, Altaria closed its eyes and fell slowly to the ground. When it hit the ground, roughly in the field’s center, Swellow was still standing upon the now defeated Altaria, proud to have brought yet another victory to its trainer.

“Alright! Great work Swellow!” Daisuke called out. “Incredible…Altaria, I’m sorry.” Sheba said solemnly, returning Altaria. “You’ve bested the power of the wind, I must commend you for that.” “Hehe…I try.” replied Daisuke with a cocky, arrogant grin. “However, you now face our leader, Felix, the master of Gaia and perhaps the best of us all. It’s time I left the field, I have no regrets.” She slowly walked away as the tall man in the coat, Felix, approached.

“So, it’s down to this.” he said in a gruff voice. “I have nothing to say, so let’s just get started. Go Aggron!” He drew a pokeball from under his coat, and released a large metal-plated dinosaur-like creature with horns and a large tail. “Start with Secret Power.” “Alright Swellow, use Double Team.” Now worse on energy, Swellow this time created only 2 copies of itself, as Aggron’s arms began to glow. The steel and rock type extended its arms and fired several chunks of energy at the center Swellow. The other copies disappeared, and Swellow was knocked back a bit. “Great, now Double Edge.” “Hidden Power.” As Swellow charged another Hidden Power attack, Aggron got on all fours, began to glow an orange hue, and started stampeding towards its opponent. Swellow then released its attack, which Aggron glanced off as if nothing had happened. “Well, this doesn’t look good…” Daisuke thought. The juggernaut of a Pokemon rammed into Swellow with incredible might, knocking it back as it skidded across the field to Daisuke’s feet. It began to lift its head back up, but then fell back to the ground with swirls in its eyes.

“Whoa.” thought Daisuke. “That’s one hell of a powerful Pokemon.” “Swellow, return.” he said aloud, returning the fainted flying type to its pokeball. “Wow, you’ve really trained that Aggron well!” “Thank you. Now that we are down to one Pokemon each, I can show you the true power of earth.” responded Felix. “We’ll just see about that.” replied Daisuke. He enlarged a pokeball in his hand. “Let’s go, Charizard!” A dragon-like orange lizard was released onto the field. It gave a fierce roar as it released a show of flames into the air. “It’s time for you to see the power of a Pokemon I’ve been training for 3 years” Daisuke boasted. “It’s not the amount of time you’ve spent, it’s what you’ve done with it.” countered Felix.

“Now then…Aggron, Secret Power.” “Dodge.” Aggron once again fired several blasts of energy from its arms, but Charizard flew upwards, dodging them. “Flamethrower.” Felix gave no command in response, but Aggron thrust its chest forward, bracing itself for the impending blaze. “Huh, what’s it doing that for?” thought Daisuke. Charizard released a powerful Flamethrower attack at the Iron Armor Pokemon, but it shrugged it off, having evidently not taking much damage. “Try a Dragon Claw.” “Double-Edge.” Aggron once again began to glow as Charizard swooped down for a Dragon Claw. Just as the Flame Pokemon was about to slash Aggron with its sharp, draconically enhanced claw, Aggron thrust itself forward. Charizard was hit quite hard, and was thrown back to the ground on the other side of the field.

As, Charizard brought itself to its feet, Daisuke waited a couple of seconds for Felix to order a command, but then grew impatient and commanded “Charizard, Flamethrower.” “Earthquake.” Charizard release another powerful stream of fire as Aggron leapt surprisingly high into the air. It returned to the ground with a loud smash, sending large seismic shockwaves, which shook the ground, across the field. Curiously, they dissipated when the reached the rims of the rectangular field, indicating that shock absorbers had been installed for that purpose. Flames then engulfed the Iron Armor Pokemon, causing some of the steel plates on its body to glow red a bit. Meanwhile, the shockwaves reached Charizard. They rippled through its body, causing a great deal of pain. “Hmm, I better stay off the ground.”

Daisuke thought to himself. “Take to the air, Charizard.” “Secret Power.” As Charizard flapped its wings and took flight, Aggron launched another flurry of energy. The attack hit Charizard for some decent damage. “Flamethrower.” Charizard quickly conjured another Flamethrower attack in Aggron’s general direction. This time, Aggron had no time to react. It received a thorough face full of flames as the steel plates on its head glowed orange from the heat.

“Hey, I get it!” Daisuke thought to himself, filled with confidence. “Charizard, hitting the steel plates with fire attacks increases damage, and hitting the rock plates resists damage!” he announced aloud to his Pokemon. “That’s why Aggron was thrusting its chest towards the flames before!”

