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Unbelivable!Descend!From Space!Oh!Great E-hero Neos!!!!

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Tamer Zack

SPP forgotten member
It's the effect that matters I think this monster can be equipped with other monsters to get a stronger effect. I probaly won't get more info until next week or this upcoming week.

onix lord

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meh, that new E-Hero looks ok. He looks kind of space-ish. And I dont think he has an effect because that one is to normal color.


I'm Back? YAY!
No Effect......This guy reminds of The Hostile Space Alien in the upcoming GX episode!


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XyronTheFalcon said:
No Effect......[spoil]This guy reminds of The Hostile Space Alien in the upcoming GX episode![/spoil]
Spoiler tags:0 dollers.
getting someone to use a spoiler tag: priceless.
Either way ths one looks like a remake of the Dark Magician.2500 atk and 7 stars.I wish we had some kick-butt Japenese cards.
At least we have another high-level E-Hero to combo with NecroDarkman and all those E-Hero support cards.;)
in shadow of infinity, we'll experience Elemental Hero Bubbleman Neo. So we'll see. It has 800 atk 1200 Def. It's effect is, This card can't be Normal Summoned. This card may only be special summoned, when you send one Elemental Hero Bubbleman to the GY from the feild and a Metamorphasis from your hand to the GY. When this card is face up, this cards name is treated as Elemental Hero Bubbleman. When in Battle, after the damage step, the monster involved in battle w/ this monster is destroyed


TCG Trainer
XyronTheFalcon said:
No Effect......This guy reminds of The Hostile Space Alien in the upcoming GX episode!
[SPOIL]Well, seeing how Judai uses it in that same episode, it make sense. Also, note that Judai doesn't have his E-HERO's in that deck. My question is, why run an E-HERO without E-HERO support?[/SPOIL] Especially a Level 7 vanila card. EWWW!

Oh, and to your question, they're only in Japanese right now, but if you want it in Japanese, try any online site. I don't know of one that has it yet, but inform me if you find one.

EDIT: Here's a better Picture, thanks to Janime.
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