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Um, hi?


<--Watching You
Uh, hello...

I just joined and I would like to make some friends. Please?



Vintage much?
Sure Nice to meet you too

Have fun, follow rules and so on


<--Watching You

Surprised I got a reply so quick (Just went to get a sig and avatar and whaddaya know!)!

Nice to meetcha treespyro!


Hey, welcome to SPPf!

I hope you have a nice time around here, and follow the rules.

That's all!

- Woopman


<--Watching You
Good to see so many welcoming people!
Oh, and woopman...I'm guessing your favourite pokemon is...Wooper? LOL


<--Watching You
Heh, I can't believe everyone's being so friendly!
Hey Woopman, that's a pretty good team you've got on your trainer card! Is that your team that you actually use? If so, I sure would like to fight you! I use this:;389;;409;;398;;169;;405;;400;


Not really, I use many variables.

I'll battle with you when I'm done trading. It's rare to see someone using a Bibarel. =D


<--Watching You
Well, to tell the truth, I USED to use it as an HM slave, but then when I ran out of uses for HMs (Except surf), I got rid of all it's HMs except surf, then taught it return, yawn and substitute! BTW, glad to see that you accepted my friendship request! And one more thing, if we do have a battle it will have to be Lv 100 or Lv 50, as many of mine are slightly underleveled (And I would prefer a single battle but either is fine)
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Blue Snover

Cold as ice
Welcome to the forums.

If you need help navigating the place, try the adopt a newbie agency, you're bound to find someone there.


<--Watching You
Hi Chaotic Tyrant!
To be honest I would have preffered if we had kept this to PMing, but anyway, sure! I'll be your friend!

Ninterror X

The bird brain.
hello Shiny Croba- wait... am I late?

*Shrug* oh well

Read the rules and enjoy your time here.

(If you don't read the rules, Serious Chatot will not be amused.)


~Mentally Unstable~
lol, anything after the first post is considered late.

Anyway, nice to meet ya! I'm kind of new also, although my post count wouldn't show it...



The Abysswalker

Cookie to anyone who can read that correctly in under 6 seconds.