Felix grimaced with displeasure at this realization, but ignored his emotions and commanded “Double-Edge.” Aggron charged itself with energy, then began to run forward and thrust itself into the air at a high velocity. “Dodge.” Charizard was just able to avoid the attack as Aggron went crashing back down to the field face first. “Alright, now Fire Spin!” Charizard launched a spiraling stream of fire to the ground around the dazed Aggron. A swirling torrent of flames arose and enveloped the Iron Armor Pokemon as Charizard finished off its attack. “Keep fueling the fire with Flamethrower!” “Use Earthquake, dissipate those flames now!” Charizard breathed yet another stream of fire onto Aggron as it performed another Earthquake. The flames around it were dissipating quickly, but it was still taking damage from Charizard’s Flamethrower attack.

“This isn’t working…I’ve got to think of something.” thought Felix. As Charizard’s attack ended there were barely any traces of flames left, save the various scorch marks on Aggron’s steel plates. Suddenly, Felix’s brown eyes seemed to flare up with rage. “Secret Power!” he commanded sternly. “Dodge.” This time, Charizard was almost, but not quite able to dodge the large hunk of energy Aggron thrust forward. The Flame Pokemon began to fall to ground, but quickly caught itself and regained composure, still eager to continue the fight. At this, Felix’s eyes appeared to flare with even more rage. “Whoa, he’s like that Garrett guy from the Hoenn league, only without the swearing.” Daisuke thought to himself. “Aggron, just keep on using Secret Power!” he said, struggling to remain calm. “Flamethrower, Charizard!”

Behind him, Felix’s comrades talked amongst themselves. “Hmm…he usually only gets this way when face a highly skilled opponent. In fact, I don’t think he’s been like this since we challenged Drake a couple months ago.” commented Sheba. “Well, this kid is quite good, but I wouldn’t say he’s quite up to par with someone like that. I just didn’t get that same feeling as when we’ve faced an Elite Four member.” said Jenna. “Then again, I must say Felix is quite a good judge of talent. He’s often able to sense things we can’t. You may recall how you joined our team, Jenna…” replied Pierce. “But, at any rate, I just hope Felix can keep his cool.” he continued. “He’s never nearly as good a trainer when he let’s his frustration take charge. No one is.” “Yeah, that’s what cost him his battle with Drake.” replied Jenna. “I can understand his dilemma, though.” commented Sheba. “What, with Daisuke figuring out his weakness like that.” “Plus, Charizard is already at an advantage due to its flight and long range attacks, since Aggron’s only long range move is Secret Power.” added Jenna “Bah, it doesn’t matter.” replied Pierce. “When Felix is focused he’s one of the best trainers I’ve ever seen. I know he can bring us victory…”

Aggron was stockpiling energy again, but Charizard was oblivious to this and used another Flamethrower attack. Though Aggron was once again hit in its vulnerable face, it had managed to launch its own attack just in time. Another chunk of energy struck Charizard, causing it to lose control of its Flamethrower attack and cease the flow of fire. The flame Pokemon now appeared disoriented, and began flying aimlessly in the sky. “Ah crap, it’s confused!” thought Daisuke.

Continuing its onslaught, Aggron then launched a flurry of energy at its opponent. Several chunks hit the haplessly confused Pokemon, and it let itself fall to the ground, skidding as it landed. By now Felix was much calmer, as if the anger he had felt such a short time ago had never existed. “Good work Aggron. Now, Double Edge.” he commanded his Pokemon. “Fire Spin.” countered Daisuke. Aggron began charging towards its opponent while Charizard fired its Fire Spin straight into the air while flailing about like a drunk. Before long, the Iron Armor Pokemon smashed into the Flame Pokemon. Already near the edge of Felix’s side of the field, Charizard was hurled towards Felix as the trainer swiftly jumped out of the way. Not nearly as prepared as Felix, his comrades behind him flinched as the large flame lizard skidded toward them, but then sighed in relief as the Pokemon stopped just in front of them. Though clearly in pain, it got up, and with a swift beating of its wings returned to the field.

By now both Pokemon were panting rather heavily, but Charizard appeared to be a bit more battered. Each trainer remaining confident in their abilities, they both ordered their respective commands at once. “Flamethrower!” “Double Edge!” While Aggron began the same attack it had just used, Charizard’s Flamethrower appeared a bit different this time. The Flame Pokemon began to glow red as it breathed golden orange flames from its maw. When the attack struck Aggron, head tilted downward in a charging position, it tried to continue its attack, but roared in pain and went crashing to the ground. “Great! Now finish it with another flamethrower!” Felix was silent, emotionally bracing himself for his now inevitable defeat. Another blaze of golden fire was fired at the Iron Armor Pokemon, striking it on it’s now exposed steel-plated backside. After a few seconds, Aggron emitted another roar of pain and fell on its side with swirls in its eyes. The battle was over, and Daisuke was victorious.

