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Ultra Class! VS Elite Four Drasna! (1193)


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Ultra Class! VS Elite Four Drasna!

Ash has his next opponent in the World Coronation Series: Drasna from the Kalos Elite Four. Ash has gone through some special training and sends his Dracovish and Sirfetch'd into the battle. However, with Drasna using Altaria and Noivern, the battle is to be tense. Will Ash manage to get victory?

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Kalos League stadium
Gonna show flashback of Jobninja loosing to Charizard
TIL two things about Drasna:

  1. She's hella creepy
  2. She clearly didn't get the memo about Ash being 'unbeatable', because she's absolutely destroying him. Now this is what I wanted out of an Elite level trainer!
And watch her loose :(
Wet Altaria returns
Wtf Ash just used Dragon Rush on a Fairy type bruh
2v1 ?
Kamon goes down and now is back what is this
Wikstrom crying
Ash wins through Bs yet again
So far the reactions for these past two episodes have been just complaining so I’m wondering if they’re actually that bad lol
Well I think there's enjoyment to come out of how funny some of the stuff in these episodes were. Kind of hard to grasp