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Ultra Beasts Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Generation VII Discussion' started by Endless, Sep 6, 2016.

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  1. shadowF

    shadowF Well-Known Member

    Does anyone think Lillie and Gladion are ultra beasts? as well as Marshadow being linked to the ultra beasts?
  2. hydrosharp_98

    hydrosharp_98 27/02/96

    You mean, we're about to find out Lillie's brother and mother - Gladion and Lusamine - are bringing aliens across the universe through a wormhole to take over the world and they have been for years?! And maybe characters such as AZ and the Draconids could also be just like them?!

    Definitely getting a tin foil hat/Marvel's Secret Wars vibes from this all.

    Let's not forget that, before too long, we could have DP remakes inbound too. Definitely gives us more time to jump into space and time....

    I know I certainly don't, and I hope that they aren't. They seem interesting enough as they are.
  3. Janovy

    Janovy Banned

    Lillie is UB-01. I wonder if there are any other characters we meet in the story that are actually Ultra Beasts.
  4. JVLightningLover

    JVLightningLover Veteran Trainer

    It is a stretch, but a little UB DNA in the gene pool would explain why some people in the Pokemon world have special powers (psychic ability, aura manipulation, talking to Pokemon, etc.).
  5. Trainer Yusuf

    Trainer Yusuf VolcaniNO

    Ultra Beasts remind me of Eaters.

    So far, we know that:

    -They appear from an another dimension. Both Japanese and English trailers show them appearing from a dimensional portal.

    -They seem to be fought against. English trailer cuts at a point which seems to be their fight scene. You can see UB-01 getting aggressive.

    -Much like Latis, they can shapeshift. Regardless of UB-01's identity, I see this being a major plot point, with several SMT-esque reveals.

    -As many others have noted, their nature seems to imply that they cannot be caught, unlike Legendaries and Guardian Deities. I wonder how this will affect gameplay, for example, I don't expect Ditto to Transform to into them.

    I'm pretty sure that refers to regions, but I need to see it in its context.
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2016
  6. Anthea

    Anthea Well-Known Member

    If that ultra beast is Lilie

    Then maybe ultra beasts are the merging of humans and pokegenes

    Cool legendary idea imo. Much better than a random beast popping up out of the blue. I prefer your protagonists to eventually turn into that legendary style boss
  7. Aromatic Mist

    Aromatic Mist Sensuble

    I dunno, she looks awfully simular to Gladion and they even seem to share a flower theme (the lilly and the gladiolous), as well as the fact Lillie already has the bag shtick going on.

    My theory RN is that Lumerise is related to those two, they found out about her experiments and ran away, and then she made UB-01 in Lillie's image.

    Although a borderline crack borderline serious theory I'm thinking of is that the fact that it's seemingly emotionless as well as coming from another world is that Cyrus somehow made it.
    I'm sorry but 'bosses you can't capture/play as/ally with' has been a trope longer than either series has existed.
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2016
  8. Game2016

    Game2016 Well-Known Member

    One leak mentioned time differences between versions and also posted a pic of Aristotle, which is likely referring to Aether.
  9. Dragon Pulse

    Dragon Pulse Well-Known Member

    Ultra Beasts remind me of aliens quite a bit, especially with UB-01's description and how they're named. It is like how scientists name planets, the same they'd do with aliens if anyone gets what I mean.
  10. NeoDude-5000

    NeoDude-5000 Well-Known Member

    They remind me of the Eaters from Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, very similar looking. Really creepy octopus-jellyfish like things.
  11. Requiem Aeternam

    Requiem Aeternam Dance like an eggplant!

    So Ultra Beasts aren't Pokemon? Seems a bit out there but it's an interesting idea none the less. I just hope they don't take the focus away from Solgaleo and Lunala as I much prefer them to these Ultra Beasts. I'm not fond of UB-01's design or even the concept of these things. I am interested to know if there's a connection between UB-01 and Lillie though seeing as they do look sort of similar.
  12. ABC595

    ABC595 Well-Known Member

    Well we know that humans evolved from Pokemon so maybe ultra beasts are also descendants of Pokemon. I want them to be similar to shadow Pokemon in that they resist all Pokemon moves and are supereffective against all Pokemon. Also they should be non-catchable IMO.
  13. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris "Danger is dangerous."

    For the moment, I will cal UB-01...

    Squid Girl.

    Also, please. That thing resembles Lillie. Even the head looks like her hat.
  14. Creyk

    Creyk Well-Known Member

    I feel like it would be a waste of design if they were just an one time thing and we couldn't capture them. Like...they have to come up with them and model them in 3D like every other pokemon...if you create it, why not make it available.
  15. Red and Blue

    Red and Blue Well-Known Member

    I get the feeling these beasts are tied with Marshadow. Sort of like the Zygarde cells
  16. TTNH03

    TTNH03 Pokemon Researcher

    I don't understand why people think Lillie is UB-01. She's more like the sister of Gladion where she tries to save him from going corrupted.
    It's more believable that Lillie used to play with UB-01 when she was younger where UB-01 would then imitate Lillie's movements after it adored her.

    Not only that but the description of UB-01 says: "no one knows whether it has a will of its own or any emotions."

    Lillie's description: "Lillie is a mysterious girl who assists the professor. This young girl is about the same age as your character, and she's working as Professor Kukui’s assistant for personal reasons. She's not fond of making Pokémon fight in battles, but she loves reading and has devoured many books. Lillie will play an important role in the story of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon."
    Lillie's introduction video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8_ewEyWTLc

    You can see in the preview video of Lillie that she has emotions since she was seen smiling and acting shy in front of the player. Her description also says that she is the assistant of professor Kukui and loves to read. That means she has a will of her own.
    Lastly, isn't she a rival of the main character and has her own starter Pokemon? So does that mean that an Ultra Beast can have their own Pokemon as well?
  17. Nunn

    Nunn Pokermanz Meister!

    I wonder if we can wear UB-01 like a wig/hat.
  18. Xuxuba

    Xuxuba Well-Known Member

    No one even questioned that. The fact is that Yo-kai watch had this element and the Pokémon franchise expressed no interest in adding that before Yo-kai watch came, just like they expressed no interest in creating a ghost sidekick that talks to you and guides you throughout your journey before the other franchise became a fever in Japan.
  19. I've never played that game, but this reminded me of the D-Reaper from Digimon Tamers, both in nature and appearance.
  20. JVLightningLover

    JVLightningLover Veteran Trainer

    ...I wish I could understand how your mind works.

    And my guess would be no.
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