“…Aggron, return,” Felix held out a Pokeball and withdrew his fainted Pokemon. “Great, Charizard! Go ahead and take a rest.” Daisuke returned his Pokemon as well. Felix’s comrades then stepped forward. “Well, you should be proud of yourself, kid.” said Pierce. “You’re the first one in a good while to actually defeat us.” “I hate to say it…” added Sheba. “…but you’re a brilliant trainer. The way you were able to exploit each of our weaknesses even when at a disadvantage…it’s a skill we all should learn.” “Yeah, I can tell you’re gonna go far at the frontier.” said Jenna. Felix had remained silent through all of this, but the way he gazed upon the trainer that had just defeated him showed a certain admiration. “Say, Daisuke?” he asked. “Yeah?” “We’re almost at the frontier…” At that Daisuke noticed the Battle Frontier, though still a ways off, was coming into view across the sea. Behind its gates were several odd-looking buildings, several tube-like structures, and a tower that loomed over the entire island. Felix continued. “…but do you say to a quick rematch, just one-on-one?” “Well I would but-” Daisuke’s sentence was interrupted by the audible grumbling of his stomach.. “Yeah, go ahead, get some food. You’ll need to be in top shape for the frontier anyway.” Felix replied. For the first time Daisuke had seen, Felix smiled a bit in amusement.

Meanwhile, Amara wandered below deck, looking for one last challenge. Suddenly, a trainer caught her eye. Near a door to one of the battle arenas a young female trainer, probably a couple years older than Amara, was leaning against the wall. She had short, reddish blonde hair, and wore jeans with a rather tight-fitting white t-shirt. “Hey, you over there.” Amara called out. The trainer turned her head toward Amara. “We’re almost there, but how about a quick one-on-one battle?” “Alright, I was just yearning for a good challenge!” the trainer replied, stretching her arms in the air. “I’m Natalie by the way.” She approached Amara and held out her hand. “Amara.” Amara met Natalie’s hand and gripped it firmly. “Now then, shall we begin?” Natalie said, motioning towards the door.

As this was happening, Garrett sought one last challenge himself. As he wandered along the main deck outside, a voice called out to him. “You, the skinny one.” “Huh, who was that? You mean me?” replied Garrett, puzzled. He turned around to find a trainer with a dark, hooded cloak on. It shrouded over most of his face, save his gleaming eyes, giving the trainer a dangerous and mysterious aura. “I challenge you; just a quick one-on-one match.” “Excellent, just what I was looking for!” responded Garrett in a foreboding manner. “Very well, go Absol!” the opposing trainer quickly released the white Disaster Pokemon. “Wait, don’t we want to go to an actual field for this?” inquired Garrett. “This is fine.” was the stern reply. “Meh, whatever floats your boat. Go, Sceptile!” A tall, green reptile was released on Garrett’s side of the “field”. “Slash, now!” commanded his opponent instantly. Caught off guard by the suddenness of this command, Garrett instinctively ordered a defensive maneuver. “Detect!” Absol came in range to Slash Sceptile with its protruding, bladed horn, but Sceptile swiftly leaped over its opponent just in time to dodge. The Forest Pokemon performed a midair flip before landing on the opposite side of the field. “What’s the big idea?! You can’t just start the battle that abruptly!” argued Garrett. “Too bad, I was ready. Maybe that’s something you should work on.” his opponent replied coldly.

“Go, Houndoom!” Amara said. She threw a pokeball to the floor of the battle field, from which a black doglike creature emerged. “Hmm… It’s an offensive Pokemon, so I’ll counter it with the power of defense!” Natalie thought to herself. “Okay then, c’mon out Shuckle!” She released a pokeball of her own to reveal a strange-looking Pokemon with noodley appendages that poked out of holes in its red shell. “I’ll start. Flamethrower!” Amara called out. Her Pokemon began to fire a stream of flames towards her peculiar opponent. “Withdraw.” Natalie responded. Just in the knick of time, Shuckle withdrew itself into its shell at flames passed over it. When the attack had finished, Shuckle poked its head, and then its limbs out. It had been almost completely guarded against the attack. “Shuckle, now use Sandstorm!” Bursts of sandy wind began flowing from the mold Pokemon. “Faint Attack.” Houndoom disappeared from sight as the winds began to flow over the spot it had stood. It quickly reappeared and rammed into Shuckle, doing little damage. By now the Sandstorm was brewing throughout the arena, as sandy winds continued to gradually flow from Shuckle. Houndoom seemed a bit uncomfortable from the particles rubbing against it, but Shuckle was relatively unaffected. “Alright, now Flamethrower again.” Amara commanded as her hair blew wildly in the winds. “Hehe…Wrap.”

