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Ultra Beasts Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Generation VII Discussion' started by Endless, Sep 6, 2016.

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  1. Wulava

    Wulava Chuffed to bits Staff Member Moderator

    I am actually curious if they will keep the names Beauty and Expansion for the localization.
  2. Aromatic Mist

    Aromatic Mist Sensuble

    Seeing as they're already concepts that English audiences understand I wouldn't be surprised if Beauty or Expansion don't change, although I could see synonyms for both or more 'muscle' based names for Expansion. Although Beauty and Beast is something I can see happening.
  3. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    Alright, these new images continue the thought process that they're aliens
  4. Hero of Truth

    Hero of Truth Lillie Fan

    That's quite a good theory there. Far better than the Lillie, Gladion and Lusamine are Ultra Beasts BS.

    Really, I can see your theory actually happening. It makes some sense. Now let's see if GF will really do it.
  5. Relax

    Relax Well-Known Member

    This sounds really good and something for pokémon! I think this a great theory, well done!
  6. Wryteous

    Wryteous Rogue Trainer

    Beauty I can see them keeping.
    But Expansion could be changed to something like 'Conquest' or similar if that's close to the reasoning for the Japanese name.
  7. Bus

    Bus Well-Known Member

    UB-01: ???
    UB-02: Beauty
    UB-03: Manifest Destiny
  8. Rakurai

    Rakurai Well-Known Member

    The JP website has some tidbits on the UB02s, but nothing that really suggests anything about their true nature.

    Beauty is stated as having a mysterious ability to soothe Pokemon and fascinates them regardless of gender. Its legs allow for quick, precise movements, supposedly even fast enough to dodge lightning.

    Expansion is just stated as having immense strength and a diamond-hard beak of indeterminate purpose.
  9. Auraninja

    Auraninja Try to understand.

    Since Google translate didn't give out some blob of nonsense translations. Here is what I got from it:

    UB02 Expansion is covered with huge muscles. The full power of a punch with its muscles is immeasurable. Its characteristic long mouth is harder than diamond, could it be used in its attacks?

    When Pokemon see UB02 Beauty they will become attracted to it regardless of gender. Whether this is caused by a pheromone or a hypnotic state is unknown. Its thin legs are capable of moving quickly. It is said to be so fast, it can avoid a lightning strike.
  10. 2dtyplosion

    2dtyplosion Well-Known Member

    So since were getting screen shots of island guardians vs ultra beasts i think its safe to say the theme of this game is natural vs the synthtetic pokemon. With aether doing creepy biological experiments.
  11. General Nonsense

    General Nonsense Star Glider

  12. Hauke_von_Arding

    Hauke_von_Arding Well-Known Member

    I still don't think the ultra beasts are synthetic. I'm more on the alien from another world/parallel dimension side.
  13. Lizzard

    Lizzard Master Wannabe

    What if... what if.... Ultra Beasts are dying on their dimension, starving, and on our dimension they found food... we and the pokémon
  14. TrottingMinccino

    TrottingMinccino Victory Star!

    More Ultra Beasts have been revealed, and boy are they something! They definitely look like something that need to be rid of urgently!

    Though I sort of wish they kept the White/Crystalline motif with Expansion. Right now it seems...just...no.

    Assuming you'll be able to battle them, I wonder how it will describe their attacks? Will they have access to regular pokemon moves, or will they have their own descriptive actions, like what Dark Matter in Super Mystery Dungeon had? Things have gotten curiouser and curiouser.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2016
  15. General Nonsense

    General Nonsense Star Glider

    Perhaps they will have moves exclusive to them that function like pokemon attacks?
  16. gliscor&yanmega

    gliscor&yanmega Well-Known Member

    Well this is an interesting surprise. Curious how they'll play out. Have a hard time seeing them be catchable, which is a shame, but I'm sure everything else about them will be plenty interesting and fulfilling.

    The designs all look interesting to me, and a couple do share resemblances to certain characters. Expansion is a little harder to see, but Gladion does have the same color scheme with his clothing and would fit the naming. Plus, he, Lusamine, and Lillie all share the same hair and eye color, suggesting a possible family connection. Faba shares the same stuff too so, he could possible be an Ultra Beast as well.

    I'm curious what other creatures they'll be based on though, because right now they all seem to be pests, which would make sense if they pose an issue to both Pokemon and humans.
  17. Bus

    Bus Well-Known Member

    Three's always the possibility that Expansion is based on an Aether Foundation character we haven't been introduced to yet. Either that or that skinny old guy can suddenly go super buff like Lao G from One Piece.
  18. .Aerodactyl.

    .Aerodactyl. Well-Known Member

    I don't think every Ultra Beast will look like a character, or if they all do, then I doubt we have seen very character they could look like... I won't be surprised if another Ultra Beast is revealed to look like Gladion but I don't think it's UB-02 Expansion. Even if we don't know what they are (aliens mimicking or actually aether in disguise) one thing we know is that the Ultra Beasts that have resembled characters so far have done so quite plainly and blatantly...they literally copy the official stance of the characters in the art work and mirror it. With Lillie and Lusamine being so obvious, I doubt Gladion's would be so subtle if he had one. I think the colours are coincidental and marginally matching at best...

    Gladion seems to have a bigger destiny. He seems purposefully aged down for an evil team leader, looks about the same age as the protagonist and Lillie (twins maybe?). He's not buff at all, values strength but isn't a tank like the Expansion Ultra Beast. He seems to value a more fluid definition of strength then the literal and strict muscle definition of strength (Alakazam is strong but not in the same way as Machamp, and Gladion seems to value both. Type: Null isn't exactly a body builder, but he's strong.)

    As I've said before too, I think it most likely that they are aliens and mimiking certain people (perhaps as their first encounter/adaptations to a different world/dimension? Like maybe on their home world/dimension they have different forms altogether that are similar, but have to change slightly to be here. Like they still have aspects of their original form, but also have to adopt charteristics of beings here to stay here for a combo). If they were directly mixed human and Pokémon DNA, and say Beauty and UB-01 had Lillie and Lusamine DNA in them, I don't think they'd copy clothes... Like Lillie's hat and dress is not her DNA, it's her fashion sense. If UB-01 has her DNA it wouldn't grow the same dress and head dressing as her. On the other hand, if they are just Ultra Beasts pretending to be people, that doesn't make much sense to me either, because the aether foundation seems to predate the Ultra Beasts arrival. So they'd have to have come without being noticed, mimicked a human form from the start, gained power and built the aether foundation professing a love for Pokémon and their protection from team Skull, then started arriving in Ultra Beast form through obvious portals, then pretend to study themselves while the general populace feared them. If they are secretly evil and taking over, and were already perfectly mimiking people and established a huge foundation that was respected, why come in all mysterious to be feared? If anything, they could have used the Aether foundation forms to be like "look at the Ultra Beasts, they are actually awesome! Now bow to their will!". So I really don't think they ARE the aether foundation people like Lusamine and characters like Lillie.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2016
  19. Trainer Yusuf

    Trainer Yusuf VolcaniNO

    The screenshots look very SMT/Cyber Sleuth to me, with the whole portal in the middle of the sky thing.
  20. gliscor&yanmega

    gliscor&yanmega Well-Known Member

    Possibly, but I feel like we should know who it is assuming they are all suppose to be someone. There's the matter of it and Beauty being version exclusives too, which would suggest possibly different ways the story plays out based on the version. Guzma could end up being it himself if they want to go the route of having the leaders of both group be the Ultra Beast.
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