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Ultra Beasts Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Generation VII Discussion' started by Endless, Sep 6, 2016.

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  1. Hauke_von_Arding

    Hauke_von_Arding Well-Known Member

    God created the world for Pokemon AND Humans. Why is this odd?
  2. TyLogic

    TyLogic Well-Known Member

    Well apparently, according to pokemon mythology, only pokemon existed when the pokemon world was made. Humans came from pokemon somehow. By that logic, it's a pokemon world.
  3. Hauke_von_Arding

    Hauke_von_Arding Well-Known Member

    Do you have a source? Arceus could have created the humans around the same time.
  4. Bus

    Bus Well-Known Member

    Maybe we're all missing the obvious question, here:

    Has anyone in the pokemon world ever TRIED to throw a pokeball at a person? Perhaps Ghestis could have been stopped by tossing an Ultra Ball at him...

    On a serious note, I get what some people are saying, when you boil things down, its a bit strange. The environment- really the entire planet- revolves around the function of Pokemon and their interaction with everything. The entire world runs due to various pokemon, so where DO humans fit in?

    The same could technically be said about our planet as well, though. The planet functions properly because of all the animal interactions that keep things moving; like bees and their pollination of flowers or trees and their removal of CO2 to produce O2 allowing life to thrive. Humans, once again, don't actually contribute to anything (other than reducing whatever damage they cause to the environment). It could be argued that this world wasn't really designed to accommodate humans either (or that humans don't have proper synergy with the planet like other species do).

    I feel like I might have gone in circles a bit; am I making sense? Basically, I'm saying that ours is similar; humans are seemingly the odd-man out when the environment functions as it does because of animals and not us (if anything, we tend to make things more difficult). So to have the pokeworld be the same; revolving around them, it's not that crazy that humans dont seem to fit in there, either. Of course, there's always the crazy theory that perhaps Humans evolved from pokemon like Oranguru & Passimian in prehistoric times. Or, they themselves were the very first Hyperspatial pokemon beyond capture and have long since forgotten their true heritage!
  5. Gizmoa

    Gizmoa Well-Known Member

    Yes, they have. They don't work on humans, but humans built them and they come built with limiters on them to begin with, so not a shocker there.

    I don't know where a lot of the blanket statements of humans for sure coming from pokemon come from, or that at first there were only Pokemon. None of that makes any sense. Do remember that in game people tell stories and speak of legends, but those in game characters speaking about legends are not actually speaking facts about the pokemon world. Rather, those stories are still just fables in the context of the world of pokemon. That is why many of them conflict and make no sense.

    There are plants and fungi and virus' etc, many kingdoms of life maintained in the pokemon world on display in full force and Pokemon are frequently referenced by the animals which they resemble or took over so a world in which demon/monster/magical spirits now inhabit nearly 100% of all animal life resulting in fewer sightings of natural animals makes more sense. It even fits in with all the existing lore if you think about it and don't get overly literal with everything.

    Maybe Ultra Beasts are raw spirits or chunks of spirits.
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2016
  6. Bus

    Bus Well-Known Member

    So what you're telling me is that the Masterball will not work on Giovanni? I am disappoint.
  7. Gizmoa

    Gizmoa Well-Known Member

    Sadly yes.
  8. JVLightningLover

    JVLightningLover Veteran Trainer

    I know, right? Especially because in Generations 4 & 5, he has that exclusive "Fedora" held item.
  9. ItsMeBrandon

    ItsMeBrandon Well-Known Member

    Giovanni is Ultra Beast confirmed? Just kidding, of course.

    On a more serious note, while I wonder about how Ultra Beasts fit into Pokémon lore, I'm most curious as to how they fit into the gameplay.
    The Pokémon Company seems most willing to put non-Pokémon enemies in spinoffs such as the Mystery Dungeon games, and not the main games. If these Ultra Beasts aren't Pokémon and/or can't be caught, then what's their function in the games? Are they supposed to be here for story purposes mainly and so are just boss enemies we can't catch? I know that's a pretty prevalent belief.

    I think the issue is that while these Ultra Beasts could just be there for the story to Sun and Moon, much like Team Plasma/Ghetsis/N, they're a concept that some people feel should fit into gameplay as well, and there doesn't seem to be a good explanation for where they do that or what game-based function they serve.
    I'm not saying they can't be there only for story, but I'd feel a bit let down if there wasn't anything we could do with them in the game past the main story.

