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Underrated Pokemon

Discussion in 'Older Gens' started by OceanicLanturn, Mar 10, 2013.

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  1. OceanicLanturn

    OceanicLanturn Non non non!

    This thread is similar to the Overrated Threats, except it's underrated this time. What are some Pokemon that people often ignore or laugh at, but it ended up sweeping their team? Do you have any examples of it?

    For me, Arceus-Ice is fantastic in Ubers Rain. It's a versatile player. Once Rain is up, it has a Judgement-Thunder, BoltBeam combo. It can KO huge threats after it snags a few CM Boost, so much so that it can kill resisted Pokemon with its powerful Judgement. I think at +2, it can KO Dialga. I gotta refresh my memories. I wasn't sure what set the Dialga was running though.

    Although Heatran is by no mean underrated, Magma Storm Heatran is probably one of the rarer sets seen. It can outspeed Politoed with Timid, and shut down the rain with the use of its own Sunny Day, followed by trapping it via Magma Storm, before finishing off with Solarbeam.

    In NU, I've find Shellder a very hilariously strong Pokemon. It can beat a lot of Pokemon after it gets Shell Smash up. Wormadam as well. It has a really good typing and walls Garvedoir to the day the sun explodes.

    So, thoughts?
  2. Ultimate Champion

    Ultimate Champion The Great Pokémon Master

    Espeon in Übers - the details of why it is such a good Pokémon in that tier should be evident from reading my Übers RMT featuring it.

    Other Pokémon that I feel are underrated in Übers include Xatu for very much the same reason as Espeon; Reshiram and Latios since many people seem to be under the impression that they are "outclassed" by Kyurem-W and Latias respectively despite the nuclear power of Reshiram's Sun-boosted Blue Flare and Latios's much greater firepower compared to Latias; and Lugia because people do not seem to realize that its Thunder Wave or Toxic/Substitute/Roost/Whirlwind set utterly destroys any team lacking Rapid Spin or Magic Bounce support unless they contain some other significant countermeasures against Lugia such as Darkrai, Kyurem-W or Zekrom.
  3. Go2heck

    Go2heck New Member

    Unburden Hitmonlee in OU
    Now it's partially situational (In that ghost types can more or less prevent him from taking off) but that doesn't matter. Give him a chance to use his item and he turns into the ultimate revenge killer. Not outsped by shell smashers, Dragon dancers, Agilities, Speed boosters, Quiver dancers etc, he just takes them down with the appropriate move. I use him all the time with much success. I'd say he's pretty underrated for all the joys he can bring.
  4. jireh the provider

    jireh the provider Video Game Designer

    Cinccino as a late game cleaner. Usually, once I remove her counters [priority, tanks/walls, fighting or steel types], she can sweep the rest with a life orb set [at times scarf]. Normally, I should be afraid of honchkrow by now. But most of honchys that I fought so far always sub first [if I'm not switching while it subs]. But heck, she can just kill him straight away.

    Thought I never tried using her to weaken Gallade despite his 80 defense. Rhydon? I could just bullet seed him I guess. Plus. sturdy users/sash users are nothing to her. Moltres, its nothing. Sceptile though is an issue. But as an ally, perfect

    If you want a challenge, send her to ubers. I know I'm crazy but I KOd a Kyogre, Groudon, and my childhood nemesis, Rayquaza, using her. Its memorable to see big guys falling down to such cute ones.
  5. JamesHardenRocket

    JamesHardenRocket New Member

    Sableye. Prankster + trick + will-o-wisp can be fun!

    Damanitan as well. Sheer force + life orb + flare blitz in Sunshine can really cripple opponents.
  6. Zachmac

    Zachmac Well-Known Member

    Actually, I had an idea for a thread like this for a while. I just avoided doing so because I thought most people were going to post pokemon that weren't actually good, and justify it with "if it get's a baton pass boost" or something along those lines...
    I'm not so sure...I guess it could work, but it's sacrificing the bulk Arceus otherwise would have.

