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Unexpected Moments in Pokemon


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This isn't unheard of, but my brother was playing Pokemon Crystal and we found it rather ironic that he encountered a female Mr. Mime.


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I wanted to find a Lapras under the Village Bridge in White 2. I read online that it was a 5% chance of finding it in rippling water. So, I bought 78 Max Repels and started. I kept hoping that I would find one, however, I couldn't. Once I said, "Dang, I'll never find it," next thing you know, BOB'S YOUR UNCLE THERE IT IS. I mighty beauty, if I do say so myself. However, guess what it used?

You guessed it. Perish Song. ;(
But I eventually caught one after the next six times I found them.

Also, when I found a shiny Bellsprout in my Pearl version. I almost died when I found it. The problem was, though, that the Bellsprout was a level 20. All my Pokemon were level 60+.

I eventually caught it, though. On my last pokeball. THAT was scary.


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My Uncle Had entered A Eating Contest And I Was Bored So I Was Going Home, Waited Outside For A While And BAM. Shiny Pidgey Randomly Appeared. My first Shiny :D. I Thought I Had No Pokeballs, Almost Pee'd Myself From That.


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Last week my boyfriend texted me "...OH MY GOD OH MY GOD". I thought someone broke into his house or something. Turns out he ran into Raikou in Soul Silver and it freaked him out because he forgot its a roaming Pokemon. Its been a LONG time since he's played.....


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Oh my gosh. I just finished Heart Gold and I was on the cliff where you battle Red, unknown to me at the time, and I was like who's that weird kid! I didn't even pay attention to what he said and when I didn't catch the name. I barely won. I was like okay that was kinda tough for some random trainer. Then I saw his name was Red. I was freaking out, "did I actually just accidentally stroll up there and casually beat Red without realizing it?!?!?!?!?"


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I was just randomly fishing in Sapphire.

Goldeen... Goldeen...

A Shiny Majikarp appeared!

I'm an idiot for fishing without any pokeballs...

Also the reveal in Explorers of Sky that I was Grovyle's partner, I thought he was talking about Celebi. I guess it makes up for IGN spoiling the twist of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.


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I was MM'ing for a shiny charmander. I knew it was gonna be long and stressful. I got charmander on my first egg. :)


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It always freaks me out when your walking through an alley in Nimbasa, and behind a dumpster some guy stops you, makes a high pitch noise, and gives you something.
Anybody know what Im talking about?

He was actually in Castelia (not trying to be rude), and when I first saw that I nearly jumped out of my skin. O-O;


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I got the Pokerus for the first time the other day and I didn't even realise until I got the medal for it.

Spin Attaxx

The item the guy gives you in the alley?


Seriously, wat.

Spin Attaxx


What's with guys making topics and posts like the gibberish above me?
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So I start walking over to chain. Then, I forgot about repels! So,I go buy 100+ repels and walk throught the grass.
I was thinking to myself, hopefully i'll get a shiny shinx and not bidoof and BOOM! A shiny shinx.


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Seeing that I was tired of training my SS team without a Lucky Egg, I decided to go find one by taking a Pokemon with Theif and using it on every Chansey I could encounter. All I got was nothing or ussless Oval Stones. This continued on during the next 3 days.

But on that 3rd day, at around about 5:30 AM, something sparkled on my DSi screen... It was a Shiny Hoppip! I screamed out of joy that time. I caught it and now I am planning to transfer it along with my other Shiny Pokemon in Black. (I now have 7.)

But other than that, another unexpected moment was seeing that Argenta (aka a sinnoh frontier brain) owned a Latios when I was battling her. I was not expecting a legendary at all. It may not seem all that surprising for experts, but it doesn't happen to me all that much.


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My Braviary defeating Norman's Slaking. I seriously thought I was toast. ._. I only had like 10 hit points left at the time and it was a Triple Battle, and I used Superpower and got a Critical Hit.