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umbreon or espeon?

Discussion in '3rd Gen RMT' started by darkdrago88, Nov 15, 2005.

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  1. darkdrago88

    darkdrago88 Guest

    should I get an espeon or an umbreon? plz give me an answer:snowlax:
  2. Frost85

    Frost85 Guest

    well for one you must realize that you cant acutally get Umbreon or Espeon in Fire Red or Leaf Green. you have to take their eggs (after you're able to breed 'n stuff) over to ruby 'n saphire and have them evolve there. which in that case sucks because that means that you can never have a truely powerful umbreon or espeon on Fr/Lg because they'll be "traded" pokemon if you take them back
  3. darkdrago88

    darkdrago88 Guest

    i'm talking about getting eevee eggs on FIREDRED and raising them on FIREDRED for use in battle tower
  4. Wolfstalker

    Wolfstalker Guest

    Umbreon is better IMO cause it has awesome defense and good tanking abilities.Espeon has sweeping abilities but a poor movepool.Go wit umbreon he or she is betta.Still IMO
  5. MetalMario

    MetalMario < It's Passion Pink!

    I like Espeon better, myself. The Espyjump set makes for a fabulous tank/Passer. Throw on Bite/HP:Special and/or Morning Sun if you need it to hold its own. (I don't use Umbreon so much because of its not-so-nice movepool.)

    Calm, 196HP/152SpDef/160Spd
    Calm Mind
    Baton Pass

    Calm, 252SpAtk/160HP/46SpDef/46Spd roughly
    Calm Mind
    Morning Sun/Sub/Pass
  6. TRJessie579

    TRJessie579 Obsessive Beader/Mod

    Gonna move this to RMT, since it relates to you choosing a member of your team...
  7. Hukuzo

    Hukuzo Guest

    In my opinion, umbreon's better and cooler. You need to trade over your eevee to R/S/E then get its happiness maxed and it will evolve into umbreon during the day.
    A good moveset is
    Confuse Ray
    Faint Attack
    and make it hold leftovers.
    It's the most annoying thing to fight.
  8. Funky99

    Funky99 Guest

    Umbreon Is Better
  9. Rudoku

    Rudoku Your mom

    Umbreon sucks in-game. So use Espeon if you're so pressed to use one. But really, get Vaporeon or Jolteon (they don't suck ingame). If you don't listen to anything else I say, don't listen to Hukuzo's set. That's the classic Turdbreon that every newbie uses and thinks it's "original".
  10. wozfe

    wozfe Marsh Trainer

    faint attack isnt very good with 60 base power and with umbreons bad attack.I'd give him body slam for chance of paralysing and then bite for a chance of flinch, along with confuse ray and moonlight.
  11. actually you need to evolve
    eevee in to
    or trade it from colisseam or ruby or saphire or emerald
  12. aipomkong

    aipomkong prophecy fulfilled

    umbreon is pointless in game as it's most effective moveset contains no direct attacks

    (wish/mean look/baton pass/taunt FYI)
  13. Volteon

    Volteon Back I guess??

    umbreon is better, but I like jolteon more (.)_(.)
    ...........don´t ask me why.................;135; ^..^
  14. S:C

    S:C Guest

    We neet not. XD

    Anyways, Espeon actually has a use InGame, and like 0mastar said, Umbreon doesn't. There's your answer. Espeon works like a wonder InGame.

    EDIT: What the hell was I thinking when I said that earlier?
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 16, 2005
  15. Horn Drill

    Horn Drill ヘタリア!

    What's the point of Espyjump ingame? :confused:
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2005
  16. NickTheDude

    NickTheDude Guest

    Jolteon is the best , It and dragonite have been my favorite ever since I first started playing pokemon games. If I had to chose though from Umbreon and Espy I would chose Espy cuz like whats Umbrie's best attack bite.lol. Even though Umbeon looks cooler Espy is better.

    Espeon @ lefties
    Calm Nature
    - Calm Mind
    - Psychic
    - Morning Sun
    - Dont know someother Special In - Game attack.

    EspyJump is better but not for In - Game IMO.

    But I say Jolteon is really the best. something like this

    - HP[Grass] - It's a good atempt to destroy those grounds etc.
    - Thunderbolt - For Stab
    - Agility
    - Baton Pass

    Thats a good Jolty ^_^.
  17. Eesspppppeeeoooooonnnnn!!!!!!!!she Is So Cute And Cool;196; ;196;
  18. Blazichu

    Blazichu Nintendo WII>>>You

    I'll choose Espeon coz it has better sp:atk and speed,movepoll,strong attacks and its cuter!!!!
  19. lime_green_hero

    lime_green_hero The Dancing Cactus

    Espion would be my chioce, very good with calm mind and psychic, but it really depends on your team. Do you need a tank or special sweeper?
  20. hikari_blaze

    hikari_blaze Well-Known Member

    Umbreon's has a better def. and might last you longer.
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