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Ultra No Holds Barred Team (One of my tougher teams from BW2 playthrough)

Discussion in '7th Gen RMT' started by shoz999, May 3, 2018.

  1. shoz999

    shoz999 Trainer for Fun!

    So as most of you competitive players know, the 5th generation, a generation of absurd competitive quality and quantity, changed competitive greatly through it's onslaught of unique, and in some cases extremely OP, Pokemon alone and updating old Pokemon to a competitively viable status more than any other generation has ever done.
    The 5th generation also arguably has the most competitively-viable evolution lines out of any generation, comprising of very strong tanks, sweepers, extremely annoying stallers (I'M LOOKING AT YOU ALOMOLOLA), disrupters, hazard-users, whatever class you name it, the 5th gen boasts it well. In fact it is thought by many competitive players that the 5th gen arguably has the most counters to previously OU-classed Pokemon than any generation to date. Let's not forget the dreaded Landorus and Hydreigon lol.
    It is no secret that the 5th generation is my favorite because it offers a multitude of options for both a fun single player and competitive experience. This team happens to be one of my scarier teams out there from my Black and White 2 playthrough. Grant it, it is probably nowhere near as dreaded as the average Uberuser's team, but once you look at it, you can tell it should definitely not be underestimated due to boasting a lot of strengths, defenses, counters, and it's unpredictability. This is one of my favorite teams and it has net me a ton of wins against many OU-class Pokemon.

    So far here are some things you have to know. I like using a Pokemon's "signature" move, even if it's a bad one, for the most part, unless it is really useless. I will not change any of the team members. I will always use the Pokemon I have captured on my Pokemon playthroughs for both story and multiplayer.

    Sassy Nature
    Ability Iron barbs
    Item - Chople Berry
    208 HP/232 ATK/68 DEF
    Power Whip
    Gyro Ball

    Would you believe me that you can use Ferrothorn as a last-minute threat? LOL. He's great with Zoroark.

    Timid Nature
    Ability - Compound Eyes
    Item - Electrium Z
    252 Sp. ATK/ 252 Spd
    Bug Buzz

    Actually this is more of a triple battle set I've built but he's still great at slowing down Pokemon.

    Hasty Nature
    Ability - Illusion
    Item - Focus Sash
    252 Sp. ATK/ 252 Spd
    Nasty Plot
    Focus Blast
    Night Daze

    This isn't just any Zoroark. THIS IS N's ZOROARK! He even got the chance to meet N one last time at Victory Road. Other than that, I almost always start off with him. With focus sash, it's pretty safe for the most part to use Nasty Plot and it's really high speed allows him to sweep all sorts of Pokemon. If there are faster Pokemon, that's what the focus sash is for.

    Hasty Nature
    Ability - Flame Body
    Item - Silver Powder (Might change this)
    252 Sp. ATK/ 252 Spd
    Bug Buzz
    Quiver Dance
    Giga Drain
    Fiery Dance

    It's the usual Volcarona set but it's arguably my weakess Pokemon because Volcarona can easily be KO'd during setup. It's when she gets a successful quiver dance is when she's dangerous.

    Brave Nature
    Ability - Reckless
    Item - Assault Vest
    240 ATK/180 HP/88 Sp. DEF
    Head Charge
    Wild Charge

    Bouffalant is a ridiculously strong counter to special attackers. I really recommend you guys try one. A lot of people have almost no clue what Bouffalant can do and instantly think, by it's appearance, it's a physical tank. It's not.

    Adamant Nature
    Ability - Torrent
    Item - Salac Berry (Might Change this)
    252 ATK/252 Spd
    Swords Dance
    Aqua Jet

    Contrary to popular belief, Samurott isn't actually a bad Pokemon. Swords Dance Torrent-Boosted Aqua Jet is ridiculously powerful. Grant it there are understandably better choices than Samurott as he can be a bit situational and need set-up, but I think you guys can understand he's still quite a threat on my team. Thinking about Life Orb over Salac Berry.
    Last edited: May 3, 2018
  2. shoz999

    shoz999 Trainer for Fun!

    Looking at the legendary list, the only one I'm probably should be worried about is Sun Necrozma, Zygarde, maybe Magearna and Jirachi...
  3. shoz999

    shoz999 Trainer for Fun!

    Tried specials free battle. On second thought. Just Zygarde. I defeated Ultra Necrozma with Zoroark and Bouffalant. Although a lot of opponents I beat in specials free battle seem to be mostly ubernoobs who didn't seem to know what Zoroark could do. I understand Bouffalant since he's a very underrated Pokemon but Zoroark isn't really underrated.
    Last edited: May 8, 2018

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