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Underrated Pokémon


Underrated Pokémon

This topic is for discussing what Pokémon are underrated by the masses. It's best to have a little bit of knowledge about battling before you post, because we don't want people going in here and saying "GARCHOMP IZ UNDERRATED!!!!!111!2!".

Personally, I think Drapion is a bit underrated. You don't see it very often in UU/BL, it has decent stats, and an OK movepool.

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Roserade, Sableye, and most Bug-Flying types to name a few.

I'm pretty much the only person in my group that uses them. I find them great though.

EDIT: Luvidsc! I was on a role with that thing for a while. *Maniacal laugh!*

Regigigas is also underrated by many, due to it's Slow start (poop) ability. Once he's done doing his 'business' he's a beast with the right moveset.
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as far as starters go, and this is just among starters, it's pretty widely used, but i think meganium is kind of underrated. it's cool. has a nice moveset, probably just it's lack of availability.


Roserade is a seriously underrated threat. Its Leaf Storm, if properly nurtured, can surpass Salamence's Draco Meteor


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Isn't this alot like my thread? Anyway, as I said there, Bibarel is a monster once you get a Baton Pass to him.


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Clefable isn't exactly underrated, but I've never seen one in a competitive battle. I mean, Magic Guard + ridiculously large moveset + reasonable stats = unpredictable beast, yet she's not all that popular.
I know Sceptile has gone up a bit in usage lately, but I find it more usable than quite a few OU Pokemon.
Mawiles require lots and I mean LOTS of skill and infallible prediction to be successful in the fast, hard-hitting metagame that is OU.


Shuckle is UU. I have seen a few people who used it but it's hard to win with a pokemon who has so low HP :/ If Shuckle had HP 350 then would be a great special/physical wall. Actually having it in the team is very risky. That's sad because Shuckle is my favorite bug pokemon.
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So many pokemon to list and i really do hate OU pokemon (read my sig) so all il say is....


muwa ha ha