    SOLARISENSHI telekinetic Trainer

    Why do I get the idea that as cool as the ultra beasts are it's actually a bigger part of the postgame then we probably realize. I have a theory that the Aether Foundation we're looking through different dimensions to try to find a paradise for Pokemon only and in one of them they found slightly altered but genetic counterparts to their various members in which they thought would be good caretakers for the Pokemon sent to that particular dimension unaware that the ultra Beast would somehow rebell and call as a form of Chaos Vaya the ultra Beast not being satisfied with just taking care of Pokemon they wish to destroy reality itself and start anew where these hybrids or chimeras as they're called in the French versions would be respected Above All Else and venerated as gods due to the fact that they could possibly be half human half Pokemon hybrids possibly having a mindset of Mewtwo from the first Pokemon movie but hey that's just my wild Theory and seeing as they're based around real life pests such as Beauty seems to have the design akin to a cockroach an expansion has aided design similar to a mosquito and a fiddler crab but hey this is just my wild Theory I'll update you when I get a more accurate interpretation
  11. roserade the warrior

    roserade the warrior Well-Known Member

    In the anime, yes, they have tried; in the games, no, there is not even mention of it. Even though the anime can be considered "canon" (all zygarde forms except for 50% were shown on the anime before the games, for example), take in account it also has it slides just to drive the storyline (has somebody forgot about "aim at the horn pikachu"? Or when Ash won against Brock because his onix was wet and he commanded pikachu to use thundershock?). We do not know for sure if you can catch a human on a pokeball, of course, is "safe" to bet the pokeballs have some sort of security to avoid those kind of problems (just imagine how easy would be to kidnap people for just 200 pokedollars...), but there is no real information about it.
    The question is not whether a pokeball can catch a human or not. Is what can and cannot catch a pokeball. I mean, pokemon can be inside and catched in a pokeball while having an item (almost any item). And thinking beyond that... How can a person fit a bike inside his backpack along with 200 pokeballs, potions, antidotes, and at least 900 more different items? Probably because those things are inside pokeballs, meaning that you can have more than 900 of the same item inside a pokeball, this would also explain why berries never spoil, because they are in stasis, never "aging"; or even why all the items you find scattered around are "pokeballs".
  12. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    We used to contribute things, but we've kind of grown out of control like a cancer. Though animals like rats and dogs have benefited majorly thanks to us
  13. astarsas

    astarsas Well-Known Member

    Guysss what if Ultra Beasts is Gamefreak trying to create a spin-off franchise that stars off in pokemon sun and moon... just saying :p
  14. Bus

    Bus Well-Known Member

    Random early morning thought: What if 'It all comes together' is hinting that the Ultra Beasts were actually secretly behind each evil team's plans throughout the generations? Just started thinking that since it seemed a little odd that all of a sudden a Team Rocket & Team Galactic ds theme would just suddenly appear. A Rocket theme I could see because of the anniversary, but why the Galactic one? Unless its yet another hint at a gen 4 remake.
  15. Hauke_von_Arding

    Hauke_von_Arding Well-Known Member

    The themes are not random... many people did miss that the Japanese Pokemon Centers did focus on the evil teams right now wioth a lot of merch:

    And on the same date as the Theme there was the 10th anniversary of DIamant and Pearl. That's a good reason for a Team Galactic Team
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2016
  16. HydroBR

    HydroBR Well-Known Member

    After GF retconned Magma/Aqua's plot to include Zinnia behind everything, I wouldn't discard that option.

    However, not all of them makes sense. Rocket just want money and Pokémon, Magma/Aqua are already tied to the Zinnia/Meteorite/Rayquaza plot.

    The only teams I could see being "manipulated" by the Ultra Beasts would be Galactic and Flare, since their goals of destroying/rebuilding the world might fit with this possible Ultra Beast invasion. Galactic fits specially because of all the 4 gen predictions, and the speculations about Arceus/Type:Null, while Flare makes sense because it's more recent and most people still remember them, plus we'll have Zygarde 100%, a Kalos Pokémon that must show up n the plot eventually.

    About Plasma, the N part was actually good and well intentioned, but the Ghetsis might just be. I mean, if they're invading, having all trainers lose their Pokémons beforehand would be helpful, and the last trainer would be at their side (or at least would be easy to defeat, being by himself).
  17. sheld999

    sheld999 Well-Known Member

    what if the ultra beast are the other gods of pokemon ( god of thunder,water,ice,bugs,ghost etc ) and then arcesus turned them into plates so he could use them
  18. ABC595

    ABC595 Well-Known Member

    That seems very farfetch'd
  19. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    But it would be Onix'pected
  20. J.J. Knight

    J.J. Knight Well-Known Member

    I don't see that at all. I see the Ultra Beasts as either alien invaders or inter-dimensional beings that were either brought to our dimension on accident or on purpose. Either way, I don't think these are Pokemon.
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