Houndoom released another burst of flames from its maw. Shuckle, this time exposed to the flames, winced a bit, but nevertheless extended all four of its limbs to incredible lengths and wrapped them around the dark Pokemon. “Just where we want ‘im!” Natalie said aloud. “Now, Toxic!” “Use Crunch, Houndoom!” Houndoom’s mouth glowed with dark-type energy as it crunched hard into one of the tentacles that was constricting it, flinching Shuckle out of its Toxic attack as it reeled back its injured appendage. Nevertheless it still had a strong grip on Houndoom with its other three tentacles. “Now, escape its grasp with Faint Attack!” “Hold on tight Shuckle! Try Toxic again.”

Houndoom glowed with a bit of dark energy as it tried to thrust out of Shuckle’s grasp, but the mold Pokemon’s grip was as tight as ever and would not allow its prey to escape. Shuckle then drew Houndoom in a bit closer and spewed some purple, toxic goop right on its face. Houndoom tried to shake some of it off, but most of it simply dissolved into its body. “Excellent, now the final piece is in place for my plan.” Natalie thought to herself. Just then, a loudspeaker began to crackle. “Attention all passengers; we have now arrived at Battle Frontier Island, home of the Battle Frontier.” it said. “Well gee, I’d hope Battle Frontier Island is home to the Battle Frontier…” commented Amara sarcastically. “You may now disembark on the main deck. Good luck to you all, and have a nice day.” “Never mind that.” said Natalie. “Yeah, we’ve got a battle to finish.” added Amara with determination.

“Slash!” “Leaf Blade!” commanded two trainers, with no regard for the recent announcement. Above deck, two somewhat beaten Pokemon, a Sceptile and an Absol, began to charge at each other with their forearm and horn, respectively. The Pokemon’s attacks met with a clashing sound, and the two opponents began a power struggle as each attempted to overpower the other’s bladed edge. “Faint Attack.” the trainer in the cloak commanded. Absol quickly disappeared as Sceptile lost its balance and toppled over. The disaster Pokemon then reappeared and rammed into its backside, causing a bit of damage. “Sceptile, Iron Tail!” “Dodge, then use Swords Dance.” The forest Pokemon swiped at Absol with its energy-charged tail, but the opponent swiftly jumped backwards, dodging it. Absol then began to glow blue as it spun around in a mystical sort of dance. “Dragon Breath!” Sceptile released a green-blue breath of fire at Absol, whose dance was interrupted by the enveloping flames. Nevertheless, the dark type was glowing a faded blue as the attack came to a halt.

“Now, Slash.” “Detect.” Absol came in for another Slash attack, but Sceptile swiftly dodged over it as in the beginning of the battle. “Leaf Blade.” “Counter with Slash!” Still in midair, Sceptile swung at Absol with a blade of grass-type energy, but Absol thrust its own blade forward to parry the attack. Absol got the better of the forest Pokemon, and knocked its arm aside. It then thrust its still-charged blade forward into Sceptile’s abdomen, and jumped, sending Sceptile back into the air with it. At the peak of their ascent, the disaster Pokemon then pointed its bladed horn downward, driving the two Pokemon downwards. With no regard for its own safety, Absol smashed itself, and its victim into the ground. Sceptile’s eyes bulged out and it let out a cry of utter distress. “Holy sh*t! How in the hell did it pull that off!?” Garrett thought to himself. His face was blaring with shock, hiding his inner anger. “Okay, let’s finish hi-“ The mysterious trainer’s words were cut off by that of a young sailor nearby. “Hey, you guys might wanna stop your battle and get of the ship. We’re gotta take off again soon, and you two don’t wanna be late for your big break at the frontier, do ya?” “Very well.” responded the cloaked trainer. He returned his Pokemon and began to walk away. As he walked by the distraught Garrett, he said to him “In case you have any doubt, I won, admit it.” He continued on as Garrett just stood in place, speechless.