    You got to remember how bad the ice type can hurt you; just look at Black Kyurem. 170 attack and higher-then-average bulk, and yet it's still only in OU.
    Meh, not really. It seems like a fine late game cleaner to me, actually. I think the main reason people avoid using it is because of lack of fire power.

    Being stopped by one specific type isn't enough to make it drop a tier alone, especially with pursuit trappers like Tyranitar and Scizor at your disposal.
    Sableye is a funny one. It's underrated by groups that call it a gimmick, and overrated by the groups that put it on their team, even if it doesn't do anything to support that team in specific.
    I know from experience that the monkey hits hard....and I do believe it was OU for a bit.

    The reason no one uses it is because it can't really take a hit and swap into anything, 97 speed is too slow to be considered reliable for an offensive pokemon in this metagame, and between Flare Blitz, it's poor defenses, and it's weakness to Stealth Rock, it's not going to last very long.
  7. AnakBaé

    AnakBaé Well-Known Member

    Choice Band Ferrothorn.
    Ferrothorn (M) @ Choice Band
    Trait: Iron Barbs
    EVs: 248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 SDef
    Brave Nature (+Atk, -Spd)
    - Gyro Ball
    - Power Whip
    - Bulldoze
    - Explosion

    You probably thinking "Why ferro? CB ferro sucks, CB terra is better for offensive, hee hee lololol" No son, I'm talking about surprise kill right now! Every noob in the pro corner knows how CB terra hits like a locomotive, but only few knows how powerful CB Ferro is, until one of their pokes has been destroyed to pieces by this banded horny durian, by a pokemon that is commonly known as a "Wall"

    CB Ferro hits like a freakin truck and nothing will enjoy taking hits from
    him except Skarmory, Scizor, & Foretress. Now enough with the bull ****, here is the damage calcs so you can see the fragment of its raw power against its most common switches:

    • +1 Gyro balls Vs. Defensive Gliscor: 58.75 - 69.49% (easy 2hko, now incoming protect is hella obvious, so switch to something else, son!).
    • +1 Gyro balls Vs. Breloom, the most common switch to Ferro, mainly hoping for a chance to set up takes about: 148.09 - 174.42%, No free Sub/SD for you bro.
    • +1 Bulldoze Vs. sub + 3 attack Magnezone, assuming that you over predict correctly: 106.2 - 125.51% easy OHKO.
    • +1 Gyro Balls vs. Defensive Ninetales: 50 - 59.14%
    • Now, if you're quite skilled with prediction, you probably saw the firefox coming from miles away and preparing to go for a boom boom instead. Here, +1 Explosion Vs. Def. Ninetales: 111.14 - 130.85%. Easy win for the weather war, with a BANG.
    • +1 Gyro Balls Vs. Growth Venusaur: 124.5 - 147.01%.

    Conlcusion: CB Ferro is strongth and requires above average prediction skills in order to wreck effectively... and yes CB Terra is bit better, go away.
  8. Go2heck

    Go2heck New Member

    I can attest to this. While 120 base attack is nothing to sneeze at, he does fail to get some necessary KOs.
  9. Zachmac

    Zachmac Well-Known Member

    I was mostly thinking about it's lack of attack boost. Stone Edge is good coverage, but it's isn't exactly overwhelming.
  10. Go2heck

    Go2heck New Member

    Yeah that's been a problem too, especially since it's defenses don't allow it to set up .-.
    But hey! That's why it's called an Underrated threat after all ;-)
  11. Pookey-man

    Pookey-man The Man of Many...

    Drifblim with Stockpile, Swallow, Spit Up, and Baton Pass with Ability as Aftermath and leftovers.
  12. JamesHardenRocket

    JamesHardenRocket New Member

    I agree. But I still think he can be effective given the right circumstances. Although you could say that about most Pokemon..
  13. Zachmac

    Zachmac Well-Known Member

    Spit Up? Why would you use that? It removes all the defensive boost you gain, and leaves you unable to baton pass them. Shadow Ball would be much better, or substitute, which will take advantage of Baton Pass and the balloon's large HP. Also, Swallow is unwanted as well. You'll lose your defense boost, and now you'll have an even harder time facing whatever pokemon forced you to use that move.

