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Undertale Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by V, Dec 18, 2015.

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  1. V

    V Shiny Hunter

    * This club fills you with determination.

    Welcome to the club dedicated to the game that's been sweeping the internet off its feet: Undertale!

    Puns! Traps! Japes! Puzzles! Spaghetti!
    Share fan art, fan fiction, fan theories, or just general fan discussion!

    Please post any and all spoilers, no matter how small, in spoiler tags.

    In order to join, post the following:
    Favorite Character:
    (If the reason has a spoiler in it, put it in a spoiler please.)
  2. EonMaster101

    EonMaster101 ~ Hopeless Mage ~

    Username: EonMaster101
    Favorite Character: Am I allowed to have a tie? I can't choose between Sans and Asriel.
    Why: There's not really much to say- unless you feel like reading a bunch of stuff, which I'm sure you don't- so I'll keep it simple. The huge reason I'm so attached to these 2 in particular is that they both share certain aspects/traits with me; characters that I can relate to have always found a special place in me. Aside from that, they're both just plain awesome.
Thread Status:
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