“Hey, your Sceptile looks pretty beat up there.” commented the sailor, who was still hanging around by the nearby railing guard. “I got this spare Hyper Potion here if you want it.” he pulled out an orange spray bottle of Pokemon medicine. Garrett thought for a second. He didn’t want to have to rely on someone else to help heal a Pokemon injured under his own command, but it was kind gesture that he saw no reason to turn down. “Sure, thanks.” he said in an upset tone. He took the spray bottle and called out “Sceptile!” Even with its injury, the Pokemon was quite fast to get up and run over to its trainer. “Here.” Garrett said as he sprayed the Pokemon, primarily on the cut mark it had obtained across its stomach. “Guuahggh!” the Pokemon groaned. “Dammit, that stings!” The sailor perceived this merely as continued grunts, but Garrett could understand it perfectly clearly. “Okay, return.” Garrett returned the Pokemon to its Pokeball, then began to run off. “Hey, good luck!” The sailor yelled as Garrett ran off. Garrett disregarded this, as if he hadn’t heard anything.

“One last Flamethrower!” Back below deck, Houndoom fired a stream of flames strait into the shell of a withdrawn Shuckle. However, the attack was soon interrupted as the Dark Pokemon pulsed a deep purple, then collapsed, fainted from the toxin flowing through its veins. “Well, it looks like we have a winner!” Natalie said sarcastically. “Not so fast, Shuckle might be fainted too.” countered Amara. Just then, Shuckle’s head slowly emerged from its shell. The mold Pokemon was thoroughly beaten and scorched by now, but it had definitely not fainted. “Damn.” Amara thought to herself.

“Okay, great match!” Natalie said, returning her Pokemon. This reminded Amara to do the same. “Good work, Houndoom. Take a rest.” She returned the fainted Pokemon. “You know, even though you lost, I can tell you’re an awesome trainer.” Natalie commented. “I can’t wait to challenge you again at the Frontier.” “Yeah, just don’t think things will turn out the same way.” Amara replied seriously. At that, the loudspeaker began to crackle again. “Attention: This ship will be departing in five minutes. This is the final call to all trainers to disembark. Thank you.” “Aw, man! We better get outta here fast!” exclaimed Natalie, but Amara was already at the door. “See you later.” she said before exiting the room. “Hmm, what an odd trainer…there’s just something about her…!” Natalie thought to herself.

Next chapter is [SPOIL]A Grand Reopening[/SPOIL]. It shouldn't take anywhere near as long as this did.
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Awesome chap. :D Again, I could find no grammatical or spelling errors. The description was great also.

Can't wait for the next chapter. Keep it up, Tendo. :D And remember: Burning pea plants will result in a severe case of writer's block.


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Yo, Tendo! I guess it's my turn to apologize for not reviewing so often! School, games and finally being at home are slowing me down. I haven't even posted a new chapter on my first fic for a while now. Anyways, I just caught up with the whole of Chapter Two (both parts) andi I must say I'm really impressed. Any errors? One or two I guess. Like:

several infact
Should be 'several in fact'

a lean, dark-haired teen with in jeans and a Kanto League t-shirt, said.

I guess it should be 'a lean, dark-haired teen in jeans and a Kanto League t-shirt, said.'

His eyes, which had dark circles under them, blared with frustration as he returned the fainted Pokemon to its pokeball.

Uh shouldn't the blared be glared?

The Gyarados now glowed a feint green from its mysterious dance, as it was struck by a torrent of silver energy from the Scyther.

I'm pretty sure that word in italics should be faint.

...mantis Pokemon...

Mantis Pokemon.

...about 8 feet into the air ...

Use words. It should be 'eight'.

Arial Ace

This happened quite a lot in the two chapters. It's spelt Aerial Ace. 'Arial' is a detergent if I recall correctly.

The humming Pokemon...

The Humming Pokemon.

“I just might have a few tricks up, my sleeve.”

There really shouldn't be a comma there at all.

...with swirls in it’s eyes.

(*Wow*, I'm beginning to act like Ouallada with his "Fics for Breakfast" sign...heh, heh.)

...with swirls in its eyes.

*char classification* Pokemon

Charizard is the Flame Pokemon, though it seems that you found out and put in later. Please proofread.

Aggron trust itself forward

Aggron thrust itself forward. Watch it's spelling very carefully. you did it more than once.

“Plus, Charizard is already at an advantage due to its flight and ranged attacks, since Aggron’s only ranged move is Secret Power.” added Jenna

Specify the range. There are Short-range, Mid-range and Long-range (which I'm pretty sure is what you meant.)

...but Charizard was obstinate to this and used another Flamethrower attack.

Obstinate means stubborn. I think the best word here is Oblivious.
Also, please try to put in more paragraphing during the battles. It makes it easier to follow if you do, especially when both trainers give different commands at the same time.

Don't be put off by the corrections. I'm only trying to help. Daisuke showed some of the coolest tricks I would've never dreamed of and this has come about by your incredible style of writing. Please PM me when you're finished with a new chapter, because this fic is awesome to say the least this early. Keep it up! Later!