    It's hard to win with only defensive boost, so this set seems to me to be one only really effective on baton pass chains...most pokemon would prefer boost to their offensive stats if they don't want to swap out and make it's teammate baton pass again...
  14. AquaRegisteel

    AquaRegisteel Face Oblivion

    Well, this is one hell of a set in Ubers:

    Kyogre @ Lum Berry
    Trait: Drizzle
    EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SAtk
    Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
    - Thunder Wave
    - Surf
    - Ice Beam
    - Thunder

    Beats non-focus sash Darkrai everytime, unless you switch into Dark Void.

    Basically, the premise of this set is to lead with Kyogre and to TWave whatever is in your way. Genesect cannot OHKO you as Thunder/Bolt cannot get a download boost, but you will take over half from it, which essentially cripples you. U-Turn from Genesect is nothing, as you will paralyze the switchin anyways. Latias and Palkia, two common checks/counters to Kyogre hate being paralyzed, and TWave means they cannot stop you from setting up with something like Arceus-Ghost and smashing through them (though since when where they going to stop you?). Surf/Ice Beam/Thunder are the only other moves you need. The Lum Berry allows you to laugh at haxrachi if it stupidly stays in and tries to KO with Thunder, but paralyzes you, and is the only thing that lets you beat Darkrai.

    Use it over anything like SpecsOgre if you have trouble with Palkia and Latias. You do need to predict a little, but it's enough to win a few matches.
  15. Mr. Cuddles

    Mr. Cuddles i like trains

    Staraptor @ Choice Scarf
    - Double Edge
    - Brave Bird
    - Close Combat
    - Quick Attack
    252 Atk / 252 Sp / 4 HP

    I use it a lot in standard play, but I rarely see others using it.. Sometimes it is even better than Scizor, because people underestimate it.
  16. Zachmac

    Zachmac Well-Known Member

    It's not underrated, it's just that it's stealth rock weakness and recoil moves don't get along with each other very well, so it'd take quite a bit of support. Not to mention it's poor defensive and absolutely awful special defense, and it can't really safely swap into anything.

    And why quick attack? You're using a choice scarf, and that move has 40 base power. It has U-turn, so that could probably help if you have a spinner or something.
  17. John Wallrein

    John Wallrein I am the walrein

    Plus you can't really compare it to Scizor, they are and play very different.
  18. Ðew™

    Ðew™ Definition of insanity

    Lol I used to use this set as a sort of lead, it demolishes a lot of stuff with the combination of brave bird and close combat. Reckless only makes it even more powerful.

    For me, I can't call staraptor underrated. As mentioned, it doesn't have the bulk to prove it's worth it. Pretty much most of the things that outspeed it are able to take it down rather quickly :/
  19. Rebel562

    Rebel562 Odd Teambuilder

    I'm not sure how accurate this is as I haven't been in UU much... But I think Blastoise doesn't get the love it deserves. It can perform as a beautiful wall both physically and specially, arguably better in OU as Rain support from Drizzle Politoed frees up a moveslot it'd have occupied without permanent Rain. It requires a bit of set-up, but afterwords is a great wall that can sponge a lot of hits thanks to good stats and a defensive typing and hit back with usable offensive stats, although that area leaves something to be desired. It can run either a physical set, making use of priority STAB Aqua Jet or phaze with Dragon Tail, a special set grabbing good neutral coverage with some useful secondary effects with Scald and Signal Beam, or a mixed set, making the best of both. What it runs really depends on what your team needs and/or has to support it, but it has a couple really good options offensively and still retains great defensive bulk.
  20. justinjiaxinghu

    justinjiaxinghu class on my back

    lololol now a underrated thread? I like this <3
    Sigilyph is underrated. Its an amazing Cosmic Power user with its great speed and special attack. With dark types out of play, Stored Power is spammed, crushing everything with a +6 in both defenses. Sigi also has access to ROOST, allowing it to heal itself...which is just crazy...

    And @Anakbae I actually never knew that, and those calcs....
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