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Ultra Beasts Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Generation VII Discussion' started by Endless, Sep 6, 2016.

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  1. Lykouros

    Lykouros Wheel of Time fan

    This is a good example. I'll never forget the incredible Owain from FE. However, Owain was extremely overt with his thinking he had special powers. The reason I originally asked about it is because I don't see this in Gladion from the information we have so far.

    Youth can exhibit these traits, but they don't all (if they do, I haven't noticed many instances with my 400+ students in the past). In many cases of real youth exhibiting these beliefs of holding special powers, it is a minor symptom of possible mental illness, however the symptoms may not be recognized, severe enough, or coinciding enough to result in diagnosis. Youth are also quite imaginative and the two qualities can play off of each other, or be unrelated. This can be reflected in the level of dissociation happening with the student, including how it is manifesting and how it is influencing their ability to function, interact, etc. With the strange things happening in Alola and the fact Gladion has Type: Null, it is more likely he actually does have something going on with his hand twitching and it's not just delusions. Of course, he may fall into the chunni stereotype, but I would need to see more information before this is decided. I thought perhaps we already had that information, which is why I was confused his hand twitching is the only thing pointing in this direction.
  2. clbgolden12

    clbgolden12 Alolan (and soon to be Galarian) trainer

    I could possibly see that, but instead of them just putting Pokémon DNA inside of them I think it's moreso like they "cloned" themselves with Pokémon DNA.

    And while it was a side note, I doubt Lillie was kidnapped, if she was used to make UB-01 then it may be a family thing.
  3. PrinceOfFacade

    PrinceOfFacade Ghost-Type Master

    I doubt it.

    I think she more than likely opposed both Team Skull and the Aether Foundation, choosing her own path instead. Lusamine may likely force Lillie to become an experiment, as a way to initially avoid experimenting on herself.
  4. knightwolf09

    knightwolf09 Well-Known Member

    So I take I'm one of few that don't think the beasts were made by Aether at all.
  5. clbgolden12

    clbgolden12 Alolan (and soon to be Galarian) trainer

    Well assuming UB-02: Beauty is based on Lusamine, she eventually experimented on herself anyways.

    But besides that, I think she did at one point go along with Aether and maybe was letting them experiment on her, until she saw what they were doing and then she went to join Kukui. But I guess only time will tell as to which of us are right.

    Yes. :p

    Nah, but really, you're not. The general groups are either "Beasts are from another dimension but their presence is because Aether" or "Aether made the UBs", unless you don't think Aether is responsible for either at all.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2016
  6. Lykouros

    Lykouros Wheel of Time fan

    Bonus points if somehow Amber/Ambertwo is involved! Conspiracies!

    You think they're more like extraterrestrials and they took the form of the Aether members, or no?
  7. JVLightningLover

    JVLightningLover Veteran Trainer

    Personally, I'm on board with the whole "interdimensional beasts drawn forth by the actions of Aether" hypothesis. It is highly possible that the beasts took on forms similar to Lusamine and the Lily Kids because, after spending enough time with them, their forms changed to reflect those humans they're closest to. That, or there is a UB for every human on Earth (their outworld doppelgänger, so to speak), but only those linked to the major characters of SuMo made it through to the dimension you're playing in. Who knows, though I do doubt that the Family Lilly are actually UB's in disguise.
  8. knightwolf09

    knightwolf09 Well-Known Member

    Personally I don't think they're responsible for how they look nor do I think they're responsible for their existence. Frankly I think they're alternate universe versions of existing characters. It makes the most sense to me because I doubt they mutated themselves into those things, otherwise those characters will be gone real quick without giving us a chance to know about them since 02s look like the second major boss of the game.
  9. Lizzard

    Lizzard Master Wannabe

    If Beauty is Lusamine, why Lusamine seems so shocked when UB-01 appeared? They are both Ultra Beats, right?
  10. knightwolf09

    knightwolf09 Well-Known Member

    I suppose that implies they're not.
  11. U.N. Owen

    U.N. Owen In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night ...

    My personal theories are that the Ultra Beasts are counterparts in another universe or they could be lab experiments that took a form similar to the first person they saw.
  12. goodpeople25

    goodpeople25 Well-Known Member

    The relevent characters actually being the UBs is just one of several prominent theories. But even going with that there's still lots of explanations, from her being surprised that UB-01 is there but not at her existence to her not currently knowing she's an ultra beast.
  13. Wryteous

    Wryteous Rogue Trainer

    It would be pretty great if a plot twist occurs near the end which shows that Ultra Beasts don't threaten the worlds of pokemon/humanity as much as we think they do....
    And it turns out we've been acting like villains towards them the entire time.
    One can dream
  14. clbgolden12

    clbgolden12 Alolan (and soon to be Galarian) trainer

    I feel like this was said a few pages ago, but it'd be cool if the final villain encounter was with one big, giant Ultra Beast. Hopefully it wouldn't look TOO weird, though.

    She could be acting.
  15. Emperor Empoleon

    Emperor Empoleon Honor of Kalos

    I really hope the Ultra Beasts will serve as major bosses rather than more Pokemon to capture. Something about the prospect feels more exciting to me...
  16. knightwolf09

    knightwolf09 Well-Known Member

    Don't see the need to fake it, since you and Hau aren't exactly paying attention to her expressions more than the gigantic ghost jellyfish appearing from a wormhole in front of you. So I think she's as shocked to see it you are. Maybe it caught her off guard to appear where it did.
  17. DreamShield

    DreamShield Well-Known Member

    I agree with many its an interesting concept, not much known, so reserving full review. I do think its interesting how all three revealed so far have a partial basis in sea life as a connecting theme. Not really seeing the UB's actually being people thing, seen some say its similar to people being convinced N was a Zoroark. I'm of the same opinion that its not happening, its an interesting if not obvious idea for the amount of people jumping on it, if its true i hope its done well.
  18. Bus

    Bus Well-Known Member

    They do? So far, the only one with a clear sealife theme has been UB-01, the Jellyfish girl. Mosquito Man and the Cockroach lady are no way near sea life.
  19. Wulava

    Wulava Chuffed to bits Staff Member Moderator

    The only recurring theme between them is that all three are based on invertebrates.
  20. Rampharos

    Rampharos Well-Known Member

    My theory on the Ultra Beasts:

    Team Aether is trying to create super-powerful Pokemon for some purpose. Gladion was originally part of Aether and when he saw their failed attempt, Type:Null, he decided what they were doing was wrong and quit the team taking Null with him to protect it.
    I think Team Aether decided that null was a failure because even though it was powerful, it didn't share the goals or qualities that Aether had decided they want for in their ultimate Pokemon. At this point they decided to imbue further experiments with their own essence (DNA?) in order to ensure that the creations would share their qualities, thus leading to ultra beasts that vaguely resemble certain members.

    Why do it?

    I feel like it's most likely they have at least semi-good but warped intentions (like most recent enemy teams). Perhaps they decided that the totem Pokemon weren't doing enough to protect Alola and wanted to make their own, but things went astray (maybe one of the team has bad intentions and tampered with it).

    I also think it's possible that Gladion and Lusamine might have bigger roles in alternate versions based on the fact that UB-02 differs between resembling them.
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