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He came from a mllion miles away, from a distant planet.

The probably japans number 1 hero, some even called him Japan's Superman.

Starting back in 1966. he is apart of the Toku big 4, though the only one not produced by Toei. Unlike the shows "Kamen Rider" and "Super Sentai" this show does not have any adaptation, instead they actually had dubs: The Original, and Tiga...the first dubbed by the same company as Speed racer and the latter by 4kids.

now don't quote me, but I think that the creator of Ultraman is actually the son of the creator of Godzilla.

now discuss



I've only recently just gotten into Ultraman. Nexus is defiantly my favorite so far, I do have the first 20 episodes of the original Ultraman on DVD *need to finish watching it*.

I am enjoying the new Ultraman, Ultraman Zero the son of UltraSeven (the second Ultraman)

my favorite ultra so far is Ultraman Nexus