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Um... hello!

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Lost Wayfinder
Not sure if I ever posted one of these. If I did, I'm sorry.

This time it will also double as some help I'm looking for.

Pokémon Sun & Moon is my first generation! I have Moon, I love it a lot.
Then I bought Alpha Sapphire, super fun.

And then I got Yellow. Oh god Yellow, why do you torture me so?

Anyway, yeah, I'm sorta new to the Pokémon scene. I collected the TCG for years and watched the anime off and on, but now I'm really coming into it. Y'know, like years and years later than everyone else.

I'm wondering, is there a thread to share stuff you got in return on GTS you thought were awesome? Like, you wanted just this but in return you got Shiny or something? For S/M?
Not open for further replies.