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Underused pokemon

  • Thread starter Blaziken master
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Blaziken master

I think octillery,porygon,porygon2,dunsparce,banette,nincada,feebas,tyroque and gardevoir
Go ahead and discuss

Psychic Venusaur

Pokemon Master
If you mean most ignored Pokemon, I'd say Dunsparce.

Wolf Goddess

~Lupo Di Autunno~
Since this in anime polls, it's obvious that it's Porygon2. It's never been in the anime. :|

Saffire Persian

Now you see me...
Mhm - but not for lack of people wanting it in there, I think. I believe it's purly because of what happened in the Porygon episode all those years back. With Porygon2 just being an upgrade of Porygon, I can see why the animators are hesitant to use the Pokemon.

But that's just my take.


Well-Known Member
I mean, it does appear, but we never seen it do anything but explode. So, it's like, "ONOES it ar elertode it is badthang LOL"

+founds the "Give Electrode a Chance!" foundation+ ;o;
[/rapid fanboy]

And others have said Porygon2, so yeah. That too. Uh... I know there's others, but my brain, like, died or something.


Well-Known Member
The poor mistreated thing(Dunsparce) only got a Filler and a split-second cameo in the Raikou Special Intro (That was taken out by 4kids). And It got to be one "Who's that Pokemon" only once. Do they even remember that it exists?

Psychic Venusaur

Pokemon Master
Dunsparce said:
The poor mistreated thing(Dunsparce) only got a Filler and a split-second cameo in the Raikou Special Intro (That was taken out by 4kids). And It got to be one "Who's that Pokemon" only once. Do they even remember that it exists?

I know, the guy gets like no attention.

;206; <= Doesn't he look sad?


Well-Known Member
Like what someone said a long time ago in another thread... It should have been "Kingdom of Dunsparce" rather than "Kingdom of Onix", And Onix had already alot of screen time under its belt.


Contaminated KFC
Dunsparce. They treated that poor thing like trash and rendered it to a 'lets-get-this-god-damn-thing-out-of-the-way-so-we-can-animate-more Bulbasaurs' episode. Those are the worst kind of episode y'know, especially if they happen to mark your only appearence in the entire 400 ep+ series. A dagger through Dunsparce's little snake-ish heart.

And there's Nosepass I guess, but thats really more of an Alfonso pokémon.

I'm not counting Porygon2, as it is obviously part of an evil plot to use televisions to hospitalise small children. Technology is amazing.


So hot he's on fire.
...XD Alfonso Pokemon.


....And...Xatu. :0 We need to see more Xatu. It's teh pwn. Teh end 8D


Well-Known Member
We need more smoochum, miltank, and gardevior.


I love Dara <3
i wish they would at least show porygon 2 in one episode! just make it appear or soemthing! dunsparce, smoochum, ralts, miltank, dragonair, tropuis, tentacrul, airadactle, magby, smeargle, granbull, mawile, trapinch, and blissy need to make more appearnces!!!


So hot he's on fire.
We need to see more Yanma, too D: It's so cute! It's like....omg. ; ;

And Zachary with it, while we're at it. >3


We need more of the Eevee forms so we can get them into SSBR. I hardly watch the anime, but the Eevee epsiodes are intersting.


I've seen so many pokemon that seems to be ignored/shown only once. Like Dunsparce, which I've only seen it only once, porygon appeared once and 2, which it was never shown. I wish there are more appearence of other pokemons other than starter or Pikachu...


Let's see...


...There's probably more!


Yeah, ok!
Clefable? It's appeared quite a bit. Dratini/Dragonair are meant to be rare Pokemon, which is why they're not too common. They did get nice screentime in the Clair episodes.

I agree with the others though, especially Ponyta/Rapidash.


Nosepass. It's an Alfonso Pokemon.

I mean, f*cking seriously. It got ONE appearence in ONE episode. And that appearence didn't even last for half an episode.

Hasn't even been given one cameo either. Not even in the background.